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  What was your problem with me?  The first act was done by accident and the second one was more or less out of stockholm principle and desperation under a slightly misled awareness.  Did my problem really bother everyone or is everyone pissed that our leaders can't find us jobs or decent lives more intune wht nature?  They are arrogant and our nation will be destroyed by their ease.   


  I understand that you don't like ordinary people and that you oppress us with animal instincts, declaring us to be the filth of the planet as you gorge in the pleasant illusion of fancy, some fulfillment of entertainment?  I have no interest in donuts, cakes or vacations.  I go to public places to be around humans, though I'm evolvign to the point a basement would do.  I would wear a uniform daily.  Your world confuses me. All I want to do is endlessly create and perhaps to be a reptile.  I am the number 53. 


  Mrs. Putina, I was talking to you to if you'd look at the video.  I told you that the dimensions were bullshit.  Life is a dream.  You hid your purse but all I want is a single dollar :P


  Ugh, my brain is swelling again, which pisses me off.  I assume that hte cell death is periodically eaten.  It's supposed to be worse than death, but it isn't.  They are comical torturers.   It's so personal.  You turned and you ran.  Oh yeah. 


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I was talking about the bar where the man came in and told me I was a rude girl.  He chased me into the bathroom and shoved his hand into my face.  I was looking at Budlight, which was Putin and the blender, which was his wife.  I talked to both of them.  I'm sorry, I was extremely isolated, and I didn't need that man running in there like I was seriously trying to date Putin!  Didn't he notice me and the blender?  Do I need to even ask that question?  No, my government exploits me.  It wanted to frame me so that it could hit me with the cyanide or kill me to take my disability check away from me.  I told them to just take it, but it didn't seem within their power, yet they have those kind'of weapons?!  What kind'of messed up world do you humans live in?


I'm sorry, I've had a lonely life.  I talk to things.

This story proves that they're monitoring us to an insane and unreasable degree.  If t hey were decent spies, then they'd know I carry the diagnosis schizophrenia, which just allows me to be socially liberal, and they would have left me alone, but they were watching me for a reason.  Since I'm schizophrenic, I can't say anything.  I do not understand this logic because if the doctors cannot prove that what's happening is fake, how are they to know that it's fake?  I know that if I'm seeing shadow-people they aren't there and the doctors can confirm this, but the stuff that happens to me when I'm speaking in a lucid fashion cannot automatically be disproved.  This margin of error that they create causes me to receive a lot of unjust treatment from several parties.  I'd go as far as to say that I'm abused.


Now I need to be fixed.  I need that dollar.


I went and wrote blah blah to that high ranking official, and he didn't do anything because he is appropriate. I wanted to show you. You, however, were not appropriate.  I can say things, and it's okay because my words are meaningless.  Nothing will happen to you because of my words.  They can't hurt you.  However, if you say something about me, it gets me creepy stalkers and wayward fans of yours that try to please you with my agony. And no, I'm not on drugs.  I've never been on drugs. So don't say I am and try to blame them.  I'll give you my hair as proof.  It's very long. 

Even if you found me inappropriate and wanted to pursue action, you could have one, protested me; two, kicked me off your site (refused me business); three, called the authorities to insist that I was making unwanted advances (I wasn't, but it would have gotten my attention in an appropriate mannerism, and we wouldn't have had to play this, "make the schizophrenic look delusional game.")


Posting a picture of me dying was inappropriate.  It also caused me harm.

Sending a person to shove his hand in my face was inappropriate, and you're lucky I know you that symbolic gesture enough to get that.  Otherwise, I would have been confused as to if he was having hand spasms.  You need to be clear when you deal with people and you need to deal with them in an appropriate mannerism.

All this hint, hint, wink, wink stuff has got to end. I have to dig for meaning in subliminal messages. I'm either too stupid to get what these people want, which is quite possible, or I don't keep up with the jones enough to know what they want.   It's sad that a "schizophrenic" is writing that.  I'm a rose... well, okay, but that doesn't look good from our musical gang friends.  Do you see how I goeth astray?  What would you do if you had people pumping all of this stimuli in your face?  And actually desiring meaning from it?  I'm supposed to respond in some mannerism.  It's socially expected, and yet if we aren't clear, I will go astray.  I am not picking up on messages, no, these are shoved into my face.
anything past, I can say I was disturbed from your attention.  All I'm asking is that you send a FSB person to come and inject me with a round of stem cells turned into brain cells and nerve growth.  That's all I want from you.  Then I'll go back to burning down the trailer park with food stamps as they say.  The only thing I ask is to have a pleasant mind while this goes on.  Anything was fair until they dented my mind.  That's a low blow, and it was because you made a spectacle out of me.  You gave me a worthless hue with your influence.  That was unncessary.  You are an educated man that knows the consequences of your attention.  You took advantage of a vulnerable adult.

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