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I remember listening to something on talkshoe regarding our situation called "the program" explaining in detail the steps the perps take TIs through in their program on us. One of the early steps was to make the TI believe they had wronged someone or done something to bring on their targeting. They want to make you believe you are responsible so they coincide the beginning of their program with an event that has taken place in your life or an action you have taken when in actual fact they had their eye on you way before that.

For me this all coincided with a break up with my boyfriend. At that time I happened to make friends with some new people (not sure if they were introduced. I think it happened naturally) Then when I was hit by the targeting bombshell the perps tried to make me believe my boyfriend and these people were all really friends and had ganged up to target me. With the introduction of mind controlling these people to display odd behaviours, I was led to believe the entire plot. I was extremely vulnerable at the time (you know how it is when it starts) and I believed everything. I thought all these people who were my friends were evil creeps.

ln time I came to realise it was all a charade masterminded by the true evil....the perps running this show. It took a while but I was able to put the pieces together and realise the perps had taken the opportunity of the break up and these new people to make me feel like this was all my fault and my friends were really my enemies....all BS.

They still try to insist that my ex is responsible which I laugh at. He wouldnt hurt a fly let alone torture me. But part of their success in the art of deceit is to continue to insist something is true even when you KNOW its a lie, they will continue persisting. Its supposed to have the effect of...."well since they keep persisting in saying this it must be true". They try to break down your true beliefs with their bogus lies. They belong to the father of lies. Most of their success is built by their capacity to lie.

Of course I know there are cases when TIs are targeted for revenge etc but I was wondering if others have experienced the blame game the perps play.

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In my case, and I am sure this is very common, they use my honesty against me. I have never intentionally hurt anyone in my entire life, but I was made to feel bad for having accidentally hurt people, which is of course inevitable. Anyway, torture is just plain evil and I ain't gonna forget it, even if I don't have long to live.

Yes Marni, they twist things around and point the finger at you for things you're apparently guilty of. Its reverse psychology. Who on earth is more guilty than them?? 

@Endless pain, no I didnt even realise you're french, your english is really good! Yes I can really relate to the things you are saying. They give me perverted sexual visions and dreams all the time. They try to make me think pedophilia is a good thing, giving me dreams about it. They brainwashed me to the point they made me addicted to drugs. They judge all my thoughts and actions, my entire past as if they are perfect when in fact they are perverted torturers. I can relate to the memory manipulation also, they have tried to make me think my whole family was involved. In the beginning like you I was just dealing with the shock and had no strength to defend myself. The nightmares you are having are given to you by them, I get them every night including terrible visions of disgusting things. I really sympathise with you. Its hard to seperate their programing from the facts but it can be done. You are a very strong person to be enduring their psychological torture. I understand what you mean by calling yourself endless pain. It is a constant battle. However like you said they are empty, liars and criminals. Fight them with your mind and instinct of truth, never believe anything they say, they ALWAYS lie, keep up your strength and dont let them beat you! God bless

its not them, its it, they use a computer that trains/develops artificial intelligence. it it has nothing to do with your guilt or crime, apsolutely not solving crime, they are developing technology with ti's as experimenting subjects.
that's the way it works, constantly searches your emotional state for moments that disturb you, if there is nothing it will make up something, than it twist them like you say, and pulsing them back at you. that will make you get upset so they get brain activity for better access to you thoughts, in same time put fear in you with intention to isolate you and shut you up, or disorient you. do not think together with it, do not talk to it, do not try to argue if its not true, it will totally use it against you later, try to totally ignore it, put max efort, like it doesnt exist.when you don't think anything it will silently mimick some of your thoughts so your brain start analyzing and contintinue to think by itself.over and over same pattern, you should know by now. its software, it just switches from one to anther program, constantly. software makes you think its all your thoughts, it makes you think they can hear every word and thought, its cheap trick to keep your brain busy, brain entertainment software.
main goal for them is to read, mimick and interfere silent subconscious thoughts without been noticed, for pure mind controll.they are far from that, that's why they do this.

in order for police to shut you up, declare you insane, or eliminate you they forward you to them. exactly same scenario for all victims. they use same strategies in almost every case, same symptoms, same aftermath for all.

and those, the ones you call "perps or preps" or whatever, they are just looking for prey for experimenting, and thats how they get it, someone thats connected to them tru police.

when i say police i dont mean police in general, its probably on much higher lever, those that even control police, they probably have some of those installed to sneach things everywhere.

threats against live, against family, psychological and physical injury, even trigering suicides and murders?

who does things like that? the ones that are on top, those that dont have to face any consequences...

or maybe just conspiracy theory? :)


everyone reading this, pick up your mind and stand strait, nothings worth kiling your self or others.
Endless Pain said:


Concerning my case, it's not really about experimentation but extermination. I have quite a terrible story which happened to me and which touches some important circles. I am just an embarassing victim who have to disappear and they try to push me to commit suicide. There may are many different reasons for which an individual is targeted. I know someone who had tried to help a politician and she got targeted after this...


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