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This is my first post...i'm happy to see a site dedicated to TI's...I wish you all well, and may peace be with you.

-Signing off from Grand Junction, Colorado

-Joshua Copeland

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Thanks for standing with us Joshua, work together, we can make a difference.

yeah, i'm happy to belong to your web page, i have been on many gang stalking web pages, and this one is for real -- unlike the others -- so i have hi hopes! Soleilmavis said:
Thanks for standing with us Joshua, work together, we can make a difference.
how ghost hunting lead to recording the scalar conversations
i use to really enjoy watching the ghost hunter shows i became aware of all the targeted individuals and what is behind many of the so called hauntings however it was how i became aware you could record all the different voices in what appeared to be a silent room.

i have always seen shadow people, ghost and dimensional beings and as a child they scared me to death but a couple years ago i began feeling a presence that wouldn't leave so i contacted the portland oregon paranormal society by email and told them i had a presence that did not feel like a human that had lived on earth and passed on but more like an alien/demon entity but not a scarry demon more like the Hebraic demon/angel/nephalim/elohim or something along that nature.

they wrote me back and said ... we dont investigate that type of thing but you need a digital recorder and so i ordered one and then feeling rather silly i turned it on like on the tv show and there someone here who wants to communicate with me then let it just record the silence for a few minutes. then i listened to it and was surprised i had someine answer me.

i sent the first couple of recording to the paranormal society that didnt investigate my type of haunting and they said it was the best evp they had ever heard and wanted to know if they could come and do a full investigation. That is how i originally stumbled across the fact that you can actually hear voices if you record them that are not audible via the normal mode of hearing.

after that i just began adjusting the recordings seeing what else was on there and needless to say i was amazed. now i have over 7000 hours of recorded conversations.
I don't understand all the ins and outs of the groups, blogging etc but i'll learn. I'm a ti since 2008 or before and am happy this site is here also.
From Nikiski, Alaska, where it is snowing harder than most could ever believe, take care-ginababy

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