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The perps have been knocking on my door with a bible wanting to talk about God, one came and said he was being followed and someone was trying ti kill him and wanted me to call the police, then today a salesman about replacing my windows, I told him no I was broke but I was mind controlled to let him persuade me to make an appointment the next day, didn't even give me his business card and my mind was blanked to not ask him for one.

They know how to control my mind to drop all my defenses and just be agreeable to any ploy they are using against me. I lose the ability to make critical decisions to protect myself from undue influence. I am scared and there is no where to turn for help or advice. I'm 71 y/o. They use the fact I'm polite and courteous to all and weaponize it against me. They are sick sadistic satanist! Devils, Demons!

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Silicea 30c? hmm interesting , I would try anything if I thought it would help.  How does it work , as in what does it do? I would be more inclined to trust you and take you serious if you used your name, I mean MUSIC TEACHER? really?

I think, James, you are going to have to say to these perps

I don't believe it

I don't believe it

I don't believe it 

To end the game.

Perp protocol is that they cannot play a game if you say I don't believe it!

I am really sorry they are doing this to you. As a TI sometimes it feels like no one can help you. They are mean and they are greedy and you are a kind person. Don't listen to them.

I was a TI from 2012 to 2018. Just by chance I happened to be stung by venomous insects exactly on the places where the implants were. I think the insects could sense them. The wounds were quite deep and one day as I was trying to pull out stingers, I happened to pull out an implant which was like a transmission device. Suddenly my vision was clearer, and it was like a fog lifted from my mind. It was then that I realized if you have V2K then you have implants that cause the voices and harrassemts. I sought help from my very supportive sister who is a trained homeopath. She told me about Silicea 30C homeopathic remedy that would bring any foreign matter to the surface of the skin. I took it probably 10 doses of 3 pillules over 10 weeks before anything happened. It is important to be consistent. I have been taking it for 3 years now. Then the implants started coming to the surface. Gradually over time my harrassments reduced. Within 6 months the perps didn't really have a hold over me any more. The gang stalking stopped. Within 18 months the voices stopped (it was the best day of my life!) and now 3 years later I am not a TI anymore. I am so grateful that I got out. Please read my page for further information. Also there are hundreds of implants, not just one. 

Please note that you must not use Silicea 30C if you have a pace maker as it can dislodge it.

Feel free to email me if you need help. I would also recommend getting some rare earth magnets from eBay. You can buy them for about 5 dollars from China. These are really helpful when the harrassments are particularly bad. They reduce the frequencies that cause the harrassments. 

Best of luck

Music Teacher

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"But don't they know that in nature there is no need for artificial controls if education is correct? Have they ever watched documentaries on these animal mammals?"
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"Snowden is a hero. He didnt like scum sitting there watching women strip hacking cameras and stuff. These preps utter street garbage."
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