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Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Physics Revealed - Part 3 - Released

Can A Satellite Read Your Thoughts? - Physics Revealed - Part 3

This article adds a little background information, defines reduced figures for the system and improves upon the assessment made in the first article.

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you mean it's NOT a g-s denial blog?  would that be because of the ONE PERCENT of incidents where the target is not delusional as per your estimate on BOTH g-s blogs?   so unfortunate that NONE of this 1% happens to be included among the MANY deluded members you have 'helped' so far, by explaining how we're wrong, and attacking our every point with baseless tangents - synopsis of your movements available on demand    also not included is ted gunderson, former head of the fbi for l.a.   we keep bringing him up, and you have yet to explain to us how confused HE is (or even to acknowledge the fact of his evidence)    how about at LEAST addressing just this ONE measly little point head-on:  are you STILL unaware despite being repeatedly informed/reminded that g-s denial is a classic perp tactic to discredit investigations (unlike your perfectly unproductive 'rf scamming') that CAN lead to prosecution of perp?  since YOU are NOT a 't. i.' it is YOU who have no idea what WE go through - for example your list above STILL makes no mention of g-s despite tracy's brilliant input last night - or is she just another poor  lost soul who needs YOUR condescending bs?  like i said on your g-s denial blog, she's NOT saying she was raped by a remote satellite laser-directed vibrator in a mask - FOR SHAME, deca

I have not had a proper chance to read this thread , there looks like a lot of interesting info , thou I am glad to come across it , the manner it which I have I not so happy I will no longer reply to labrats post on here as its inappropriate to do so and it not the right thread/blog to reply to them...and I do not what to be associated with his hijacking and derailing of good blogs where he seems to want to sucker me into ... he can air any of his opinions on the so called "g-s denial blog" .....where I believe he should post his comments and not on other blogs which have nothing to do with it and create a drama/distractions where its not necessary.

Thanks , hope people understand



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