Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Even if i could get a job i would not trust working in an open enviroment i have no control over where im mixing with other people who could be used as third parties to physically and verbally abuse me.

We have said these things on other forums so i hope its ok to say it here.

I would love to start earning money by selling to my fellow human beings.

I dont know what to do yet but i will always buy my goods from my fellow human beings in return :O)

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I am thinking in terms of screening ond keeping people up to date about how to screen thier favourtite designs of clothing .

Most clothing today does not take account of the electrical abilities and needs of our bodies.

So a balance is needed where at least two materials are used to allow the natural flow of electricity from one side of our bodies to the other.

All clothing avaialble today does not allow for a low contact surface area which would allow our skin to breath and vent excess body heat. This space would also allow the screening element of the clothing to work.

It have not yet sure if i can do this legally so i need to find out and if i cant then there is no reason i cant write how people can do it for themselves in a book.

Fo anyone who thinks they are screened by using large metallic surfaces you are being mind abused they are lying to you, if you can still percieve them in any way at all while in your screened area then your screening doe not work at all.

Metal peices need to be small and individually insulated from each other, this converts all incoming signals to small voltages with respectively small electromagnetic fields ( emfs), these are unable to extend any further than a few millimetres inside the screened area.

Large metals peices and objects means you will have large eletromegnetic fields they are able to use to reach inside to you and your loved ones.

Small metals peices of half a centimetre or a centimetre will make those fields too small to reach you, a border space does need to be left between the screening and anyone who uses it.

be well and peace :O)
Hello Pat

I have found almost everytime i try to make a profit the nazis have sabotaged my work.

The only thing they have not sabotaged ( as yet ) is my buying and selling of company stocks / shares.

It can be very rewarding but i have not yet made any profit due to the current situation on the markets though my choces now are all asian businesses based in asian countries which means i just sit on my shares and wait for them to gain value because there is nothing wrong with these business, they are well developed and making a very good profit.
Sexual harassment
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The examples and perspective in this article may not represent a worldwide view of the subject. Please improve this article and discuss the issue on the talk page. (April 2009)
Sex and the law
Social Issues
Rights · Ethics
Pornography · Censorship
Miscegenation (interracial relations)
Same-sex marriage · Homophobia
Red-light district
Age of consent · Essentialism
Objectification · Antisexualism
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Public morality · Norms
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Adultery · Incest
Sexting · Seduction
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Sodomy · Buggery · Zoophilia
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Circumcision · Female Genital Cutting
Sexual harassment · Public indecency
Extreme pornography · Child pornography
Sexual assault · Rape · Statutory rape
Sexual abuse (Child)
Child grooming · Prostitution of children
Prostitution and Pimping
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Sexual harassment is intimidation, bullying or coercion of a sexual nature, or the unwelcome or inappropriate promise of rewards in exchange for sexual favors.[1] In some contexts or circumstances, sexual harassment may be illegal. It includes a range of behavior from seemingly mild transgressions and annoyances to actual sexual abuse or sexual assault.[2] Sexual harassment is a form of illegal employment discrimination in many countries, and is a form of abuse (sexual and psychological) and bullying. For many businesses, preventing sexual harassment, and defending employees from sexual harassment charges, have become key goals of legal decision-making. In contrast, many scholars complain that sexual harassment in education remains a "forgotten secret," with educators and administrators refusing to admit the problem exists in their schools, or accept their legal and ethical responsibilities to deal with it (Dziech, 1990).

I wanted to bring this up because there are public trustees that are violating International treaties. They are constantly in the building combating for illegal audits and tax redemption and are causing grave problems and using the entertainment industry to benefit their local wallets.

The public trustees are not legally in the building and there is nothing binding however their little self made man presence are really just evil attitudes and their behavior should be modified and corrected. ie. they belong in prison. I will be on this side of it for an eternity and not because there is a societal disorder.

The insurance fraud is a scam and so is the illegal audits and auditory sensors that are being let off for nemesis and will not be named it.

The public trustees are evil really and are incideniary clauses that have been resolved in courts worldwide and with global jurisdiction in mind. I hope you get what you need it is a long time coming.

Sexual harassment · Public indecency
Extreme pornography · Child pornography
Sexual assault · Rape · Statutory rape
Sexual abuse (Child)
Child grooming · Prostitution of children
Prostitution and Pimping
Portals: Sexuality · Law · Criminal justice
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I checked a lot in the USA and sometimes it actually looks better their processes except when it comes to the majick income, the less the better the more the assault on the mind.

I resigned my public voucher and gave it back to the crown so they did not get arrested for me and I have a case to process and about verichips and other faulty designed public programming.

Homeland security is an automatic breach of national intelligence and does nothing for people that have less or earn less and earning capacity goes up with the civil attacks, I assume that makes us twice as weird and wanted. Ultimately the corruption cannot go on forever. I think we are there to turn it all around and people do make good money and love it too. I know I am not one of them, but I will trade for the working at home with no rude disruptions of civil rights. It does not idicate disability of any type of course.

Yesterday the illegal junta dropped by with a package a warning a sign of early death and the CIA and their madness and the Canadian Psychiatric ops association sent it and the military. I believe it was a baby, My daughter from years ago.

Too bad my daughter is alive and well and not a taboo item to shut down or an illegal cell phone to follow. I have 4 beautiful grandchildren the state is not getting their hands on. The haunting has been some kind of psycho stuff. I am getting out of it.

There are still 199 unconstitutional laws that exploit the public and that tend to modifying behavioral themes.

Comments on the earning money.

Karen Dawe
A visit from the visitor from the ecell programming and clothing. There are illegal audits being used to recoup illegal deficits where I live and man oh man it is psychotic ops madness. The illegal charitable acts of the church of Rome are now being recognized as what they are a trip backward in time.

Yesterday I was forced into some illegal board it was evil and a lie and malicious and despicable. It was sexual harrassment actual interference of my body and all of it's parts. Too bad the group is hell bent on going to jail for their sexual harassment schemes.

The supreme court of Canada ruled in My favor and in favor of medical compliance of state not self or self inflicted or the substitute decisons makers act and we do not have to restitute on a police state or be the sexual dysfunction of societal institution. Thank god for civil rights.

Yesterday as usual to ruin the day and other people's financial difficulty the illegal junta dropped off some kind of groping practice of law like I mentioned that is no more legal than I am. It was a box of a chocs baby descent of my own. My daughter whatever it consists of and here I am 52 years of age, not imperialism what a riot.

Bogus I say. I hope you make money on your clothes and other stuff you deserve it.! So many of us are behind eras in economic status.

There is a lot of Asian business here too in China town.

Karen Dawe

Sexual harassment · Public indecency
Extreme pornography · Child pornography
Sexual assault · Rape · Statutory rape
Sexual abuse (Child)
Child grooming · Prostitution of children
Prostitution and Pimping
Portals: Sexuality · Law · Criminal justice
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Karen Dawe
Sexual harassment · Public indecency
Extreme pornography · Child pornography
Sexual assault · Rape · Statutory rape
Sexual abuse (Child)
Child grooming · Prostitution of children
Prostitution and Pimping
Portals: Sexuality · Law · Criminal justice
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Karen Dawe

The sexual sado masochism was used yesterday so the group could hold themseles in self pitying governmental talk. It was evil to say the least, name a mood and stick with it, I told them everybody is not a nutcase.

The cloting junta is trying to break in for medical compliance that is illegal and is against the law. The piracy medicaid practice does not give anybody a right to tamper with federal funds or to remove monies in illegal audits. Today I am using the substitute decision makers acts to enhance the provincial side of the legal decay and in order for the rest of the Junta to stay out I am using the substitute decision makers act and it to overlooks surgeries or hides the liability of breast silicone and reduction and other minor surgeries such as scrubs, facelifts, and laser tech and eye operations and glasses and other dietary supplements like vitamins interferon and cancer aids, and heart surgeries and other pain relief under narcotics acts. The illegal arbitray consumption is ILLEGAL because there is medical malpractice in it. I imagine not a lot of women got the use of this side of things legal justice and men in penile dysfunction and so on.

* Radiation vs. convection|
* Types|
* See also|
* External links

There are a billion dollars going up in smoke with the illegal collection of heat monies from public institution. Like I said it is in my building and sudden break ins for landlords and evictions and illegal rent hikes and other medicaid madness apparel like clothing lines and auditors. I wish I knew which clothing would stop the illegal chipping and we can sue it before it comes out in more harassment of marketing practice and in my heresy home it better get here faster than not. The substitute decision makers act will work on a smaller level per one person in 100,000 not much to gain there in lawsuits. Like the judge would want to know all about that.

The illegal amounts of money from corrupt market practice is sick.

I'm not even allowed a bank account anymore, haven't been for over four years----no hope of legally earning any money and also denied benefits, income of any sort......refugee in my own country....i think i already tried every possible option to get some sort of ID/ bank account, but to no avail....anybody had/ having htis problem? i've given up now and did so a few years back, but just wondering if anybody in same situation? but anybody else that bad probably does not hav einternet access.....
Mine got repeatedly hacked into, (my bank accounts, all accounts, computer,ect) I just have to accept that I cant get them off of any of my computers,phones, emails, ect. Around 2005 they were bouncing checks by removing money from my bank account so the check would bounce. Also, stealing $100 at a time by transferring to themselves. Stealing ebay profits (all of them).  Another thing they would do is, because I would take out $20 at a time (all of this went down in Everett, Ma.) they would take out $20's here and there an hour after I did, so that when the bank statement came I would get confused about what I withdrew and where. Im assuming they had a card in my name and were going to the same ATM's an hour or two after me, so I would not remember the following month and become confused. They were also taking 20's out of my pockets in my sleep (in Revere, Ma, on 24 Dashwood st) The old lady next door , who owned the house I was renting, saw it all and went along with it all and treated me horribly. I would wake up and subconciously fling my arm at someone reaching over my body in my bed. Had tons of locks, slide locks, cement in front of the door, jingle bells, bag of cans on top, all of it, They still got in EVERY NIGHT in plain view of two giant buildings filled with windows.  They had a woman who looked similar to the actress Rosie Perez, from Everett, Ma, who would get on the phones and pretend she was the bank..seriously Massachusetts lets these people do this.

Have to empathise with everyone above (though I'm OK with the bank acc. bit, strangely...)

I've had 6 years now unable to find a job or sell my work (online or off-line), despite continually gaining MANY awards for my work, even to date).

Having to leave my son behind with his mother (in the hope they wouldn't be affected by all of this) was difficult, and meant leaving a lovely flat to move into a tiny attic room with barely room to breathe.


As I see it:

The ONLY way to re-instate ones position is by doing these things in the necessary order, which will vary according to topography and circumstances).


Make a Plan:

For myself, I'd first 'feather-down my current online business affairs - gradually, and not mention to ANYONE my future aims.

Move home! (Change your address), and dump your cell(mobile) phone before leaving...

Once done, get a NEW Hard Disk for your PC to work with (also terminate any online affairs once used,  ADSL servers used, etc.)

Don't go to any previously used Social Network sites (FaceBook especially), as your IP Address WILL be detected!

Only give long-term and trusted friends your new address, and even then, only then in person - not by 'phone nor email.

Then, be ready to change one's name  (and written records - bank details, business name, passport name) by 'Deed Poll'. (Your 'new' name will be carried over to all relevant documents pertaining to business & travel.


*If you have a car (I don't), that 'may' cause problems with 'detection';  whether or not you're prepared to go without, or can afford to get a new one.... well, that's your choice.  Depends how well you feel you need to 'cover yourself'.


It will feel strange - perhaps even frightening to those 'non-risk-taking' types.... but the price of freedom?


Opinions welcomed, and wishing all the best :)




Some of us have electronics on us, so all of those ideas wont work. If you are not an electronic victim you can try those things and hope that they work. Electronic victims have chips or are somehow monitored from a device that is on their body, so no matter where they go they will be found if the stalkers wish to do so.

Hi Miss Sickofit,


Thanks for your reply. 

Yes, I realise that, and I guess you've been down the various shielding routes available (or home-made)?

(@ (generally) 7-8 Hz, tracking seems 'mostly' by sat. now, but also through cells..)

You're likely familiar with the below, but it wouldn't hurt to add them below:


Shielding for Fabric (conditioner):

2011 PEMF Device Reviews:

EMF Protectors:

Other info:;wap2

Faraday Cage Rooms:

Well, this is all true....suspect i have also been chipped and the rest, but regardless......the problem I have with RE to basic things like bank account is the requirement for multiple forms of can you expect to change your name, get new ID annd all the rest when you have none to start with? Regardless, the only 'legal' way to do it is with G-men permission and they're the one's that are causing the 'problem' creating the reason why you need to change who you are.....

so why would you do that?

you can't even steal a dead baby's ID now.....closed that loophole!

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After watching this video for UN Committee Against Torture , you must send, forward  this whole message for me. Continued), YanCanadian victim of tortureSee More
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