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On, Sandy wrote:

Before taking medication, I had delusions regarding mind-control. I thought there were sattellites set up by the US government constantly tracking my thoughts and actions. I thought millions of people around the globe wore secret earpieces allowing them to listen in to my thoughts. I found sattelite conspiracy websites online to "backup" my odd beliefs. I had actually started questoning my delusional beliefs to see if they were really real. I thought these websites confirmed my delusions. "Obviously", because there were other people like me out there. After taking my medication I realised I how illogical these beliefs were. I still think these websites definitely had a negative impact on me. They confirmed my delusions..I stopped questioning my sanity and my delusional beliefs became worse.

This support site I am on is quoting the news articles that have come out that suggest sites like this one, peacepink, are reinforcing mental illness and actually even CAUSING mental illness. Responses to this, anyone?

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there are blogs here devoted to naturalizing schizophrenia   these really began to flourish in the immediate wake of insider tracy (psychiatric health professional with 9 yrs experience working in lock-down) reinforcing soleilmavis's gist about caution in this area   tracy knows how the game is rigged, recognized what was being played, and called them on it   one such 'mental illness theme discussion' cites an article (put on you irony seat belts!) which claims that victims develop typical target 'symptoms' after reading about them on conspiracy sites!   and this is the identical reasoning the same blogger uses too address member witness testimony of 'real g-s': machine-induced "delusions" account for EVERY peacepink member's account, after being moulded and confused by "g-s only websites" (!)   to give you a better picture, when tracy denounced the reprehensible armchair diagnoses by one featured contributor, calling them "(if true then) horrendous", she herself was declared to be schizophrenic!   tracy's remarks originated on 'schizophrenia or t.i.?', but 'schizophrenia: signs and symptoms, t.i. goes nuts and assaults innocent man!' and others continue to fly in the face of soleilmavis' psychiatry blog p.1 (which refers to r.d. laing and other 'anti-psychiatrists) and even elicit comments from interested parties over this repeated objection   the percentage of adults suddenly developing this condition for real is miniscule

Hi Sheri ! I used to be big Al. I haven't seen you in a while,  it nice that you're back.

This is an interesting blog.   I Honestly applaud your open discussion of the issue. I have several diagnosises. PTSD because of what the mob did, OCD by genetics, and the only wrong one-scizophrenia because of the v2k and sexual assault. I was re diagnosed yesterday. 

I recently quit meds that helped with the OCD because of weight it caused. I am having quite an increase in OCD thinking. I have taken many meds for schizophrenia,  hoping that this woukd all go away if i took the right pill. It didnt wirk that way.

Some get better with meds. 

BUT WE ARE ALL TIS!!!!  My theory is that everyone but the enemy bosses are monitored on a neural level. Were just aware, the rest are asleep.
SheriGrutz said:

There is constantly with targets this need to prove they are not insane, when in fact the tech is so invasive and crippling, its hard to feel well at all, and delusional/paranoid thinking is bound to come out of this. Its difficulty is that one becomes so convinced of what they are experiencing or what they believe is happening to them, they cannot be convinced otherwise, and there is a real destruction of life and well-being. Is it safe to say the majority of targets would never take medication and in fact accuse psychiatrists of being part of the problem and not the solution? What needs to accepted is that every person who is going through this is being effected in a unique way that is exclusive to him or her, part of it is the tech and the other part is the reaction mentally to the targeting. Otherwise we all have the same conclusive stories about our targeting, there has to be a mental variance that throws this situation wide open and makes it very difficult to follow, or prove to others. I have decided to take medication, possibly for the rest of my life, because I firmly believe I have mental illness that grew at its worse through targeting, nothing in the world to help it. I, however, do not stop thinking that I am a target or the tech is on me and using me and my family for its aggressive acts. Some who do start meds, get full relief from these thoughts, and so, there is no way of telling whether they are targets or not, and maybe they are not if they are not experiencing torture physically to the body, plus, when faced with such hardship mentally, the task of proving mind control as it is evolving to him or her is beyond one's ability. There will need to be open-minded people who come along and say they believe us just be understanding what we have experienced, using our experiences as proof.

well, speak of the drivel!  'd.o.t.ty', do you deny that it was YOU who dared to remotely 'diagnose' tracy herself with schizophrenia after she described this behaviour as "horrendous"?   and do you DENY regular deployment of the 'diagnosis' gas-lighting ploy so well detailed in 'a dozen reasons why it is obvious that ffchs is a disinfo front group organized by gang-stalking perps'?   a wise man once said, "you CAN fool all of the people all of the time - if you control both government AND the media!"   well no less an authority than deep thought himself (read his page!) denounces this site as a c.i.a. front and deborah dupres' blocked reporting and teo's blanked video screens (both made on our behalf) prove that the media is also well in hand   but YOU, 'human error factor', aren't fooling me
David ofTomorrow said:

 I have several diagnosises...I was re diagnosed yesterday. 

I have taken many meds for schizophrenia,  hoping that this woukd all go away if i took the right pill. It didnt wirk that way.

Some get better with meds. 


(laBrat says:)

are we, now? all of us 't. i.'s - each and every single ONE?   but you are one of a small minority denying that this site is a fertile source of vulnerable targets waiting to be 'helped'   and, by happy coincidence, you just happen to be the most widely accused troll in the business - even deca says so!    so "But we are all TIS!!!" feels just a little bit self-serving   btw has tracy, with her professional experience, confirmed your 'diagnosis' of her schizophrenia?   that MIGHT then discount her astute demolition of your tactics...

Sheri the above is my (more specifically detailed) response to your query about reports that this site reinforces and even causes mental illness

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