Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Elderly Mind Control Technicals who did surgery Remotely ONLY EVIL FOREVER

Elderly American Mind Control technical garbage, who did surgery remotely previously, also did mind control forever ONLY MURDER, ONLY anti-humankind. Dr. Green and Dr. Green's Colleagues. U R ONLY MUDER forever, even after ur deaths. Do you agree with me?

Those anti-humankind elderly who damaged humankind for their power when they were young are anti-humankind forever, as they would repeat what they did previously. Do you agree with me?

Dr. Green and his colleagues who bullied teenagers and children for tens of years, would forever anti-humankind, as they would only repeat what they did when they were young. Do You agree with me?

Dr. Wilson Green, in charge of CIA Mind Control secret Projects in 60s-70s, married Eileen Rockefeller or Maggie Rockefeller? Any way they were married each other tycoon mafia family members. They are the key figures in that Tycoon Mafia family who murdered president Kennedy, President Johnson, over 900 Americans in Jonestown in 1978. They were evil previously, they are evil FOREVER. EVIL NEVER CHANGE THEMSELVES. RULES OF NATURE NO ONE COULD CHANGE.

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Not against Mind Control = Encourage Mind Control

Are we “encouraging laziness” if we are “not against laziness”?

Are we “encouraging violence” if we are “not against violence”?

Are we “encouraging discrimination” if we are “not against discrimination”?

I believe “Not against Mind Control” equals “encouraging mind control” and "Not against Remote Surgery" equals "encouraging remote surgery", which is being used to secretly murder in name of protecting certain people. ONLY murderers on the planet are those who did surgery Remotely and also did mind control.

Why did Mind Control FIRM boss, supervisor or whatever you call asked adopted teenagers to do Mind Control? They are obvious anti-humankinds, because they encouraged mind control. They also encouraged  murdering remotely using focused electromagnetic weapon. Anti-humankinds are harmful to humankind and harmful to everyone. Do you want to help anti-humankinds to damage everyone including yourself secretly by not risking your lives to make everyone on earth know (1) Electromagnetic Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control technologies are being controlled by a tycoon family, not by Government. The privatization of CIA secret projects in 70s after the Church and Rockefeller investigation, legalized Family Control of the secret mind control weapon and electromagnetic remote surgery weapon; (2) Electromagnetic remote surgery using focused electromagnetic energy developed in 60s-70s can do surgery on human, machine, earth and air particles. It can create cancer, heart attack and other diseases, create aircraft accidents, nuclear plant accidents, create man-made earthquakes, write and read data in microchips remotely, can create wind, create and modulate sounds. Part of the focused electromagnetic energy particle manipulation technology won Nobel Prize in Physics in 1997. Christine de-Nicola testified that she had been used as an experimental target of focused electromagnetic radiation in the 70s. (3) Electromagnetic remote mind control based on brain signal synchronization developed in 50s can control thinking and behaviors remotely. It can make a moron talk and behave like a normal person. It made former CIA employee Olson Frank jumped out of window in 1953. It made over 900 leftwing Americans asking for equal rights for ethnic minority committed massive suicide in 1978 in Jonestown. It was used to create homosexual scandals for talented Americans in the 80s as former CIA trainee Brice Taylor indicated in interview with Ted Gunderson, former FBI senior officer in LA. The emergence of terrorist attacks, the AIDs virus pandemic, Rock & Roll robot like dance and music, the sudden stop of development of fundamental science and technologies in the 80s were all directly related to the legalization of family control of electromagnetic remote surgery and remote mind control weapons in the 70s.

If you do not want to be murdered secretly, please don’t play murderers’ game, follow murderers’ rules and entertain the murder family the tycoon family until you are murdered. Don’t encourage them to murder you by damaging the majority to extend a few hours or a few days of your life, as you can’t stop them from murdering you, the only thing you can do is proving to yourself that you do not deserve being killed and your death is a loss to humankind. Who used fake someone to block exposing secrets? Who involved in stealing over 1000 documents on Remote Surgery and Remote Mind Control given to HK media workers already? Your deaths are contribution to humankind as you are harmful to humankind.

Please tell everyone the 3 things victims inside and outside the Mind Control FIRM require people to do for us who by the time might have been murdered or turned into morons when the 3 secrets being known by everyone on earth,

(1)Ask for doing the same surgery on those who enabled  Remote Surgery on human beings, especially on the bosses who really made decisions.

(2) Build memorial buildings in every country and engrave stories of heroes who died or disabled due to exposing the secrets on walls to encourage youngsters to do right things.

(3) Delete bad people’s names from buildings, school names, and other history records, and use numbers to replace them. For instance, use Evil 001 in 2nd world war to replace Adolf Hitler; use Evil 001 in CIA mind control crisis to replace Rockefeller if Rockefeller

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