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has anyone realised the perps were with you long before they made you aware??

After being targeted in 2005 I thought this was when they entered my life until I started to think back on my life and identified people and events that were previously affected. The perps have been with me for alot longer then they wanted me to know, most probably since childhood.

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i SHOULD have - but my discovery (at my mother's funeral) that the injury which had hospitalized me decades previously was no accident was BEFORE enough hair fell out to see the concealed brain surgery   (i'm posting pix soon)   

again this is not a good idea to re-examine your past after becoming aware .....but we all it revels vivid memories of your past , possible reason WHY YOU believe you are being targeted and other things to the mind control scientists that are reading your thoughts , then its easy for them to build targeting scripts from this which you already  half believe and think  plausible....also it makes it easy for them to implant false memories and also your memory's are not fixed like a video tape reconstruct them every time you think of them you can end up viewing them in a different context and re writing them......simple the answers/reasons  are not inside you...YOU are not doing this.....the perpetrators are they know why they are targeting YOU for their motives reasons....YOU are not the only person getting targeted ....its not what you have done ....but what these people can make you do.


I can recall what I now believe to be v2k about a year and a half before the mob put cameras in my home. Even then I didn't know they had a mind control machine. It was 5 years from hearing what I believe to be v2k until they told me about the machine. 

Because I do not think that the perps are using implants,  but rather a form of noninvasive tech, they are monitoring EVERYONE on the planet. In this sense all people are TIS(except the higher ups in their organization). For some reason we are made known of it. I have considered my case,  and it may be due to the inability to completely control me. There was a time when the perps would make my mouth and tongue move to create words. They also moved my larynx,  but they could not force out air in order to make sound. They would tell me what they were trying to make me say. I wondered why they didn't just make me say it like they do to others.  Many times people around me have been mind controlled into saying things without realizing it. It may be that for some reason we are different than others, so we get set aside for a different use. 

The idea that they can't make me speak may be intentionally caused by them. It may be a ploy. 

At any rate we may all have been TIs since their machine was put to use, we just became aware at different times,  most likely according to their schedule. 

Rob, thanks for the link! It is very interesting.

deca much of this stuff i understand 'intellectually' but you really help make it possible to put it all together and apply or even recognize it in 'real life'   thank you very much      and rob thanks for the links     you make so much sense it really IS 'scary'   btw i taught sociology for years and am practically obsessing about a.i. but STILL never even considered the 'industrial revolution' THAT way before!

Rob, if you don't realize that the perps can actually read your mind, and are likely doing so right now,  you are in for a rude awakening! You have some good ideas,  but really, understanding the full nature and scope of what we are up against absolutely must include an experienced understanding of the fact that ALL our minds are read.  We can keep no secrets from our enemy. 

When it comes to the lady attacking the guy,I'm sure any mitigating circumstances might be taken into account,  but the simple fact remains that she was wrong. If she was wrong this time,  then she was likely wrong before. This is important when overcoming some things as a TI. I noticed that the TIs that are able to look at themselves objectively can remember times that they have been very wrong about a specific person being a gangstalker.  I for example,  at one point looked back and realized many many times that I was wrong about gangstalkers. This realization lead me to look at why I wrong.  I came to the conclusion that 15% was my own paranoia. The rest was attributable to falling for v2k tricks. Once I identified the tricks,  the perps quit using them. This is a common experience for those who truly identify the tricks. So understanding that we can be as wrong as the lady in the article might lead us down a more productive path than she took, regardless of what caused her to do what she did. 

For the record, I used to use both my name and photo.  But I started to look for work and found out that a prospective employer can simply google your name to find information. Because TIs share the same symptoms as the mentally ill,  we are classified as mentally ill. With the possibility of workplace violence,  some employers shy away from hirinh the mentally ill. Then, there is the small chance he might believe that you are a TI, but then there is no guarantee he will be supportive. He may reason that you must have did something wrong to be in your situation. He may be afraid that being around you will cause him to be a TI as well.  I ran into a guy who wondered if he was a TI. He heard voices through the wall but didn't know if they were real or v2k.  I told him that I certainly was a TI and tgat we should hang out. He quickly refused and said that if he wasn't yet a TI,  then he didn't want to risk becoming one by hanging out with me. 

So considering how much I needed work,  i decided to change my name and picture,  so if a prospective employer googles my name they will be less likely to see my affiliation with TIs. I mean when people think of TIs they often think of Aaron Alexis who shot 12 people. There is no doubt in my mind that those 12 people were as innocent as the guy who was attacked by that woman,  and that regardless of what he went through,  sadly 12 innocent people died. I dont want people thinking I'm going to go off just because I am TI. So I don't tell people. 

There can be many different reasons for things,  this is important to remember. To assume one's motives are bad, or to assume details more often than not,  is simply wrong. It bears no productive fruit.

There have been certain machines that passed the Turring test in the 1950s.the key is that the  people in the study are told that they are talking to a ten year old from another country.  These factors manipulate the results because any out of the ordinary thoughts or language presented could be attributed to the youth and language barriers. Also, it wasn't really an AI, it was a bot.

Rob MacMillan said:

Week old news: milestone in AI - the Turing Test has just recently been passed. An AI convinced >30% people to believing they were talking to an actual person.

When considering the reality that all our minds are hooked up to a machine,  the possibilities are many. Imagine the data base they have by accessing all those brains.  It may be this access to so many conscious beings will create consciousness in the computer that processes and stores the resulting data. 

Also, this reality greatly reduces the options we have when opposing our enemy. How could we possibly create a plan when the enemy sees our every thought? This certainty removes violent action,  the perps would certainly provide a decoy and get you to buy it,  then when you get your gun and shoot someone, it will be the innocent decoy, the real perp would be long gone because he knew your plan as you thought it up.

"All our minds" are not "hooked up to a machine". That's utter myth and fantasty designed to worry and unsettle TIs unnecessarily.

Each to their own but I'm not convinced. I have experienced v2k and DEW but never any mind-reading. If mind reading exists, then why wasn't Edward Snowden stopped before he legged it? If his mind was read then why didn't they know he was not on board the plane across Europe whereby the Bolivian President was forced to land, causing a diplomatic incident?

Lebowski,  the same tech that causes v2k enables them to read minds. I believe that it may be like a remote distance super poeerful EEG hooked up to a quantum computer. I know that the idea of mind reading is really hard to swallow,  the perps proved it to me repeatedly for over four months of intense v2k.  I know now for a fact that they read my thoughts as i formulate them. This can be up to 3 seconds before I even realize that I had the thought. They used to spend hours telling mevwhat I thought before I knew it. It is a real mind fuck.

They used to fuck with me while I read.  They would read from the bottom of the page I was reading before i got there. They can see and hear everything you experience. 

As for why Edward Snowden wasnt stopped,  he only got away with what they wanted others to know.  He is allowed to live to fullfill a purpose. Contrary to popular hope,  Snowden likely knows zero about our program. 

big lebowski endless pain is right, a number of veteran members here will describe the same thing with recognizably familiar particulars   it's still difficult to grasp or accept even after having one's (and ones' social set)'s noses rubbed in it   this is inconceivable power in the hands of unwise people    and the ability 'IT' has to direct (all) of us makes that 'innocence' child's play   deca's playlist of articles is worthwhile    rob my computer got hacked and i con't support this but VERY worth checking out is a study into a.i. published in the 70's (74 i believe) maybe stanford, they had this thing doing stuff that 'apparently' hasn't been replicated in the intervening decades that the mind-control (requires '-reading' to copy patterns) industry which went underground after the frank church commission report scared congress     these college guys published abilities we're now conceding "will" happen

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