Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Here is message from UN human rights chief Navi Pillay.
"Torturers, and their superiors, need to hear the following message loud and clear: however powerful you are today, there is a strong chance that sooner or later you will be held to account for your inhumanity," Pillay said.
"Torture is an extremely serious crime, and in certain circumstances can amount to a war crime, a crime against humanity or genocide," she added in a statement to mark Saturday's International Day for the Victims of Torture.
  The High Commissioner for Human Rights urged governments, the United Nations and campaign groups "to ensure that this message is backed by firm action."

"No one suspected of committing torture can benefit from an amnesty. That is a basic principle of international justice and a vital one," Pillay added.
Tortured 9/11 suspect may never be prosecuted: Pentagon official
by Lucile Malandain
WASHINGTON (AFP) – The United States may never be able to prosecute an alleged plotter of the September 11, 2001 attacks because he was tortured, a top Pentagon official said in an interview.

Susan Crawford, who is charged with deciding whether to bring Guantanamo detainees to trial, told The Washington Post that US interrogators had tortured Saudi terror suspect Mohammed al-Qahtani.

"We tortured Qahtani," she said, thus becoming the first senior Bush administration official to publicly state that a detainee was tortured.

"His treatment met the legal definition of torture. And that's why I did not refer the case" for prosecution said Crawford, who is the convening authority of military commissions, a system established by the administration of President George W. Bush to try unlawful enemy combatants.

Crawford said US military interrogators repeatedly subjected Qahtani, 30, to sustained isolation, sleep deprivation, nudity and prolonged exposure to cold, leaving him in a "life-threatening condition."

"The techniques they used were all authorized, but the manner in which they applied them was overly aggressive and too persistent," she said.

"This was just a combination of things that had a medical impact on him, that hurt his health. It was abusive and uncalled for. And coercive. Clearly coercive. It was that medical impact that pushed me over the edge" to call it torture.

Qahtani, alleged to be the 20th hijacker in the September 11 attacks, was denied entry to the United States one month before the attacks but was captured in Afghanistan and flown to Guantanamo in January 2002.

"There is credible evidence the FBI has had that Qahtani was calling (lead 9/11 hijacker) Mohammed Atta when he arrived in Miami," security analyst Sarah Mendelson told AFP, adding that he could still be brought to trial under such evidence.

"I think it is important to understand that evidence gathered completely separately from harsh interrogation, torture, is the base for bringing a trial against Qahtani," added Mendelson, who directs the human rights and national security project at the Center for Strategic and International Studies.

Qahtani was interrogated over 50 days from November 2002 to January 2003, although he was held in isolation until April 2003, according to the Post.

A Pentagon spokesman said the interrogation techniques used on Qahtani were authorized by former defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld and subsequent reviews found them to be lawful.

"However, the department did adopt a new and more restrictive policy, as well as improved oversight procedures for interrogations and detention operations," said Bryan Whitman.

"While some of the aggressive questioning techniques used on Qahtani were permissible at the time, they are no longer allowed in accordance with the updated army field manual."

Meanwhile, White House spokeswoman Dana Perino reiterated the Bush administration's position that "it has never been the policy of this president or this administration to torture."

The timing of the comments by Crawford, just days before president-elect Barack Obama will be sworn in on January 20, also raised some questions. Obama has vowed to close the controversial detention facility.

"Is she making an argument now because she's worried about a future prosecution of US officials? The timing of the article is hot. The timing of the admission is hot," Mendelson said.

Crawford, a retired judge who previously served as Pentagon inspector general, dismissed war crimes charges against Qahtani in May 2008.

She said she was unaware of whether the other five alleged 9/11 co-conspirators detained at Guantanamo were tortured. "I assume torture," she acknowledged.

Outgoing Vice President Dick Cheney has acknowledged that alleged 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and two other Guantanamo detainees were subjected to waterboarding, or simulated drowning. But Cheney said he did not believe the interrogation techniques amounted to torture.

Despite Crawford having allowed capital murder charges to go forward against the five detainees, the torture allegations cast doubt over whether the United States will ever prosecute the alleged plotters.

Of the 250 inmates still held at the US naval base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, only about 20 have been charged, including the five men accused of helping organize the 9/11 attacks.


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GENEVA (25 JUNE 2013) - Governments must do more to fulfil their obligations to ensure that torture victims and their families can obtain redress and rehabilitation for the suffering they have endured, UN human rights experts* have stressed in a joint call.

To mark UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on 26 June, the independent experts are highlighting the fact that traumatised victims too often struggle to obtain the physical and mental rehabilitation, justice and compensation to which they are entitled.

“Torture unfortunately continues to be practised in many countries, made possible by the dehumanization of the victim, torturer and society at large,” said Claudio Grossman, Chair of the UN Committee Against Torture which last November issued a landmark definition on the right to reparation for victims (General Comment no. 3 on Article 14 of the Convention).

Victims have the enforceable right to reparation that includes fair and adequate compensation and access to as full rehabilitation as possible. States must also ensure victims are not exposed to further risk of ill-treatment and ensure violations are investigated and punished.

The Committee’s stance was reinforced in March by Human Rights Council resolution 22/21 that called on States to not only provide redress for victims of torture but to ensure that victims are fully involved in the process to help them rebuild their lives and reintegrate into society.

“A victim-centred approach requires individual assessment of the victim’s needs and treatment that goes beyond the short term,” said UN Special Rapporteur on torture Juan E. Méndez. “A holistic approach is crucial to ensure professionals work with, rather than on, a person who has been tortured.”

Richard H Lovelace Sr. said:

Speaking of Human Rights look at the (Aids Cure),Very Sad but Very True! ( 1971 flowchart makes it perfectly clear,the design,intent and purpose of the US Special Virus Program .Dr. Peter Piot of UNAIDS says,the HIV/Aids virus is the result of many steps in the Laboratory,it was no accident.The 1971 flowchart provides absolute evidence of the United States'intent to Kill its own citizens and others (Dr. Boyd E. Graves ) September 28, 2002 (US Special Virus Program ) i typed this from my document.(Dr. Joseph Mercola)( )(Pathogenic mycoplasma) A Common Disease Agent Weaponized. This disease agent causes many illnesses including Aids,cancer,cronic fatigue syndrome,crohn's colitis,type 1 diabetes,multiple sclerosis,parkinson's disease,wegener's disease and collagen-vascular diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis and alzheimer,s.In 1942 the United States,Canada and Britain entered into a secret agreement to create two types of biological weapons (one that would kill,and one that was disabling).I got Cronic Fatigue  Syndrome or (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) from a girl in 1975 and this is (sexually transmitted ) trying to tell many doctors over 35 years where i got CFS is why i became a TI many years ago.( Blood test for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/Myalgic Encephalomyelitis send to Dr.Les Simpson in New Zealand.A few months ago my Dentist or the Lab put Nanobots or Microchip in my metal upper parcel when i had it repaird to harm me even more.The signals is just part of how the new technology works.

...a researcher on tv today said that the AIDS epidemic is rising in AMERICA.We could use this one shot AIDS cure that I posted here...THANKS And GOD Bless...
I have a outbreak my CANDIDA FREEDOM is working and other therapy.i have masses of parasites coming out of my body now or the real name is CANDIDA ALBANIA INFECTION.these are coming out of every part of my body now.i finally got a doctor to refer me to WAKE FOREST SCHOOL OF MEDICINE .my appointment is not until March 29 2014 .my perks are very ANGRY about this,they are attacking me with everything they have perks know how easy it is to cure this CANCER AND PARASITES for they have been with me for DECADES now.will I get my implants out that caused everything like I told the SPECIALIST I don't know ,I also have the GAS GANGRENE in neck and knees and chest.i am a little concerned that this,that they might not won't to know WHERE,HOW AND WHEN THIS DISEASE CAME FROM AND HOW EASY IT IS TO CURE .doctor's don't have a lot of time to spend with patients.TIME IS MONEY AND MONEY I HAVE NONE.could my prayers be answered not for me,but for HUMANITY.I WEEP AND PRAY FOR THE PEOPLE,ESPECIALLY FOR THE CHILDREN .my Grandson AND HIS GIRLFRIEND JUST MOVE IN FOR A LITTLE WHILE AND SHE WILL HAVE HER BABY IN A FEW WEEKS.I LOST A GRANDDAUGHTER IN 1997 ,SHE WAS ONLY SIX MONTHS OLD AND FULL OF LIFE,SHE STOPPED BREATHING AND THERE WAS...MICROWAVES' GOING INTO MY HOME AND THEIRS.THEY WERE MY NEIGHBORS ALSO.I HAD MY GRANDDAUGHTER AT MY HOME THE NIGHT BEFORE SHE PASSED.THE SADNESS PIERCES MY VERY..SOUL..two things will happen ,I will change these things or I will go down fighting...THANKS AND GOD BLESS...


Thanks for sharing those informations.

I believe those prisonners were tortured.To want to stop eating is a sign of wanting to die.

Even doctors were ready to not force eating, respecting inmates exhaustion. Human beings can only take so much.

Adding to Obama's cover up, I am a victim of gangstalking using different layers played at the same time.

One layer is friendly,making fun of my own sense of resisting the cover up itself. Black Ops or whoever they are 

have a knack to try to manipulate the core of your soul who knows something deeply harmful has been done.

I have had so many tapes letting me know soldiers are nice… 

Just before I wrote I got raped sexually. This is a common tactic before exposing some crimes.

It is a well known tactic in America to befriend someone it fears. Try to integrate them so they act caring.

I went through a period where I was told and pounded with the concept of Protection.

I am french, so historically we have learn protection is not there. Germany won, we lost. Period.

I always saw american military as actors in Dirty Wars, king of manipulation and cruelty. Instead of behaving

as non conquering and staying home, America intruded upon Europe and South America as well as brains of

anyone they perceive as a threat (Manning)

I believe part of the New Age movement is also keen on not looking into any dirty wars at all.

There is a lack of courage. 

It takes courage and persistence to keep reporting what is being done….outside of the States in France, in a

very sacred town. No sense of respect there.

We need to continue fighting with laws and experts in the technologies used. It is not only the US in the US.

It is the US in Europe. So an international court of Justice comes to mind.

The people writing in french on the website don't seem to have experience the daily torture as I have in the 

US or here, in France. This is why I am reaching to TIs in America;

One example of daily torture was interrogation at a distance when I was applying for citizenship.

I believe they use a detector allowing them to sense hesitations: So there was a struggle around 9:11 which

was probed over and over; In the end you just want to scream and say those towers had to go down!

In contrast, the interview was easy. The person who conducted the interview had russian dolls on top of 

a cabinet, she never asked me why I wanted to be an american. Which is a question I would have personnally


There is something harmful to be interrogated at a distance. You feel intruded upon.

If they had to research something they could have used the files as well as the interview.

During that time the gangstalking only increased, I was told on a daily basis to leave America because it was

their country, after I had been there for 20 years. Working as a nurse as well…I was harmed every time I would

try to study, had sleep spell sent to me. Was encouraged subliminally to pay big bucks for a school and be insulted

every night as well. Also consuming was at the center of my life:) I am pretty frugal so it was a change.

Military commercial complex was on me.

I was zapped during phone conversation, couldn't watch videos pertaining to the subject of gangstalking without

being zapped;

The tape today is to sound friendly and supportive while the other side someone keeps watching.

Brain zapped as I write this. It seems there is something like a punishment inflicted if a mechanism of spying is discovered and shared

Have you heard of TI s winning in court?

If so, what made them win?

Where are the obstacles? Do judges doubt because things are done at a distance? Are they also influenced

subliminally? How are the lawyers coping?

I have been going downhill with brain functions. It is hard to talk to people about the torture itself.

The programming of the brain not to share is efficient.

This is why this website is important.

We don't have to hold back.

I was harmed in france last time I went online to read e-mails:)

Today seems fine, I am writing in the lobby of the hotel I am in.

Have you been harmed for writing or reading others?

Thank you


Re Torture- Illegal in itself. So are Psychological operations , Data mining by Force. 

We need an Avenue ( Media, Attorney) to Make issue mainstream. Should anyone know of such, I can make a Very good,

well written Complaint on these issues.

GCHQ UK one of them for telecommunications fraud.

Hi Sophie- It's how the Complaint is written. Terms as used alienate the Public.

Issue is Cyber terrorism/ Telecommunications fraud/ Human rights, Abuse of power.

Obstacles? Evidence is one.

I intend to Win in court as have a Right to Civil/ Punitive redress ( see 42 USC 1983 for one).

Lawyers? A waste- I suggest Filing Pro Se ( means by Self). At least it will be on public

record. Tech was developed at Public expense ( Theft of services)

I was retaliated against. 

I won,t stop until I see Accountability ( Their greatest threat as equals prison time).

I don,t waste time talking to others about the Issue myself. Just try to be Positive.

 Thank you 

Doesnt explain why Civilian non combatants are tortured.

Violation being 8 CFR 208.18 Torture

YouTube warned me and filtered what American judge said:  If government can control media, citizens have rights to start rumors.

Robin Yan

Canadian victim of torture

Driving Force for Social change {people wanted to work for Social change}.

Must not be intimidated.,

 mk ultra covert abuse mind control terrorist Hooligan , murder stalking gang stalk for profit gain. nyc queens  Brooklyn green point area.  environmental abuser. super abuser. covert. stalking covert cold reading mind reading predator sexual predator. Lic area. family members. persons who aid and abait torture. Mk mind control terrorist abuse . brain damage and using a hypnosis based game to take hostage. threats of teaching me a lesson about black people  . using their winy wangy, im a prisoner. slave. getting even for slavery. my people had to pay. being psychic. having powers. making my life miserable with witchcraft. get rich off me. they can read my mind and hear me. a mind control hack to et me to talk t myself and to use information. an ex bf. and cousins of. terrorist abuse to induce sickness and take my health. Youth and blessings.. persons who turn deaf and blind. murder. family involvd.THe sister not care about the abuse or damage but if she gets caught. set up? my escape lead to aggressive acts to follow me. failed.. where are laws...

 people on a drug that makes them feel they have full run of others lives. are invisible are super preditors. sexual preditor . Sadistic torture. bragging about beign psychic. their need to remain covert. Torture turing persnos function inside out and artistic talented targets.. 

im a torture survivor and now taken back to " finish the job." . terrorist abuse threats of making me pay fo slavery and you need to know aboutthis mind control super abuser " im psychic man mind control hack to cold read torture and rob people of talent words , ideas and stalk terrorist abuse. to disabled. hijack souls, soul trapping games to get  person to talk to themself and  other. to get rich. tareted persons are talented original personality god driven . young. . persons as  terrorist torture are need means to ways. think they are guided and protected by magic . trinagulate on large scale of them. call into game. anyone to use. and are robin hoood mentality. torture to sicknen and show off powers to clone themself to victim. mind reading games scammer mentalities. will not go away. isolated victim. cut off my speach brain damage induce stroke. covertly. meaning they are not in m sight but i have been exposed to them and the making me talk to or have conversation and use of hypnotic games. knocked me off balance in presence sexual assault. they have fear of god judgment and magic. paranoid and willl abuse the victim of htey suffer. and torture them to death. greed ridden. 

Soleilmavis said:

" Torturers Will Face Justice."   GENEVA – UN human rights chief Navi Pillay on Friday warned torturers that they could not escape justice even if they might benefit from short term impunity.   "Torturers, and their superiors, need to hear the following message loud and clear: however powerful you are today, there is a strong chance that sooner or later you will be held to account for your inhumanity," Pillay said.   "Torture is an extremely serious crime, and in certain circumstances can amount to a war crime, a crime against humanity or genocide," she added in a statement to mark Saturday's International Day for the Victims of Torture.   The High Commissioner for Human Rights urged governments, the United Nations and campaign groups "to ensure that this message is backed by firm action."   "No one suspected of committing torture can benefit from an amnesty. That is a basic principle of international justice and a vital one," Pillay added.

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