Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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Totally agree CLS


I updated my website. Please read when you have a chance. Pass the information onto others. Sorry for the formatting my perpetrators purposely ruin the format every time I make a change.


I added updates to my website. Please read the bottom part of the website. I think there is information on there that people will find helpful. I think victims can learn from what I say there . Also the formatting is bad because these people assaulting me destroy my formatting on purpose. Please save the website, share it, so others can learn from what I have gone through.


Wow, excellent information on your website....all very true!!

I'm so sorry you are going through this....I pray for all of to be free some day....

Thanks for your prays God's Grace.

CLS, I think you're giving a whole new meaning to the term "TI". I find some really interesting things on your web site, actually about 50% and I'm actually surprised someone actually published this, the other half, from my real World experience is completly out of the line and even amusing to me ;) like this one:

"They can cheat sports games by beaming (At once to all players on one team [ with use of computers] ) frequencies that make you feel like your body is tired, muscles hurt, etc. I AM 100% SURE THEY ARE DOING THIS NOW!!!!"

madminster2, CLS is quite right in saying they can cheat sports games. They are able to attack our muscles and induce fatigue, cramp and pain any time, any TI will tell you this, they do it all the time. Additionally, they can speed people up and make them run or move faster, it`s a simple matter of adrenaline, Barrie said so in an interview., I will try and find it. 

They can beam frequencies of muscle cramps to a entire team for example (football team). They can do it via computer. They wouldn't do it to an entire stadium of people but attacking a team is possible.

CLS is completely right about them affecting sports, it has already been said by a number of people that they specifically targeted certain people in the Olympics, to make Britain win at certain track events - we can only go on what we say....but yes, I was thinking about it recently now that I've read two to three people mention they can induce Alzheimers as well....well I believe they are messing with my mother's head at the moment, I have just put her into a place that specializes with Alzheimers, and my perps warned me that she wouldn't last two days there, in fact they said the me in a very threatening voice, when I refused to leave her miles away from me the following, maybe not in these exact words 'You can't bring her up, it will ruin everything' and when I dug my heels in 'Nicky says to bring it on, she won't last two days there'....well yesterday (2nd day of her being there), she called me three times in a panic, asking me to come as soon as possible, because she needs to go home - I then began thinking, well if they can induce Alzheimers in a patient, that must mean they can do the opposite as well, which means they have the means at the tip of their fingertips to cure it, but they won't, they are using it for nefarious purposes only....but imagine if we could get a hold of this technology and what we could do with it?  I believe they can do a number of things to a body and mind during a sporting tournament, such as make them lose concentration, make them feel fatigued all of a sudden, weaken their muscles, weaken their resolve, you name it, it can be done....we need to make their manager's aware of this, as they have something to prove as well to the world.

Hello God's Grace,

Yes they can induce Alzheimers. They do this to me a lot. They jam my memory non stop so some AI or mindless person can tell me what to do. It is a form of oppression.

Thanks at the second well informed person, who has stated the is so incredibly unfair, and I completely believe they have the means to cure it - however I think they are working hand in hand with big pharma. Now that I have stated this publicly, they have started to interfere with my mother's dog, where she won't eat....I managed over a two minute period to get her to eat her favourite  chicken yesterday, but then it felt like someone walked in or suddenly took notice after that, and I think they make it smell bad to animals.  The other thing they do often with my cat, is because she eats from a metal bowl (which I think I must change to hardened plastic now), she won't do near it to eat her food, she seems to sense something there that she doesn't like) she will only eat her food, if I take it out, and put it on the floor.....or they will make the tuna she likes now, suddenly seem's all very unfair on our pets as well.

Hello God's Grace,

Sorry to hear about your problems.

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