Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

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The Disclosure Project is a research project working to fully disclose the facts about UFOs, extraterrestrial intelligence, and classified advanced energy and propulsion systems. We have over 500 government, military, and intelligence community witnesses testifying to their direct, personal, first hand experience with UFOs, ETs, ET technology, and the cover-up that keeps this information secret.

Special Presidential Briefing Documents
(read here)

dr greer was supposed to be appearing with stephan basset when dan ackroyd ('mr conehead' is prez of hollywood mufon) was confronted by MIB at intermission and his show ('Out There') cancelled half-way through the episode

big lebowski has just informed us that in real life 'deca' is a nightclub bouncer, so it was not surprising when he told particular members they "were on the wrong site" for considering additional factors along these same lines - paltry as it is, here is one third of the peacepink daily entertainment section (section eight, we'll call it:)

           Reply by deca on September 10, 2014 at 8:22pm

"the sky full of unidentified flying objects ....all it means is the observer can`t make out what they are seeing ...that can simple be from distance ...seeing things at odd angles ....effects of lighting ... plus we live on a planet and theirs all kinds of weird and strange phenomena the effects on the brain and how we actually perceive (perception) works off the objective world around us video/cameras especially digital are notorious for lens flares and whole list of artifacts.

"again in the Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs we need to stick to the documents,facts and verifiable evidence.....not get subverted into UFology that's full of speculation and belief were you can`t really verify/demonstrate anything as fact and use in a court of law ...and really just adds confusion,misdirection and "fog" to what we as TI`s experince ....i,e man-made abuse off technology used on us ...

"really if you want to speculate about UFO,ET,time travel , spirits, demos etc ...then really I suggest you do it else where as this is not the website for that...unless you want to talk about these experiences being induced by man-made technology like what Dr Persinger does ....and that the belief in ET,UFO being off world space ship are a cover story  created by the CIA to cover up cover black projects then fine"


[we remind deca once "again" that soleilmavis's support for parapsychologists such as tom bearden is on the main page]



ann b livingston, MUFON feature contributor, died of an aggressive ovarian cancer shortly after tangling with julianne mckinney on her gas-lighting and discrediting of ann's abduction by 5 MIB's in her parking lot (and, ironically, about julianne's suspicious longevity as a 'whistle-blower - in 1993)


parallels between 'deca's', julianne's and phillip coppens (of paul bennewitz infamy) patter is clearly outlined here:   'Mind control in ufo literature - and in Peacepink prose!'


and the relationship between the ufo and targeting operations succinctly articulated in one investigator's reaction to the news of julianne's dispute with ann:


"That article reflects exactly the same characterization of McKinney that I and many others have commented on. I find it very interesting that the MUFON article came out one year after McKinney's own article, which appears to have been intended to give the then barely-developed TI community some substance. At that time, the UFO community was well-developed while the TI community was not, and the latter actually developed out of the former and became recognized in its own right. These are both audiences for various psyops, and I would think that as such, it was important at the time that the MUFON article was published that a distinction needed to be created between them, dividing out the TI community from the UFO crowd, which is in fact what has since happened."

I am really from Jupiter. That's how I am So Many Members at Once. I transverse from each of the moons surrounding my home planet.
No but really-the copy of the letter says Nothing about ET. The term UFO is just that: Unidentified Flying Object. If someone knew it was a outer space craft full of aliens, it would then be Identified, and no longer be classified as a UFO.
The idea that aliens are the source of everything Unidentified is a mental disorder.

'david' claims to have seen between 70 and 100 shrinks, and is also a self-professed expert on mental illness - he claims his analysts suggested he "study" his ocd (?!)   but people who say things like this should come with warning labels:

Comment by David ofTomorrow on September 3, 2014 at 5:05am And, again, before ALL I am going to request the perps in contact with me to rape you real hard. In the ass and the mouth (they can do mouths too) maybe then you will...[Editor's Note:  it may have been "appreciate me more" but trauma has long set in, and many details obscured]

'dotty' - if you recall, you experienced some confusion recently on the issue of whether the cover story for your second latest banishment from the site was voluntary or involuntary committal    you continue to defy soleilmavis's proscription against pharmaceutical 'therapy' and say outrageous sick things under the vile cover if 'M.I.' to promote the cointelpro target discrediting campaign so well detailed on your friend muertos's despicable perp blog 

if you stop following me around posting faux-manic idiocy to make us all look as delusional as you are, i won't have to constantly remind you like this of why nobody wants to play with you    go talk to someone who cares, you un-stealthy stalking creep!

p.s. the newsletter is from the disclosure project and the intro mentions their focus on "extraterrestrial intelligence" - so whatever is or is not in the letter could not possibly support your self-serving position

marq@tanstaafl projections typed:

i refuse to ignore the argument that broke out, here,
but i won't involve myself or pick a side.  i'll simply
point out that it SEEMS that people at this site get 
off on being divided and conquered...even though the 
infighting does nothing to really get closer to the truth
about directed-energy weapons -- or changing the laws
or exposing the underlying conspiracy.
one important historical fact connecting both the 
extraterrestrial/flying saucer/ufo areas of enquiry is this:
the year 1952.
do you know where the DSM comes from?
German scientists who should, legally, have never been in the United States,
but rather put to death after the Nuremburg trials, created those diagnoses
that are called the DSM...
they wanted revenge against the United States for their defeat in war -- 
and also, to create a new, Fourth Reich in the freedom-loving nation that defeated
their Nazi war machine.
Look it up!  You'll be looking for Project MK Ultra.  the "K" was for the German word, "kontrolle,"
which as you may know has the same meaning as the English word.  the M was for Mind.
millions of people in small groups and as individual networkers
understand and share very sincere rage about this issue...
there are many groups of people online who are sharing their negative experiences with psychoanalysis.
Jung himself in one of his final interviews predicted that if doctors continued to treat
neuroses that could be treated via talking cures -- analytical psychotherapy -- with chemicals -- 
that it would create a worldwide mental illness epidemic.  In my view, that is going on right now.
The Nazi scientists found "allies" -- pun for you -- in the American South, in the sort of people
who were bitter because their ancestors had lost a war, the American Civil War of the 1860s,
that had as its roots the same sort of self-righteous ethnic bigotry.
the MK Ultra program.
the Nuremburg Trials.
the creation of the MODERN Israeli police state.
the events at Roswell, New Mexico of early July, 1947.
all those events are directly connected.
there has been, as many are aware, a pattern of denial and ridicule connected
to certain areas which Earth's most powerful governments have chosen to be secretive about.

Project MKUltra — sometimes referred to as the CIA's mind control program — was the code name given to an illegal program of experiments on human subjects, designed and undertaken by the United States Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). Experiments on humans were intended to identify and develop drugs and procedures to be used in interrogations and torture, in order to weaken the individual to force confessions through mind control.

Organized through the Scientific Intelligence Division of the CIA, the project coordinated with the Special Operations Division of the U.S. Army's Chemical Corps.[wikipedia link] The program began in the early 1950s...


(the wikipedia article says that the program ended in the 1970s.  that's a lie.  the program had 

transgenerational applications, which you can learn more about at this site:



point two:

DSM-I (1952)

World War II saw the large-scale involvement of US psychiatrists in the selection, processing, assessment, and treatment of soldiers. This moved the focus away from mental institutions and traditional clinical perspectives. A committee headed by psychiatrist Brigadier General William C. Menninger developed a new classification scheme called Medical 203, that was issued in 1943 as a War Department Technical Bulletin under the auspices of the Office of the Surgeon General.[wikipedia link] The foreword to the DSM-I states the US Navy had itself made some minor revisions but "the Army established a much more sweeping revision, abandoning the basic outline of the Standard and attempting to express present day concepts of mental disturbance. This nomenclature eventually was adopted by all Armed Forces", and "assorted modifications of the Armed Forces nomenclature [were] introduced into many clinics and hospitals by psychiatrists returning from military duty." The Veterans Administration also adopted a slightly modified version of Medical 203.


In 1949, the World Health Organization published the sixth revision of the International Statistical Classification of Diseases (ICD), which included a section on mental disorders for the first time. The foreword to DSM-1 states this "categorized mental disorders in rubrics similar to those of the Armed Forces nomenclature." An APA Committee on Nomenclature and Statistics was empowered to develop a version specifically for use in the United States, to standardize the diverse and confused usage of different documents. In 1950, the APA committee undertook a review and consultation. It circulated an adaptation of Medical 203, the VA system, and the Standard's Nomenclature to approximately 10% of APA members. 46% replied, of which 93% approved, and after some further revisions (resulting in its being called DSM-I), the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders was approved in 1951 and published in 1952. 



there it is, right there...1952 was the year of the beginning of the MKUltra program,and the year that

the first edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual came out.  It's more than just a coincidence...

(Operation Overcast and Project Paperclip were the codenames) under which the US intelligence and military services extricated scientists from Germany, during and after the final stages of World War II. The project was originally called Operation Overcast, and is sometimes also known as Project Paperclip.

Of particular interest were scientists specialising in aerodynamics and rocketry (such as those involved in the V-1 and V-2 projects), chemical weapons, chemical reaction technology and medicine. These scientists and their families were secretly brought to the United States, without State Department review and approval; their service for Hitler's Third Reich, NSDAP and SS memberships as well as the classification of many as war criminals or security threats also disqualified them from officially obtaining visas.

Nazi Germany had a foothold in the United States, secretly, all but completely unbeknownst to the bulk

of United States citizens, or the world.   They were not just rocket scientists!

there were many reasons for secrecy.

i have not seen any aliens (that i knew of...i have met a few weird folks...) and i have never had a ufo sighting. (that fact of my personal life, more and more, makes me stand out, as many people are coming forward with sightings.)...but i would not deny that such existed because of my lack of exposure to such.  


But the German Scientists were secretly in the United States.

they were loyal to Hitler and the plans of the German Reich.  


so it was kept a secret.  but German Nazi scientists were in the United States.  it's easy to make the intuitive jump to the idea that the MK: Ultra program was cooked up by Nazi German scientists secretly in the United States!





who WERE Jung and Freud?

what part of the world did they "hail" from?  ask yourself that question.


there have been beneficial advances in psychotherapy!

our real opponent is Big Business, the Pharmeceutical industry.


their greed is the antithesis of healing, anyway...and hidden underneath,

going back for decades of lies?  The Secret Nazis of Operation Overcast/Project Paperclip.



what they call "mind control" is complex, but what it comes down to is hypnosis.  

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