Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

腦控空間有一事, 需要大家討論. 


話說香港娛樂圈有很多甘草演員, 人到晚年, 擔心自己行動不便, 缺乏照顧, 又因為被腦控, 所以某娛樂圈大佬本住帮人為本, 組織一幚人以眼部跟蹤的方法, 互相照顧長者生活. 條件之一是每位長者需投100萬人壽保險, 將保險受益人填寫為娛樂圈大佬之名, 意在當甘草演員死後, 用其100萬保險金代當事人料理身後事.


但因為在腦控空間草菅人命之事經常發生, 令甘草演員們膽戰心驚, 擔心娛樂圈大佬為了100萬保險金而謀財害命, 所以另改方式, 當自己嫌命長, 活得不耐煩時, 才將保險受益人填大佬名


好啦! 又有問題衍生, 當沒有將受益人填大佬名者, 大佬也沒有義務照顧他們. 但是他們因為被腦控, 經常被變態腦控賤人滋擾和電子武器摧殘. 所以甘草演員們處於兩難局面.


我們需要討論的問題是, 如果你是被腦控的甘草演員, 你是否會將100萬保險受益人填大佬之名? 如果答案是”, 那麼應該到人生哪個階段簽? 如果不會”, 當你經常受電子武器摧殘和滋擾時又該作如何處理?


在此請有智慧的讀者帮助這幚甘草演員想出一個兩存其美的方法. 感激感激!


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"Bonjour,  Un lien avait été mis à la suite du commentaire sur le film de Depardon. Le lien a disparu. Il rappelait tout l'historique des problèmes rencontrés par la président de l'association…"
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"You tell doctors thanks for minimal help. But most of you sell out."
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"yeah, I'm not holding my breath either. I realize they want me dead at this point just to shut me up. I think they will get their wish soon........I have severe anxiety disorder and panic attacks. I have been on a benzo for years, currently…"
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"Silk medical tape and artificial popcorn butter on walls and objects relating to you.  Try it."
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"Well so are you under remote neural monitoring? and I'm used to the voice to skull as well that sure doesn't stop them though and yeah they pretty much try and control and dictate me and my life too it's terrible obviously I wish…"
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"I can sometimes identify who I'm talking to my perps want me to know"
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"I also think the sounds are chemical reactions near or in hearing cortex"
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