Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Recently I have been applying for a new job, and yesterday I spoke to a man who said he would call me after work to discuss. I waited for this call, until my instinct told me that my perps had already blocked this call from him in an effort to stop any progress and happiness in my life. I was FURIOUS, and when I relayed to them via v2K, that I knew what they had done, their reaction was 'THAT'S OUTRAGEOUS', in a way to sound very camp and fake shocked, while smirking at how 'clever' they are in destroying the best people on the planet!! Furthermore, I am trying to move my mother from a place that makes her miserable to a place that might restore some of her happiness, and have spent considerable time in doing so, and yet they have threatened to block that too, despite the fact that I signed that agreement yesterday - these are the same people that threatened for months to give my step father a heart attack, and that I should read the last will and testament, two hours prior to him being rushed to the hospital with his heart and lungs in distress (this is what they do to wonderful, honest, good, completely defenceless old man (a retiree) for a massive payout for murder, as he died of practically the same thing months later, after they had continued to threaten to kill him, if I tried to expose the crimes they are involved in and who is involved. They always have been gangsters, drug dealers, heading up prostitution houses, porn kings, pedophiles etc., so their lives tell a history that doesn't lie...they have always been career criminals, it's the way they like it, and they are attempting in the most sinister of ways to control and destroy the futures of some of the best people and companies in the world, I believe it's a case of state capture worldwide, and I believe this is going to exposed world-wide as well. They deserve to rot in jail, to be deprived of their freedoms, their income, their jobs, their homes and their happiness in every aspect of their lives....but I believe that God has judged those that sin against us already, we don't have to call for it, it is DONE!! There are many good people that are working on our behalf to bring this to an end, and that will happen sooner than we realise - I just want this to be noted for legal purposes.

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Hi God Grace,

I am so sorry to hear what these demons are doing to you. They deserve to end up in jail and rot there.

I hope you find a way to stick it to them. These Perps are not normal, there is no place on this planet for evil people at all. Hang in there. You know the more I see how I suffer hear how you and other ti's suffer now, my faith in "what goes around comes around". Every day people get comfronted with their evil life bites them back. The people who they trust so deeply will be the first to hurt them in a kind of way they don't see coming. Life will bite them back really really hard. Eh you get what you give, sometimes it happens immidiately or it takes times. Their punishment has to grow, just like corn  or like sun flowers. It will menifast into something big.

Here is my a little bit of my issues with the perps;

I am trying to do the online dating thing, the Perps have already stick their sticky paws in it.

The are still trying to tell me what kind of man I should date and how old they should be.

The woman Perp told me she was married, the only person I know she had a relationship with is the male Perp.

The male Perp trying to sabotage me, he doesn't want men liking me and he wants me to be jalouse of him.

They have this psycho girl following me on the street who broke into my house and wants

every thing I like. She doesn't know how to stop. She is like actually stocking me on the street.

I saw her today with someone who looked like the ugly guy I used to like driving by in a car. She is also ugly by the way.

She is also trying to make me jalouse

The Perps are also trying to stop me from work, they infiltrate every work place I go to and mess things up.

Well Bye Bye for now,

Angeline Klas

These people are demonized humans. They are trained to cause problems in your life. It is done to make you go into a induced schizophrenia state. They do anything to do this to you. They will cause problems on purpose to give you extreme stress so you become schizophrenic. I know exactly what they do and why. Do not react to these people that is the best thing to do. Best thing is to try to continue your life. These people and their leader are a garbage dump. What kind of country uses this waste of money science experiment to abuse their own people.

yes they do all to stress and ruin your life. Dont give up, enjoy your life even with problems they make, they tried all to make me stay at holliday at home, but i go to the sea even when they stress me. 

Thank you Angeline, CLS, cat cat and pathfinder - much appreciated!! Yes, they are demonic personalities, but I believe our God is greater, and as they have already been judged, I think it is important to keep up our prayers to God Almighty, for HE will bring this out of this - how comforting to see President Trump and his wife put their prayers into The Wall in Jerusalem...and what a successful trip throughout that region...I believe that Netanyahu said something to the effect that 'At last we have a leader we have faith in/respect' and handed over information to Trump that he could use to prove there was no Russian involvement in the voting. All getting better and better....and I believe that we now have Anonymous working on our behalf as well as ex Navy Seals, ex Intelligence staff etc., and they have contact with people that surround President Trump, so I have no doubt he is fully aware of what we are going through, and I read of FB that they are looking to expose this sometime in June - the extent to which the NSA has been over-reaching it's surveillance rights....hope that is true...Trump is apparently wanting to make sure that the constitutional rights of all citizens is covered. So, my friends, things are looking up!!.

cat cat....why do you think Obama has been able to fly all over the world, with intelligence agents surrounding his every move - surely they have to find out who is still 'working' on his behalf?? Do you think that President Trump is not aware of the fact that they are looking to institute martial law? He knows about that too - does he look worried to you? Do you think he doesn't have the backing of Israel, Russia and perhaps other middle eastern countries at this point in time? Do you think they are going to sit idly by and allow him to fall?  You think they love Hillary? Just ask yourself who his bedfellows are - some of the most powerful Heads of State, some of the wealthiest people on the planet....people of influence, WHO WANT HIM IN THE POSITION OF THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  If we the people are privy to this information, then the President and all of those that protect him wide and far are keeping a VERY, VERY keen eye on what is happening there....I'm sure their agents are crawling all over the place!! There are people within the intelligence community that are working on our behalf, and on the behalf of good as well, they know who is setting up what in that country and elsewhere....ex Heads of FBI know about us too, and are working on our behalf - I read yesterday, that they have become aware of just how bad the situation is, they have come to the conclusion that they need to DRAIN the swamp completely.

Just an update on what my perps have been up to - this morning I received a message from the gentleman who possibly had a job opening (referred by a friend), to say that he would be looking for someone with a degree for this role, who could assist him practically - my perps hooked me up to their brains and thoughts, and PUMPED HAPPY THOUGHTS INTO MY BODY, AS THEY ALWAYS DO, WHEN THEY THINK THEY HAVE BLOCKED MY RIGHT TO A DECENT INCOME....they have been doing this for years.....just this week, I referred a candidate to a client of ours, and within hours of that, my perps (who CONSTANTLY THREATEN ME WITH MAKING SURE MY CANDIDATES DON'T GET THE JOB, because I am working on commission only, and that would mean NO INCOME for me whatsoever), continued to repeat his name again and again and again into my head, because I refused to respond to them, and they wanted me to....and they wanted to make SURE they were aware and were working at blocking his career success and my income. They have put me through this for years (bearing in mind we don't have the dole here, so I have to earn an income to survive), bearing in mind I have no medical cover or pension fund.....the way they block my candidates from getting the job, is that when the candidate sends us their cv, it has their cell phone no on it....they listen in as to what time the candidate is going for the interview, and then simply link into his/her cell phone location on that day and time, and mind control the entire interview from start to finish and watch it all via his cell camera....I'm of the opinion they are also making bets on every aspect of our lives (they have repeated the name of Johan Badenhorst to me for YEARS, and when I looked him up on LinkedIn, I found a character there who is an ex police-officer, who then moved jobs into being a SURVEILLANCE SPECIALIST for a casino....I remember them saying in the beginning that he was away in Durban/Cape Town/PE etc, and I wonder what part he has played in my surveillance, and if it is connected to a casino type operation at all?  Because, when they threatened to murder my step father and it appears it was 'taking too long for them' I heard that my main perp, who they refer to as Charlie Gordon via voice to skull, shouted 'HE MUST GO NOW!' and that same night he went into cardiac and lung distress, rushed to hospital, went into the same distress the next morning, and passed away. The greed of the individuals is unimaginable, my main perp and most of his family are millionaires from this already, I believe they have been doing this for between 12 - 15 years now....and I hear the name Nicky as one of my perps regularly, another TI in Johannesburg has heard the same name, and someone in Cape Town, has mentioned the same name years ago, as the person who was abusing her in this manner, so I'm assuming it's the same person who is involved in this illegal 24/7 surveillance of innocent, law abiding citizens of this country, invading their privacy via through the wall radar/satellite surveillance, blocking their freedom, blocking their constitutional right to dignity, and without any legal consent for doing's a scam from people who all appear to be majorly into drugs and perverted sex, including pedophilia and bestiality, which they push into my psyche on a regular basis...?.

The EGG Cloning is designed to determine how you think. They can then subtly manipulate you into doing things you don't want to do.

Thanks cat cat, will read that, and CLS, will read that too - thanks for your support - I think sometimes we need to post things on social media, that we use as a timeline to the things that happened to us, via our perps. I've had enough of them!!

Hello Madminster, these people work for the government. They are trained professionals. They don't need to shave your head to do this. They are using medical glue that is more advanced than anything you can find on the Internet. If you read my website, the US government experimented with a form of super glue in the Vietnam war. The glue they are using on victims is far more advance than that. This people are more demonized than anything you can think of. They lived a life of extremely lawless crime and all they know to do everyday is crime. That is why these people can do the things they can do. They are the GARBAGE OF THIS WORLD. If you read everyones opinion on the Internet who are true victims you will see they all think these people are garbage. Ask yourself what kind of government lets a group of idiots experiment on their own people. The experiment these people do are COMPLETE GARBAGE WASTE OF TAX PAYERS MONEY. The idiots behind this are the dumbest stupidest idiots on the planet. The idiots think they are Guinness and are complete idiots. They are using tax payers money to continue this experiment which is complete garbage. They are doing trauma based mind control experiments and think it's a benefit to US. The idiot behind this actually thinks he is guiness. He claims to me he is super smart but he surrounds himself with ABSOLUTEY STUPID IDIOTs. Then he delibates my brain and acts like he is smart. The idiot guinness is using TAX PAYERS MONEY TO PERSONALLY ASSAULT ME. They are only crooks and criminals. There is no science here anymore.

I don't live in US and looks like that neither than you CLS but tell me, how the Government recruits these people? How do they decide who's a master and who's a puppet? Does it mean that the families of the politicians and everybody else who works for the Governmant cannot be targeted?

"They are using tax payers money to continue this experiment which is complete garbage. They are doing trauma based mind control experiments and think it's a benefit to US"

It's in my opinion a sub contractor who is assaulting me. The majority of the stuff that is happening is by the miltary, nsa, cia, etc.

So get a job in military and problem solved ;)

"It's in my opinion a sub contractor who is assaulting me. The majority of the stuff that is happening is by the miltary, nsa, cia, etc."

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