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When I first noticed I was being targeted in 2005 I came home one day and found drug apparatus in the top draw of my dresser. The message I got is "you are going to need this". It was strange because apart from smoking some pot in my youth I'd never used drugs. So I didnt think much of it and threw it out. Then the targeting got really intense and frightening....I wanted to escape so I went to a guy who I knew used drugs and there it happened, my first taste of heavy drugs. It was like an outer-body experience, I could see myself doing it but couldnt stop myself. Suddenly every time I used all the targeting stopped and my world would go back to normal....I got addicted very quickly because of the relief it gave me.

One day I went for a long drive, miles away from home to the country. I didnt even know where I was going, trying to escape the monster in my head (sigh). I found myself lost on a country road. I pulled over to look at my directory. Suddenly out of nowhere 2 uniformed people came to my car. They told methey were from the prison I had just parked my car in front of and asked me if I was going to visit someone there. I said no I was lost and I didnt even know I was in front of a prison, all I could see were big fences. Somehow within minutes a police car arrived, they asked if I had anything illegal in the car. They searched it and found drugs within seconds, like they knew exactly where it was. Anyway they took me to the police station and charged me with posession of drugs and introducing drugs to a prison stating I was" on prison grounds", the road in front of the prison is classed as prison grounds. 

I was totally set up and there was nothing I could do to contest it. Two things, how did they know when they planted that stuff in my room that I was soon to be a drug user and how did they set me up so I just happened to stop in front of a prison? It was like they were waiting to ambush me. Was I totally mind controlled?

The drugs were really hard to come off. Every time I made headway I would be pulled back down (which is normal with addiction) but I really felt I was being controlled to use. Anyway its been 6 years now I've been clean but this whole experience still baffles me.

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Thanks Carrin, it is still strange to me because although we call this mind control, I think I have still failed to realise to what degree they can control our behaviour. It is still hard for me to grasp that an external source can be more of me than I am of my own mind sometimes. Another example is I am very prone to seeing the number 6 or 666. If there is a car plate or phone number or something on telly with the number 6 on it (especially the time) my eyes will be drawn that way. It took me some time to believe that they are directing my eye direction. Before that I was like "oh no im so cursed". You're so right, we have to be super vigilant with our own mind control. Imagine how many peoples behaviours are manipulated even beyond the TI population. Its powerful and scarey.

Hi Sue..the 6.. is there try too manipulated you too think and draw you eyes that way your the opposite. keep that in mind..

Yeh its strange, when I was involuntarily commited the psych said "you should do everything the exact opposite of what you feel like doing". Although I sensed him to be a perp, these words stuck with me. It felt like he was being patronising but truthful at the same time. I now take it literally....if I feel like looking left DONT, look right. If I dont feel like going out, GO OUT. If I feel like watching tv DONT, listen to music instead. If I feel like missing schedules DONT, make sure I meet them. You know what, even with all my experience, its truly above my head, I still dont "get it".

Here's what I do.  I don't know if it's the best suggestion, but it's the best I've come up with. If you get a chance plan some and make a firm decision as to what you are going to do. A schedule for the day can help.  Then stick to the schedule. I concentrate on my limb motions a fair bit so that I don't get my body stolen. Exercise can help so that you've got a lot of neurological pulse strength ready if someone tries to steal your body. Concentrate on every pulse on the weights, or steps, or pedals, so that you don't get distracted or someone can start stealing your body from you.

Sue, thanks for sharing. You have my deepest respect for being able to get out of your addiction when under this and the constact pressure and battle it is only itself!  About these weird and unexplainable"happenings" I think most of us have had them, usually in the beginning phase of the harassment, and I agree, it is and remains a mystery. I tend to think it wont do any good analyzing it as for now I wont have the true answers and the analyzing itself just  generates the confusion wanted and makes us even more adaptive to manipulations in the long run according to what I believe. When thinking about what is possible doing on us, and what we experience on a daily basis-24/7, it really isnt too strange, these weird and totally unexplainable things that have taken part for most of us in one form or another really were heavy manipulations, since all victims are at their most vulnerable state of mind in the beginning, phase, not knowing this is going on and for sure not aware having ones mind being manipulated with..yet some things still really are hard to grasp, how on earth was it possible, no logical aspects of course and for sure not to be explained by the law of physics we are learned to believe in..Take care/Annie  

Thanks Annie, yes the beginning of targeting is so overwhelming. You're right in saying its best not to analyze their methods. I think they enjoy us doing this, it feeds their ego. They use grand tricks and manipulations of the mind.

The big confusion surrounding the many TI stories around the world stems from the different kinds of microchip that has been developed over the many years that this has been going on. Apparently each chip has it's own functions and characteristics. I believe much of the original intent was to make people a useful tool in the fight against evil and then fell into the hands of the wrong people. In my case, I have three implants. One in each ear and one behind my eyes. I have located them by MRI. The perps comment on everything in my environment, intent on making me angry and outwardly aggressive to my family and friends. They record voices from these people, duplicate and play back, in order to convince me not to trust anyone. This is all about causing stress and deprivation. Once you understand the motives you can ignore it and go on with your life. Each of the implants in my ears have electromagnetic coils that produce the power to run the transmitter, as well as produce pain in the form of a shock. Over time this has began to impair my hearing and the tissue being repetitively shocked has healed over with scar tissue. So...the process being used by my perps has become self defeating and they now know they are failing to reach their goals! I know who my perps are, where they are and what their motives are. I guess I am lucky, compared to most TI stories I read.

Every human being has a conscience and free will and should focus on the "right thing to do", regardless of auditory or subliminal programming, regardless of religious belief. To survive this torture, every TI should focus on good habits: eat everything as healthy as you can, exercise regularly, get sleep any way you can and get in some sex somehow. All four are critical to a well balanced health plan. I am happy to share the details of how I am beating my perps down to the end of this game of theirs...we will all get some relief soon, as a result.

Let me know what I can do to help you.


Brad: How did they implant those?

Syringes designed specifically to target the eighth nerve of my brain to connect the ears. The one behind my eyes in my sinus is much larger and not clear how they did that one, but probably similar means.

Brad, I would love to talk to you more, please contact me on here 

Sue this sounds like some familiar past of mine..I would often find the drug cocaine and meth in my home buried

under stuff on a couple of occasions years ago.  I remember also of awakening once on the floor of a relatives home who had gotten a divorce and he would always have lots of people there and parties....And once I noticed one of them van thugs inside that home.  I also would notice gas masks and at one time I noticed a guy with curly round kinkish hair in a older green type (maybe military look) He once parked across a lot when I was about 35min away from home on late night, and I noticed this fellow on a pay phone.  Recently this same relative came by, and I asked him about those fellas and he mentioned I had bad luck, mission, and satilitites, mind you he would speak in broken one word statements and than drive away.  I also remember other persons females from this same house years ago) saying its inside you, I'm married to you, million dollars. This same female is the person I saw upon awakening one time on floor of this divorced cuison of mine.  Theres more to this, I'm saying this quickly and fragmented. I'm clean as well, what baffels me most is trying to have normal straightforward conversations with these persons who have seemed close to me, yet now are seperating since I began asking what do you mean by this...Some persons will walk up to me and say Iraq Iran.  In back of neck...I don't know I go thru some strange encounters in this small vancouver washington town. thanks for listening.  Whats taking so long for me to deal with all this is I had started taking pain pills which kept me isolated and dumb when these persons came around.  It almost seems in hindsite I've always had around 5 to 7 people around who just happened to be members of my cousins house when in hindsite this grooming had taken place to the the time I had been strapped down naked in a white room, I live a few block from a hospital as well, and every one knows everyone in this small town.  Thanks for hearing

I sometimes hear the words stand up or get along, do you.  I wonder if the spiritual forces we can't see are also getting involved.  I hear words at times that align with scripture.

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