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Military Experts: 'Beam Weapons' used on flight MH370

Here is the link:

The feed begins with the following:

Military experts are speculating that 'beam weapons' were used to launch an attack on Flight MH370 mystery, which went missing from civilian radar over the SouthChina Sea last Saturday.

The use of electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) weapons explains how a 160,120kg (353,600lb) jetliner could simply disappear without a trace.  Unlike an explosion caused by conventional weapons, an EMP device could instantly bring down a plane leaving no record on the plane's instruments.

At a meeting during the Conservative Political Action Conference two days before the disappearance of flight MH370, Senator Ted Cruz explained how “tens of millions of Americans" could easily be annihilated in an EMP attack over Tel Aviv, New York or Los Angeles.

These days EMP devices are small and compact and can be deployed on drones, planes and missiles.  They can also be  targeted at individual people, buildings and even cities. It would explain why investigators have been unable to uncover evidence about the demise of flight MH370.

and includes the following:

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My best bet is 2017: change of presidency in the US (accidentally elections ion France and elsewhere I think), as the beginning of change..?

God`s Grace, things are changing so fast now, the evil is increasing worldwide so much, I believe the situation is out of the hands of ordinary people. All the shootings in Europe, the murders, the mind control, it`s unprecedented. We are coming into a time like WW2, and I know what that devastation must have been like, I can remember ration books as a small child!

I believe we have to turn it all over to God. I believe God is changing things and sorting people out as it is the end times - changing the hearts of some people - powerful people. We can educate and inform the public, and journalists are doing that brilliantly as well. But as Chanath says, it`s a political matter. We can`t change politicians. 

cat cat, actually it was you that got me thinking with your earlier post " I can not see an end to this unless God takes over."

But in recent times, yes I have just been believing that God will intervene.

Sandy and cat cat, yes, I believe God is directing certain people and situations to our benefit, and due to our prayers etc, and that this will all be exposed, I think most people in the media are aware of it, they appear to be waiting for the right time to expose it.  Please all send as much information as possible to The Washington Post in the US, and to the Mail & Guardian in the UK.....God Bless all TI's!!

It is an alarming possibility, given the array of nations that would love to see the United States down to its knees.  Like in this article:

ALL electronics turned on would be instantly fried.  Cars and trains would stop working, airplanes would go down.  Delivery trucks running would stop working.  Power grids that have not taken extreme protective measures would go down, and with it all fridges.  A cataclysmic event, while the fat fish private corporations operating the grids irresponsibly take minimum-risk measures, "Oh, it won't happen."

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