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I just wanted to have an open conversation about how we are going about things here at peacepink.  I know there is a lot we don’t know.  So how we go about things is hard.  With that said I think it’s a mistake putting a lot of energy into helping and finding people without access to means of communication to the outside world….like internet or a phone. 

As I struggle everyday, without a job, without anywhere to go but my parents (who are oblivious and would like to put me in an institution for how I act).  I’m just saying there should be more help to people that could help and change things.  I can help, I can change this.  I’m stuck in a secret, this is the worst and maybe hardest part  I am a member of peacepink.  Help me. 

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You can try sending a Friend Request to another member here called "Cindy".

Its been a couple of years since she signed on, and I don't know her at all, so don't expect miracles.

I just noticed you live near each other.  Good luck, and exercise caution because not everybody is what they seem.


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