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Freedom From Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Kathleen Watterson's Day in Court!


Yesterday, July 9, 2014, was the first time (that we know of) that electronic harassment was successfully argued and proven in a court of law!!! Guys, this was a red-letter day and yet another major victory for the targeted individual community!

What happened was something totally miraculous! Kathleen and Levi McCann, the expert witness in her case, "happened" to meet recently at their nearby Walmart in southern California and the rest is history! Levi turned out to be amazingly-qualified with legal expertise and electronics; everything needed to win a case like ours in court!

Levi was able to show that standard satellite dishes within a 5-mile radius of Kathleen's home were all pointed toward the equator where most satellites orbit the earth - except the defendant's satellite dishes which were pointed at Kathleen's house! He also revealed that the other neighborhood satellite dishes were geared toward receiving signals for TV, the Internet, etc. - except the defendant's satellite dishes which, according to meter readings from an RF spectrum analyzer and a tri-field meter, were shown to be transmitting microwave signals at her house!

All the evidence presented, plus expert knowledge and responses from Levi blew away all meager protestations from the defense, so the judge believed his testimony. Folks, this case was expertly crafted and victory was assured and won! There remains one more court appearance in September.

So in summary, Kathleen received a conditional restraining order for electromagnetic frequency harassment with penalties of up to 2 years in prison and up to $5000 in fines for violation of the court order.

Once again, a local victory!

Guys, our own communities is where the battleground is and this was accomplished even without an attorney! Let us begin to prepare from this victory, start gathering our evidence, and start taking perps to court right where we live!

Levi McCann and Kathleen Watterson are our guest speakers for the Saturday Night Podcast.

Saturday Night Podcast
Saturday, July 12, 2014
Time: 9 pm EST/ 8 pm Central/
7 pm Mountain/ 6 pm Pacific
Call-In Number: 1-724-444-7444
Call ID: 66339
Pin Number: 1#

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What Happened in the Kathleen Watterson Court Case...
So Court for a Permanent Restraining Order was in order for court yesterday, and here is a brief summary of what occurred, yet there is a beautiful silver lining behind the verdict and the roadmap was set forth by the Judge on how to accomplish this with some “Teeth” both monetarily and possible incarceration.
Went to court, they attempted to bring in an “expert” that only had a high school diploma, so it was obvious that the Judge nearly kicked him off the stand, when I got up to rebut, I blew him out of the water.
In all, the TRO was not changed to a PPO, however in the lengthy verdict, the Judge gave the road map on where this needs to be heard in that he said, he completely believed Ms. Watterson and this was in fact Negligence, and either willful or non-intentional negligence he was not to determine, but he said for Ms. Watterson to advise with an attorney as She has completely proven Negligence on the Perps part, so that is the avenue to go with real Teeth so to speak as the Judge gave the road map on how to drive home teeth into the Perp and his cronies who were gasping in the audience. Since the Judge said that either way Negligence was proven and it has substantial monetary consequences as well as substantial legal consequences.
Anyway, (I can see why he gave the roadmap to her and how to win and dig deep into the perp) since if he granted a PPO to Ms Watterson, there really is no way to enforce it as if she calls the police they do not feel the Microwaves, and they do not take it as a violation. That is when he said, this is not over, and I expect to be hearing a Civil Negligence Suit in the future.
It was a really good “roadmap” for TI’s on how to go about getting the people who are doing this. Other TI’s that were there, and Kathleen are going to get the Transcripts which will take roughly a month, but in the interim, I already have a lawyer who is good and would take the case. So it is not over, even the Judge stated, I have a feeling this will not be the last of these type of lawsuits and there will be many more, but Negligence is completely proven, but it would nearly be impossible for the Sheriffs to enforce it, so that is why he reamed the defendant and his attorney and gave the complete roadmap on how to really win these cases and have “Teeth” involve as he was mentioning (the judge) that he believed that Ms Watterson’s Ailments were either directly or inadvertently caused by the defendant, and that is negligence and can not only be extremely monetarily damaging to the defendant but can hold Jail Time as well.
So all in all, the Permanent was not given, but Negligence was proven, and the Judge gave a complete roadmap on how to take the defendant down.
That gasps that were coming from his audience Perp side of the room were heard loud and they realized they were all caught, and that this could mean anything from all (if they have any) money they have as well as land and homes, as well as Jail time, and the Judge laid out the roadmap for it, so there was an extremely silver lining in the verdict.
He also strongly recommended that the Defendant take down the dish immediately, and in fact, which I brought up, after what he was claiming that he was monitoring Airspace over the Military base, but I pointed out that it is Restricted FAA airspace, and to monitor it since it is not commercial traffic is illegal.
So it is not over, in fact, it was great how the Judge gave the complete roadmap to winning with Teeth involved in the win, since he completely stated it was undoubtedly negligence on the part of the defendant. But as we know each case is different, but this is a case where the Judge gave the roadmap and stated that “Negligence” was proven but this was a Restraining Order Case.
Long day though, but in reality it has a great silver lining in that it gives the correct way to pursue the perps in this case, but as we know each case is different, but it shows that now we have a real roadmap with real consequences.
Tough Verdict but a positive Silver Lining,
Levi McCann


there really is no way to enforce it as if she calls the police they do not feel the Microwaves, and they do not take it as a violation. That is when he said

again this is what many TI`s fail to understand ....if you do get believed or win a court case  ...then the police just don`t have any procedure in place they don`t have the equipment or expertise to actually enforce any type of ruling ...its just something they are not trained to deal with but it`s not just the police but society in general has no "procedure" in place to  deal with this ....

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