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They have hidden the chloridic acid in the heating system, what people do not know and that from the radiators then comes out in the form of vapor not visible to the human eye. Chloridic acid is commonly sold light green but in the water of the plant it can be brown if little concentrated and confused with earth or black if very concentrated.

Chloridic acid gives the following problems:

Lack of thirst
Lack of balance
Heart attack
Liquid in the lungs
Difficult to urinate
Memory loss
Loss of concentration
Euphoria for the gas contained in it
Mental confusion
Absence of pleasure, of joy of living and feeling alive
View alteration
It doesn't feel hot and cold
Absence of sweat
Burning eyes
Odor alteration
No smells are heard
Stinks to the nose
Blood anus
Itching on the body
Change the color of the skin
With the air conditioner or common ventilation it sticks at certain points that are wanted of the skin as brown-colored scabs. These points are hidden under the clothes because in particular conditions they catch fire. Does not stick on hands, feet, neck, face. However, there are variants on the market where the color may be different and which may also stick to the face or other parts of the body.
As they are, they are very difficult to pull away, if they are washed for a long time, for example, under a shower, the color of the light green chloridic acid returns and they come off easily.
Physical tiredness
Males - usually hidden as caused by bacteria that are not actually there:
Prostate burning
Burning point of an erect penis
Burning to urinate
Lack of libido
Urine leakage
Females - normally hidden as caused by bacteria that in reality are not there:
Intimate burning
Intimate itching
Lack of orgasm
Unlubricated vagina
Urine leakage

Chloridic acid does not become steam if the temperature is constant in the environment. So you don't even have to use a fan in the house or else it gets lost in the environment and you breathe it.
Another problem is that it only needs to be heated to cause it to explode due to the gas contained in it. So if you continue to add it after a certain percentage heated by the boiler it explodes and burns the house.
Mental torture ceases if you are no longer intoxicated with acid.
If you don't believe that no visible steam comes out of the radiators to the human eye, then make yourself or put a perfume in the radiator system and you will feel that it is going to hitch around the house.

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Then there are other problems. Such bastard people who control one or more atomics, artificial intelligence, war robots. I think it propitious that bastard people simply think of using them to hurt others in a completely unjustified way.

I take this opportunity to help with other healthy issues.
The teeth are not carian if you follow a right diet. Do you know the animals in nature? Eat sugar only with fruit. That contained in the fruit does not make the teeth carious.
And sexually I have noticed on the internet that it is a disaster. And I think there are problems of sexual diseducation worldwide.
The female with the penetration must remain immovable. It must be penetrated slowly and it is the pleasure that immobilizes it during penetration. If it gets a violent penetration, it causes pain to the vagina and it has the possibility to move because it can also remove it. With violent penetrations the vagina widens. If the vagina is wider than it should, of course the female is less pleased but the vagina can be retrained and tightened again with the right slow penetration.

However even the staff of the hospitals where there is this kind of problem does not know chloridic acid.

Which helps over drinking water with liquid oxygen as I recommended before also that in the case of continuous fluid in the lungs does not allow dehydration of the body so it is very important. it's eating lots of fruits and vegetables. If the feces are green, don't be afraid. it is chloridic acid which is green, more or less dark in the faeces. Continue to eat properly.

Remember though that if you are detoxified by chloridic acid and therefore mental torture stops, at least for now if you go to a place where chloridic acid is present and you get poisoned again mental torture resumes.

There are many problems like wars in the world and they originate from the education received in the family environment. I talked about the behavior starting from the animal kingdom from documentaries. There are people known as "zombies" where the problem is known to many people, but not to the mass. But I want to talk to you about a good father who lets his son beat up all the time without ever intervening in his defense by his violent wife, even every day since he was a child until he was almost adult until his son reacted by legitimate defense alone. In this case the mother is not taken into account in the education of the child and only the father is looked at. is as non-existent apart when he hits. The child remains able to distinguish individual by individual and does not generalize with things like all females are stupid being able to distinguish them one by one, as well as males. One may think that the father does not care about the child but because he does not even care about himself knowing his wife's violent behavior. Are you not afraid that you will become violent towards him? Why don't you leave it? Why do you keep living together until you die? The behavioral problem of this father is that as a child he was forced to grow up with a good mother and father and considered them both in education. His behavior is not normal and should be treated chronically.
Do you find any coherence with that letting go of the father and these ongoing tortures where there has been no constant intervention?

I'm interested in treating the behavioral problems of all the people in the world and even those who are on other planets, all of them. So you can go wherever you want without fearing any more bad. One global healthy group.

Crocodile teeth are a weapon like a gun is. But the crocodile does not use its teeth to kill another crocodile. The problem is not in the gun, it is in the behavioral problem of the owner. A sane person does not use a gun to another sane person unless, for example, to give him a sweet death with a quick blow to the head because he is dying in excruciating pain from a disease.

In the global world I mean, of course we all help each other without the need for money. That is real help.

There is no absolute freedom in nature. But for freedom I intend for example to learn French and therefore to be able to speak and understand each other with a French person. it is a freedom that not everyone has.

I have not written among the problems that gives chloridic acid, glaucoma. I had it but I didn't take any medication to cure. I am completely cured, and I know by now how chloridic acid works.
And among the invented sexual problems there is vaginismus which is not a disease. I explain to you well what is due. I was with two females and one penetrating him with his finger bathed very well because it was narrower, the other having been a little wider penetrating it with one finger didn't just get wet, it was just wet but she didn't notice, but she didn't notice, I noticed. With a finger he had contractions that prevented me from penetrating with my finger. I stopped for fear of hurting him. But penetrating it with two fingers she got wet right away and there was no problem with penetration. Vaginismus is not a disease, these contractions are normal and natural. They are due to the fact that this girl was violently penetrated and as I explained before with the correct penetration the vagina realigns and tightens again and writing to you about that of the first one is no longer the problem of those contractions with the finger.

For those who are afraid of those who make money by selling useless drugs for chloridic acid or other substances, I remind them that there are also people who make money honestly with people who are alive and in good health.

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