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Recently I have been applying for a new job, and yesterday I spoke to a man who said he would call me after work to discuss. I waited for this call, until my instinct told me that my perps had already blocked this call from him in an effort to stop any progress and happiness in my life. I was FURIOUS, and when I relayed to them via v2K, that I knew what they had done, their reaction was 'THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS', in a way to sound very camp and fake shocked, while smirking at how 'clever' they are in destroying the best people on the planet!! Furthermore, I am trying to move my mother from a place that makes her miserable to a place that might restore some of her happiness, and have spent considerable time in doing so, and yet they have threatened to block that too, despite the fact that I signed that agreement yesterday - these are the same people that threatened for months to give my step father a heart attack, and that I should read the last will and testament, two hours prior to him being rushed to the hospital with his heart and lungs in distress (this is what they do to wonderful, honest, good, completely defenceless old man (a retiree) for a massive payout for murder, as he died of practically the same thing months later, after they had continued to threaten to kill him, if I tried to expose the crimes they are involved in and who is involved. They always have been gangsters, drug dealers, heading up prostitution houses, porn kings, pedophiles etc., so their lives tell a history that doesn't lie...they have always been career criminals, it's the way they like it, and they are attempting in the most sinister of ways to control and destroy the futures of some of the best people and companies in the world, I believe it's a case of state capture worldwide, and I believe this is going to exposed world-wide as well. They deserve to rot in jail, to be deprived of their freedoms, their income, their jobs, their homes and their happiness in every aspect of their lives....but I believe that God has judged those that sin against us already, we don't have to call for it, it is DONE!! There are many good people that are working on our behalf to bring this to an end, and that will happen sooner than we realise - I just want this to be noted for legal purposes.

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madminster2, many of the victims have been children or wives of the military - as a TI you should know that....please don't respond to my thread, unless it's constructive. I think you're trying to play everyone here, but this is not a playground?

This is why I want a giant asteroid to end it all here, I'm sick of this evil machine.

Brian Bovo, I agree with you.  I am ready to meet my maker because I am not a strong person anymore.  I am still bull headed as they come but have no physical strength except when they decree me to do so.  Last year they had my left knee hurt for months on top of months then suddenly one day it stopped.  Now it is back for about 2 weeks now.  No reason for it physically.  Same goes for the constant nasal drip, very strong sneezing and always twice in a row, directed energy to the same spots everyday at the same time and the worst of all dumbing me up plus brain fog. 

I feel for you both Brian and cat cat....really, this people are sick, slimy, sadistic bullies on steroids....I too am ready to meet my Maker, the pain I've experienced today is unimaginable, the fungus infection they've given me which makes my bottom itch all the time, the constant break-in's to my home where they even steal my tea bags, and when I scream into the air about it, their response is 'You should be glad, they did you a favour, those tea bags had been sprayed with poison.' HUH?? I do believe they are putting poison into some of my things, one of them said they are putting it into my shampoo, I believe they are spraying some of my fresh vegetables and today, when I went to buy a new water filter, I was SEVERELY TORUTURED whilst at the shops, they were obviously angry, as they have obviously infiltrated my old filer with some form of all needs to go public!!

God's Grace, I agree with your findings.  We are dealing with non human, heartless creatures who have invaded Earth (most in human form) and is destroying everything good at a rapid pace now.  That is why I am so worried for the entire planet Earth and the people I love.  Myself and my good friend were hurt so bad last night my friend went to the hospital thinking he was having some sort of heart episode.  Nope as usual the ER found nothing and charged hims $1,300 he did not have.  I can not take this anymore.  It needs to stop.  If TRUMP or anyone anywhere can not stop this worthless torture then God needs to come take us all.  Last night they had the nerve ending on my lady parts hurt and made it feel like I need to pee.  I screamed to the sky for them to stop, they did not.  I finally used a magnet to take away the pain.  Never thought I would be using a magnet in that area.  Who thought I would live to see the world go mad.  GG, take care and I am praying for you and all of us.  Your perps are devils who need to burn in hell.  Maybe they have already that is why they are so mean and uncaring.  Take comfort in knowing you are one of God's chosen ones that is why they have tortured you so badly for years on top of years.

God's Grace, when you think about it I guess we are not all human anymore.  In my case I would say 70% human and 30% tech of some kind.  If we can be mind controlled, our thoughts and feeling manipulated we are already lost.  When I was working I loved to walk every evening enjoying the fresh air and nature.  Now that I am retired you would think, great I can walk anytime of any day.  Nope, my mind has been altered to fear people and myself I guess.  Fear what people think about me and what crazy scenarios that will be created to make me fearful.  I could list all the weird things here but why.   Bottom line is I live in a virtual reality with evil tech calling the shots.  Some of what I have witnessed over the last 3 years is just horrific and that does not include the weird dreams.

Strange that you mention this cat cat, I was just saying on another platform this morning, that I believe that the people who have targeted me for 7 years now, are not human, or are not fully human, I believe all of them have demonic personalities, at the very LEAST, and that not a single solitary one of them has any redeeming features to their personalities - I believe they are soulless too. I was happy to hear recently that they are considering bringing back the death penalty in our country, because I believe this violent non humans do not deserve to breathe the same air as us. I do not believe we can even pray for them, for they are not human beings in any format whatsoever - they are godless, soulless and I believe they work on behalf of the devil himself - they truly are Satan's spawn. They have what's coming to them....anyone who believe God exists would never do what they are doing to us, so they are doomed to hell, which to some degree give me comfort. Strangely I was driving to Natal last weekend, with my mother in the car, when we heard a HUGE BANG on the roof of the car, it sounded as if a large rock had landed on my car, only to find it was nothing more than a DEW attack on my car, with the intention to scare us. On the way back, I couldn't understand why I was feeling so tired, to the point of losing concentration, and it suddenly occurred to me that I had prayed on the way down, so I should do the same then, so I prayed protection over myself, my car and the journey, and there was a violent reaction from them, however my exhaustion suddenly disappeared, so I'm sure they are using satanic influences as well as technical attacks upon us - I realized yesterday that when I wake up in pain, they are actually using occult practices to place demons against me on a daily basis, so I have to get rid of them on a daily basis, and one of them is the Spirit of Death, the other is the Spirit of Confusion, the other is The Spirit of Failure, the other is the Spirit of Sickness and the other is the Spirt of Fear....I found something on YouTube, which you should watch....hope it helps: Powerful Prayer for Deliverance 2015 Removing Demons - God Videos (YouTube) Take care, my friend

Wow God's Grace.  All that is beyond scary.  You must be a very strong christian for them to target you so intensely.

I will watch the video. 

Yes, I am a strong Christian....they have driven me to seek God in ways I would probably never have, had I not been through this.

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