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International TI meeting Saturday 28 May 2016, Rotterdam, Netherlands

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I talked with Peter its not a conference, its a meeting for TIs and as I spoke to him on Skype those who are interested in the conference there will be one in 2017.

Please look over my site share it.
Conspiracy Network TV

In Jesus Christ Services
Wayne Morin Jr

It's always good that these meetings take place, and that footage of the experiences of TI's is taking place, as we need as much material as possible, as this is going to come out into mainstream media, and we need a lot of proof.  We are lucky that so much work has already been done on forums such as this, as well as on YouTube, in books and in other formats, that conferences are taking place, that organisations are being formed all the time, that more and more people are coming out to speak about it, the movement is definitely gaining momentum!!

To Wayne Morin Jr: (1) I hope there will be other conferences/meetings before. (2) I saw your site and I am glad there is a person abord that does streamings and coverage of events. (3) I couldn't help noticing that you are based in California and I found out that two California cities, Berkeley and Richmond, have adopted resolutions in support of the Space Preservation Act as a safeguard for TIs. I wrote about this here. If only these initiatives could be generalized in California which started them.

To God's Grace : I am glad for this optimistic progress report comment.

Massive protest against covert harassment in front of the Ministry ... (by hassanmcv)

Dear media/streaming experts, is there a way that the Poland TI protest can be streamed?

Maybe it would suffice if a participant was using Periscope on his mobile?

Thank you

Covert harassment is happening here in the United States, not perpetrated by the U.S. government but by foreign governments connected to Islamic terror and the drug cartels.  Yet, to protect its own secrets, the U.S. government allows it, it even allows electronic harassment to be perpetrated against individuals willing to "cross" these evil foreign interests, as in my case.  The kind of electronic harassment I have experienced for years is brutal; it can only be perpetrated by a government, or governments; it is too sophisticated and expensive for third-parties to perpetrate.  So governments cover each other's arses; the U.S. Justice Department knows very well that electronic harassment is going on but looks the other side, so it does not have to acknowledge that it does have the same kind of microwave, state-of-the-art technology.

What does TI mean?  It is the problem with too many acronyms. 

"TI" for "Targeted Individual" may have its roots here:

Vigil at UK House of Parliament against CovertHarassment & Meeting during Prime Minister Time on 2016-07-13



A US Nationwide Targeted Individual Protest is organised on August 30th in front of City Halls:

A known TI in the UK joins this initiative in London:

We are trying to organise something similar in France.

If you register at site as indicated in the first post, you will be receiving notifications for upcoming meetings and emails like this one that I received today:

From: Targeted Individual <>

The nationwide city hall demonstration is in less than one week. Please do your best to power through your torture and make it. Nothing truly like this has ever been done, and the fact that the perps put so much resistance on these types of activities, tells us that it's the right course of action for us to take.

It's a lot easier to demonstrate when you have a friend, victim, or fellow TI at your side. Please get on the conference calls, listed at, and get in touch with the advocacy groups

at and to try to find other TIs in your area. There are at least hundreds in every state. This will help everyone immensely, as it will group our network, and provide you camaraderie during the demonstration.

Finally, if you can't find another TI in your city, get a family member or friend that cares about you to come out and waves signs. You can educate them with sites like

(end of copied message)

London (UK) and now Paris (France) and Warsaw (Poland) have joined the event!




Brilliant, every time we go out there to make people aware, makes a difference!!

Detection Device Webinar by PACTS International Monday, October 10, 9PM ET

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