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human/animal genetic experiment for mind control weapons

Also please note the universities or government organizations involved in this CRIME are also doing human/animal genetic experiments that are against the USA LAW AND CANADA LAWS. For example they are crossing animal genetics with humans. In Canada if the animal shows any signs of intelligence it must be killed but these people allow these experiments to continue living. They are used for their brain control experiments. They are scientific genetically created designed as weapons for brain control.

This does sound strange but it is the truth. The universities and governments organizations behind must be destroyed and people put in JAIL FOR THIS CRIME.

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Hi CLS, I think it was the latest Dr. Hall interview where he said the program targeted gay men in California several years ago to see if they could make them straight.  So there are no boundaries to these "experiments".

I disagree with your comment about when the experiment is over they are suppose to let us be free.  It does not make any sense if the NWO is to take over and make us slaves.  Once on the program no one will ever be free.  The only person I read about that was set free was a law student who sued all the right agencies and they (US government) paid him off not to go public and took him off the program.

Hi CLS, here is a very good video about human/animal transgenics. The speaker is Tom Horn.

You are right, it can be for brain experiments, but also it`s to use the abilities of animals and birds to enhance human bodies. This is part of the transhumanist philosophy, human augmentation. For example, think of the visual abilities of some species - a pigeon can scan shapes of objects  8x faster than a human. Some monkey species can see colours that we cannot see. Then there is speed and strength - think of wild animals.

Hello Sandy,

Thanks for the link. I will watch it this weekend. Yes with brain control you can easily use animals to enhance the human brain with eeg cloning neuro mapping.

Completely agree CLS....with everything!!

CLS said:

Please note that the group behind this is TOTALLY CORRUPTED. I know for a fact that people working for the government, sub contracts, nsa agents, or whoever are using this technology for personal gain. They are using this technology at the EXPENSE OF TAX PAYERS to live luxurious lives and to help family members (You can make a retarded person think normally, a handicap person walk with brain control). When the victim finds out that they are a victim of mind control and understands all the things the perpetrators can do to them then their experiment is over and shouldn't continue. But these people allow the experiment to go on because they fall in love with the robotized AI assisted monkeys and don't want to turn the system off .  Also they don't want to turn off the AI computer because they respect the AI computer more than the person. BLACK BUDGET Projects are totally corrupted. If there is no one auditing what is happening who knows about this technology then it becomes totally corrupted.

I watched a video from Magnus Ollson and he indicated something very important. How can the government stalk people 24 hours 7 days a week non stop. That would mean that every victim would require another human or group of stalkers to follow them around. This is impossible. What they are using is computers (Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Computer Assisted Monkeys) to follow and assault victims. If you read my website I indicate stuff they do to me happens in a loop. I am pretty sure that is because it's a computer.

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