Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

If you didn't forward that old one  . Please forward this new one  to all I mentioned before.

Internatioal human rights community , UN and International criminal  court ,please, work together with Canadian government to stop Toronto police,Canadian torturers on-going torture, terror,threats, administering poison, every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons in my home and in my workplace, under UN resolution and its latest daft resolution, " Responsibility of states for internationally wrongful acts".

 As to how they have been torturing ,terrorizing, threatening, murderring me, administering poison... UN human rights have kept all evidence I provided.

It is  torture  by EMF Weapons? It is  murder by EMF Weapons? Toronto police, Canadian torturers are now living as my neighbors to torture me and murder me with EMF Weapons, especially, when I fall asleep. Toronto police, Canadian torturers can not  realize  my special EMF meter has alarm function?

How dangerous is EMF? Both WHO and Laboratories have  confirmed it, and  I have provided their conclusions to all international human rights community, including international courts.

 How dangerous are Non-Lethal Weapons  (EMF Weapons )? " Non-Lethal Weapons includes radiological,microwave, radiofrequence,acustic weapons . Law enforcement labels these weapons 'behavior modification devices ', 'crowd control devices '.UNDIR classifies them as ' weapons of mass destruction ' (WMD )."

My request is not only for me. From this message below I sent to Canadian government, you can see this.

 "Thank you, Canadian Government, for " compensating and apologizing to Canadians who were tortured."

This forward step Canadian Government takes is crucial to all victims of torture in Canada, even in the whole world. 

What about my case ? Please refer to two letters from Mr Attorney General of Canada  and Ontario Ombudsman"

Canadian victim of torture 

Robin Yan 


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Robin they are doing the same things to me in ny. I need help. I am being abused I have no life no freedom. No privacy.I'm monitored thru my brain thoughts eyes 24/7 they see thru my eyes move my eyes.I need help this is to extreme.It's been too long daily. I have no friends spouse job nothing for myself, they use me like an animal.They torture electric shock my hands are debilitated because of the directed energy microwave weapons tis is do advanced, that they are remotely controlling my eyes speech hands feet body doing mind control hypnotic trance states lie mind reading commands without v2k or saying anything. They control my hands to hurt my own body lying to people as if I have a medical or psych problem when I don't.They make sores all over body daily looks like morgellons, it's not shingles, they make substances stringy come out of skin, it's military bio chemical warfare being done to my cns skin posions they food drink water contamination chemical spraying chemtrails, nano technology, they are using a white dust type particles in the thousand in my home they vents or placed in my apt and at hotel rooms. They spray something on my sheets that has electric static light in the sheets.They do uncontrollably itching crawling buzzing sensations making sis electrical current sensations they body fingers felt daily they shake my arms hands as electrical grinds.This is not a medical condition.It's not fibromyalgia, it's not tremors, it's not neuropathy. This is from directed assaults 24/7 to my body cns organs skin . They take my nana daily nightly and rip dig pull off scabs and dig into sores making holes to skin smearing blood starting blood scratching VIOLENTLY to my legs feet arms stomach rectum head face to try and create scars marks to make it look like self afflicted, when it's not!! I need help.They attack my breasts as I wrote now the truth. They molest me several times a day over 5 ys, they have raped me more than 20xs. They have done physical rape electronic rape and forced leaving me traumatized.but I have no mental condition.I'm not delusional or paranoid or depressed.I'm very aware of my surroundings, what they do to me, I'm intelligent.They just took my hands and dived down my shirt to touch my breasts and violate .They shove my hands down pants by rectum, they do v2k daily. If I try to take a shower they violate me and molest say things to me and do cracks snaps of body parts getting dressed saying v2k, saying sexual things and other horrifying tins.They put me down and try to make me feel bad about myself for not doing their commands! I'm a hostage and a prisoner, they are abusing me I need help. I have a letter from a family therapist in my defense that I have no mental condition, and he cites dr robert duncan and dr john hall books, and stars my rights are being violated. They don't care about this letter. They are promoting death suicide physical pain suffering control abuse rape molestation hoping my own body will give out.They know I will never commit suicide.And I'm not their patsy, Manchurian candidate.I writing never kill anyone.I'm not a violent person threat or terrorist. Most women aren't. No one in usa or ny is helping me. Ive written letters. Fbi involved nsa dod police military branches. I'm not sure if cia is involved, but ive been told they are involved in doing tis to victims. I've been a victim of experimentation since I was a child. Government/medical stony brook university.They get funding from dod. This is not behavioral modification.It's not brain research, this is methods of cia military torture being done to me personally. It feels like a corporal punishment,. 1) any mistakes I've made in my life don't equal what they are doing to my hands body parts rapes molestation psychological torture using my eyes as a camera lens the isolation confinement the sleep deprivation the acoustics they use to do psych torture, the daily electronic harassment of appliances in home and hotels
theyseethrumyeyeshelpme you have a good nick. You might be lost and confused and I really sometimes can't tell who's for real and who's just playing but I think that you should check out my posts on pp as well as

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