Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Blocking Torture Journals Posted on Peacepink by Moles within, or Torturer-backed Hackers

There appears to be an intense effort to suppress a journal of my torture posted here on March 18 of 2018. Googling the title " Temperature Manipulation in Remote Interrogation and Mind Control Torture" brings up only senseless videos from instead of a text file.  Or, it brings up a LONG LIST of blog titles, over 500, that one must search through to find the file.

This file is in my blog and I believe that the hackers, or bad actors within, are responsible. Peacepink is providing an incredibly important service to the TI community. Sabotage of this service must not be permitted.

Could the  'peacepink' team PLEASE post the file on the web under the proper pointer for visibility: " ". I look forward to a better google search outcome.

Thank you.
Pat B.

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The World Economic Forum is behind  a program called ' the internet of bodies' according to its website which is called ; I have been illegally connected to 'the internet of bodies' against my will and without my permission.   I do not use a smart phone and I don't wear a smart watch or any watch whatsoever.  I dont wear any jewellery and I have not done so for the past twenty five years.  I do not carry a handbag except for a short…See More
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Robin Yan commented on Robin Yan's blog post Please help me forward this, thanks.
"As soon as possible. "
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Please help me forward this, thanks.

UN UN Human Rights UN Human Rights Council Amnesty International International Bar Association International Criminal Court Canadian GovernmentPlease check (and forward this )  if you, and received my message I sent to you yesterday.  for my life being  threatened ; fight against ongoing (psychological ) torture, terror and attempted murder by every possible…See More
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"German nazi received ufos. Russia US has them. Its hidden nazi kkk criminal org. DEW weapons. Emp jammer and laser. Laser used to start fire"
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"I think Kobe Bryant helicopter accident was caused by DEW ufo or satellite. Not alien!!! White Supremacist. They have access. Russia and US"
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"Silverado Canyon California fire started by DEW ufo or satellite!"
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"There is a human that is biologically backwards. His brain isn't wired properly. Murdered countless people. Stolen cheated countless. Nazi K"
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"Darpa, MIT, Neuro Research all garbage. The underlying truth is complete coruption rooted in Nazi then KKK white supremancy."
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