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Wayne Morin Jr commented on Henry Ficher's blog post They Are Here
"many of the things that have been said in your article Henry - are similar systemic criminal mindset  of these sociopaths and I want you to know that others know these type horrible crimes happen in daylight, and others are here-to make there…"
1 hour ago
Henry Ficher posted a blog post

They Are Here

MIND CONTROL- INTERDIMENSIONAL RACE OF OPPORTUNISTIC PARASITIC PREDATORS-THEIR AGENTS AND HUMAN SLAVES   The stalking has become really bad for me lately. They wait for me to go out in public to places like Walmart. Actually I really don't go out very much because I know about the existence of the ones who are trying to murder me. A few weeks ago I was waiting for a bus at Walmart. I can't afford a car and probably I wouldn't be able to operate one because of all the things they did to me. I…See More
3 hours ago
Duppy True commented on Music Teacher's blog post Getting the chips out of your body
"No chips.  Just satellites concentrating on your head like a gps unit or a cellphone.  Only the frequencies read your sub vocalizations and around your ear canal. Someone is literally sitting at a computer playing a watered down version…"
3 hours ago
tis i replied to Susana Loureiro's discussion Fried like a chicken!
"i would cover my electronics with space blanket (mylar coated with temperature blocking coat)-found at camping store then i made a shield around my bed with it.  combined with (charcoal mesh screen on walls, ceiling floor get cotton face swabs…"
5 hours ago
Annie commented on Annie's blog post Covert Harassment Conference 2015 Berlin, 1-2 October 2015
"A reminder, and FYI, to those of you who arent yet aware of the covert harassment conference-TI event, taking place in Berlin Oct, 1-2."
6 hours ago
Wayne Morin Jr posted a photo

Wayne Morin Jr 2nd Polygraph Test Results

Here is a talkshow I did with a brother by the name of Zeff Daniel he used to have a Ipod Radio Show. He has done some real great help on sharing information on the truth of Targeted Individuals and exposing the systematic criminal fusion centers…
6 hours ago
tis i replied to Ashenvale Heaven's discussion Disabling Brain Transmitter
"feel the top of your brain, from left to right at the tip/center, bring the left fatty tissue over to the takes effort like flexing, but while they talk, you will hear them stop."
7 hours ago
tis i replied to CLS's discussion Amplify Voice to Skull
"from what ive been able to measure.  the amplification comes from the method they use.  I think whats happening is that they piggy-back on our brains by the back of the neck and sides by the ears using our own bio-electrical field and…"
7 hours ago



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