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Article on "Targeted Individuals" in today's New York Times 

There is no need to read the article, you will just be disappointed because TI's concerns are not taken seriously. Let us hope that this will attract investigative journalism like this NYT ref from the article (with citations like : "The agency and Mr. Gottlieb believed the United States had to fight by any means necessary. ''We were in a World War II mode,'' Mr. Gittinger said. ''The war never really ended for us.'' "

credit for finding the article:

(Response of a TI to the article)

I followed @TI_In_Texas yesterday after a tweet by @MindControl_eu who is a member of peacepink.

My tweet:

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I always thought we should have one unified booklet printed to hand out to as many ppl as possible. It would be very important for all of us to be distributing the exact same booklet so the public becomes familiar with it globally. It should be no more than a few pages long (or ppl wont be bothered reading it) lt would define who the targeted individual is, what is happening to us in lamens terms etc.....with a couple of quality reference websites. The front page and headingnwould need to be attention grabbing like..."The truth theyre hiding....innocents gloablly being tortured by government"....or ya know something like that.....and printing off hundreds of thousands for Tls to spread.

The two problems l can forsee about doing such a project is working on it together (we're so far apart) and of course money.

Excellent idea Sue, we need to start putting that into action somehow, I think this is what information-book is working on?

Former Naval Officer in Electronic Warfare, David Voigts, is Walking Across the US to Create Public Awareness of 'Targeted Individuals" via Bloomberg

David Voigts: facebook & twitter

David Voights facebook post: "CNN story confirms that Baton Rouge shooter was a Targeted Individual"

David Timothy Voigts ‏@DavidVoigts1911  May 27

Hiked from Washington DC onto the C&O canal yesterday afternoon. Got the new tent set up...up...…

Photo published for TI in America - Cross Country Walk

TY Dan Gaffney of 105.9 for the radio interview this past Monday. Coverage of the TI topic means a lot to the victims and their families.

We really need to give this guy a hands up and follow him on his walk, he is doing this for us, what are we doing for him?

You are right, God's Grace. A like on facebook, on twitter would mean a lot.

NYT article published 2016-07-19:

via @nytimes : The #BatonRouge Gunman and "#TargetedIndividuals" | 3rd incident related to #GangStalking

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