Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Make America Great Again Sanctuary Cities Commando Solo Targeted Individual Petition

This petition respectfully and prayerfully requests that the new administration of President Donald J. Trump revisit the continued unauthorized and unconstitutional misuse of such non-consensual brain and body manipulation technology, which unquestionably violates the inherent Rights and Freedoms of American citizens as guaranteed by the Constitution, as well as others human rights around the world.

Therefore victims of this heinously abusive and ill-conceived illegal mind control effort, request that you start an independent investigation in order to get to the bottom of these continuing gross violations of human rights by examining the collective evidence of many targeted individuals, collected by victims for many years, if not decades, even back to those submitted to the original 2011 Presidential Commission for the Study of BioEthical Issues, headed by Amy Gutmann in Washington D.C. 2011, and any other pertinent cases that have been added to those which originally accepted for consideration to the 2011 Presidential Commission for the Study of BioEthical Issues.


The video shows Commando Solo and a list of Sanctuary Cities in the United States of America Commando Solo would be used like in this video to bring criminal illegal to justice, while at the same time bringing to light we need to relook into what in 2011 Presidential Commission for Study of BioEthical Issues, Obama and Amy Gutmann failed to do.
Thank You For Your Time,

Victim of gangstalking and a targeted individual,

Make America Great Again Sanctuary Cities Commando Solo Targeted In...
Wayne Morin Jr

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Amber Wilson posted a status
"There needs to be help, an advocate, lawyer, investigator ...please dear god please help"
9 hours ago
Miss Sickofit posted photos
10 hours ago
Anthony Benjamin posted a status
"That being watched at feeling is back again. Scary stuff."
11 hours ago
Angeline Klas posted a blog post

Still Bullied

Hi,Today was another day I survived, the perps are still telling everybody about my life.They they are watching me every single minutes so do the neighbours. It's nearly Christmas and they are still evil. They want to harras me with cats now. They are always planning something new to hurt me. My neighbourhood is Harrasing me big time a lot of people are  keeping it hush hush. My job is hard for me to do because the Perp is mind controlling me to my my work the way they want it to.I don't know a…See More
14 hours ago
Charles Pony replied to William May's discussion They have my father on the signal as well
"They most likely want your mind twisted, so don't know that porn would help in the long run....  I notice that those are the types of images they send themselves sometimes anyway, so I doubt they're offput by it.  If they're…"
15 hours ago
Amber Wilson posted a status
"Please dear god someone help me, begging for my life for so many years please god someone help me"
16 hours ago
Amber Wilson posted a status
"Where is there help?!?! I need an investigator...advocate...I need help! Please god help me"
17 hours ago
linda joan posted a status
"Merry xmas to all targeted indivduals try staying strong its a hard time and this time of year is all to do with peace love and stop wars"
19 hours ago



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