Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I am a targeted individual for over 10 years. I have had some unique experiences that I want to share.

I have dedicated my writing to raising mainstream awareness and sharing my and other's experiences in interacting with US Law enforcement agencies. I have written a book available on Amazon in both paperback and Kindle.

My book is called Invisible Stalker. Links and brief synopsis:

Invisible Stalker documents a conspiracy story wrapped in a happening that is sweeping the internet like an epidemic. This conspiracy contains a narrative about how a targeted individual can be pressured to drastic measures including being transformed into a mass shooter.

Invisible stalker reveals a conspiracy of how a targeted individual named David Huber was assaulted by a technology and had the crime of sedition worked upon him. It tells his story and his struggle. A struggle to make the US Military, The FBI, The US Secret Service and the White House aware of what happened to him.

Invisible Stalker details David Huber’s life and death fight to resist the military technology and protect the President of the United States. It demonstrates how he worked with the Secret Service, gained their trust, and became an informant.

Best regards and God's Speed,

David Huber

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I wouldn't dream of challenging you on the USSR because you lived it , it is your life and history, I am just a dummy from Ireland. So you will debate me into a corner every time with it. It is just with my torture , my attackers will intercept my own thoughts and force their own result , as in I could think about my mother and they will induce a violent response lightning fast to my original thought. Don't get me wrong what I am going through isn't 7 out or 10 it is more 3 out of ten as in when I am talking to my mother she has no idea that I am thinking violent thoughts I can talk to her just fine , but I know that my attackers can if they wanted to ramp up the level to a 9 out of 10 (if they wanted to). I just hope to God that I get my life back soon , I miss talking to the people I love without having a violent urge. See you around Alels, I know you to see from around the forum, and I can read betrween the lines on your posts that your attackers are messing with you to the max, stay strong.

Alels said:

Russians are very advanced in mind control. In Cold war Soviets was far forward on mind control the USA. And who took technology after USSR fall? Kazakhs, Kyrgizs, Ukrainians? No, Russians took all soviet top secret technologies. Doesn't meter that you are Irish and I am Latvian.  I travel around the world, I was almost everywhere and everywhere mind control torture. We are victims, because it easy to them to connect to us. you can do research what was main goal in communism. In soviet communism main goal was world without borders, with one language and with one social status, that you can go to the shop and take everything what you want for free and exactly this can be done, when EVERYONE are connected to the same system. Many koreans who run away from N Korea told, that they believed there, that Korean leader know all people thoughts in the country, that they prey to him like to God!

Stephen O' Neill said:

Alels,I don't blame the Russians, they had magnus Olsson on RT News talking about mind control, so they are not so bad , I know that the soviets were bad but I don't think that Russia today is quite as bad. This is happening to me in Ireland so my attackers must be AMERICAN , no way is Ireland teamed up with Russia to torture me. Now that is just my opinion I am not saying that you are wrong in your opinion , but my opinion is that it is the Americans. The Russians are still using the T55 Tanks and the AK 47 (as in 1947 technology)there is no way that T55 technology and AK47 technology is behind what I am going through. I know that they have updated their weapons as in the AK weapon has been updated and they now have the T80 instead of the t55, but it is still out dated  , what I am going through is from the future, like 200 years from the foture. They have attacked me on airplanes at 30,000,feet , that can only be done by satellite, IMO it can only be the Americans that can do that , ie attack you at 30,000 feet from the Earth. No I don't think it is the Russians, but the AMERICANS , oh yeah.

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