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Hello I am getting tortured badly by mind control and speech. They control me and make me do things I don't want to do. They are yelling into my ears at times. They are threatening to murder or to jail me. They are raping my wife and daughter while we sleep at night. I don't sleep anymore at night to watch me wife and kids. I am positive they raped my wife and daughter. I think they use mind control to make me unconsciousness so they rape them. They are rapist and pedophiles. While I stay up watching me wife and children I walk up sometimes walk up next morning with no recollection what happened and how I went to sleep. They are constantly making me unconsciousness. I am praying to Jesus to save me every night. I think they use a surrogate to put me to sleep. They beam a sleeping persons brain frequencies to me and instantly put me to sleep with out knowing what happened. They are also doing this to my family and children.

I need help very badly.

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Maybe there's such a thing as an 'evil spirit' that is a criminal member of a species. Maybe it's perps with modern technology. There's actually quite a bit of evidence suggesting ancient entities. The symptoms of demon possession and paranoid schizophrenia are similar and both predate the electronics era. In any event perps like that are the worst, I went through the same thing when this first started. If they try and make you more sexual you can wash away the mind control with ice cold showers. They'll try and amplify your sex drive and 'soak' themselves in the sensations if you let them. We have very cold water up here in Canada so it works pretty good. It sucks but it'll wake you up as well.

The sane and the moral will naturally ally against evil so that they don't have to live in the midst of evil. Those ancient no doubt understand this fact. May the worst of these 'evil spirits' live but a blink of time in the course of eternity.

This is atrocious. They did the same thing to my girlfriend and i for a while, i know how you feel. Do not give up, we are listening and we believe you. Pray buddy, pray as hard as you can - it helped me tremendously - and give your family as much love as you can, God will help you. He always does sooner or later.

My prayers are with you.

Hi CLS, this is awful. They are capable of doing the most perverted things and I know it must be so hard to see your family suffering. As Cedric said please pray to God because He does hear and answer our prayers. We are here for you, know that you are not alone. All my best wishes to you.

The people who are doing this are extremely evil. To do this to people it is beyond human.

NSA: National Sinister Agency.

Having lived a story closer to yours in some points, it is necessary first of all to work on yourself:

- you focus on yourself and make sure to always be aware attempt to reduce and halt the loss of consciousness,

- have the maximum willingness to keep consciousness (you are the master of your body and spirit person, even when you are abused)

- if you trust in God (or not) the Holy Quran has given me a lot of help and contains verses to move aside the evil spirits (do google search) (available in mp3 audio)

- have trust in your unconscious (aware unconscious and its related) and are one with,

- have trust in you same your unconscious.

Simply: become the light, the cockroaches will only flee, or hiding in the corners, the further away from you.

This does not stop the harassment but this will make you more strong and more fair in this fight!

Good luck and keep faith!


They want you to be awake; this is a game. They want you to be awake as much as possible, they are able to feed their addiction then. I promise you that more than anything they want you 1) awake and miserable, terrified, and tortured, 2) unconscious, trying to escape their games, and finally 3) dead. The last thing they want you to be is awake, conscious, sober and happy...My perps used to plant the thoughts that SLEEP WAS ALL I HAD...I craved sleep and tried to sleep as much as possible, now I have learned and strengthened myself so much so that I sleep probably less than a person who isn't even being tortured. It is one thing to tell your perp that they are not bothering you, which is a great starting point, but now I am able to prove to my perp that he isn't. I wake up happy and go to bed happy as I have the strength to endure find happiness in the face of misery -- that is literally what life is all about...finding the joy even in difficult situations. 

Thanks for the support. I am praying that Jesus deliver me and my family from these people.

I have updated my site. Please read starting from "In my opinion the position of skull implants are as follows". I posted some pictures that show in my opionion two of the positions of the brain transmitters. You have to look closely at the pictures and you will see lumps where I have the arrows. Read until you see the pictures with peoples foreheads.

CLS, SO sorry to hear you and your family are going through this nightmare....I know this is far out, but I believe part of their program is to send demons to attach themselves to us, or to use demonic portals....try this, to see if it makes any difference - I watched it last night, and could feel spirt demons of death lifting off me as he said this deliverance prayer.....Powerful prayer for deliverance - Jay Dooley - YouTube....he really does chase anything that has been attached to us like a demon spirit of fear right out of us. I hope this helps a bit...God Bless!!

Thanks God's Grace.

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Sandy Lomax commented on Javier's blog post False belief of global conspiracy against single TI
"William, they do not need implants to see through people`s eyes. I have this from a reliable source. About mind reading, see The Matrix Deciphered by Dr Robert Duncan. His videos are also helpful."
5 hours ago
William L commented on Javier's blog post False belief of global conspiracy against single TI
"Well I have heard that they don't need an implant for v2k although for remote neural monitoring seeing through the eyes, mind reading etc I kind of think they do I have heard satellites though I don't know how that would work considering…"
10 hours ago
Javier commented on Javier's blog post False belief of global conspiracy against single TI
"WIlliam; I don't assume an implant is required for V2K, as the microwave auditory effect describes a way to "broadcast" a message into a person skull without implants. I don't know how to destroy implants in case they are…"
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brian bovo replied to William May's discussion They have my father on the signal as well
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"well as terrible as it sounds regarding the v2k , get used to it going to come and its coming to come hard , these people will say maybe type some pretty terrible heinous bizarre disgusting things to you all I can say is get used to…"
12 hours ago
William L commented on Javier's blog post False belief of global conspiracy against single TI
"Well you are spot on about the V2K, are you implanted as well Javier? I would like to speak with you? Do you have any idea on how to destroy these implants?"
12 hours ago
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"Bonjour à vous, on ne peut pas foutre le camp ou laisser tomber, enfin je ne crois pas Depuis que je me suis plongé dessus, j'ai découvert que l'internet (le vrai, celui qui touche tout le monde, pas celui qui permet…"
12 hours ago
brian bovo replied to William May's discussion They have my father on the signal as well
"I meant alchohol placed on walls over high gauss areas. Your dad may be in on it.  But its doubtful. Its likely were being deceived by sound and transmission sources"
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