Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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Some answers can be found here:
CLS, just my curiosity, do you hear voices in English (American accent)?

Hello MadMinister,

These people can speak numerous languages. They are also feeding languages into a AI computer and that computer can understand what people say. All (real TIs) are all connected to a super computer. Their frequencies are all processed through the super computer. The super computer can play back voices in any language. Actually the super computer can play back voices and feelings so you actually think its a real person. In my case there are three groups of attackers. AI, street level, and human controller. The human controller has a personal agenda against me because when 1 of them told me they tried to make me rich by crime by making some ceo buy a stupid idea. Also I rejected all their views in life and then they started to assault me severely.

CLS, in the real World case, my case, I'm hooked to a computer which was programmed to respond to certain words of my internal dialog and this "voices" are in English because the software was made in US and it's not available in my native language. And no, I don't think that there is one super computer and everybody connects to it, everybody has a computer which is programmed acording to a certain guy. There were times when the real handler, let's call him master of puppets contacted me also in English (American) but not recently. I guess they found some guy who speaks English (because computer is in English) or even lives or lived in US and it might be someone related to my fake realtives whom I have in US and Australia. There are many handlers who take turns. The real stalkers are actually native, local people who see what I see on the monitor and listening my internal dialog and they interrogate me during the sleep when I'm not aware in my local language - I guess that I remember something ;) Of course, all those handlers have the right of some kind of "psychiatrists" like almost anyone else and I obviously don't so they can do what they do. Joining mankind is a tough process ;)

"They are also feeding languages into a AI computer and that computer can understand what people say.

In my case there are three groups of attackers. AI, street level, and human controller."

Hello Madminister,

Yes there is a super computer and yes it can understand all languages. Watch a youtube video from Magnus Olsson which he states this is true. He is informed from a NSA whistleblower who worked for the NSA for 30 years. Also read DR Robert Duncan's book (Ex CIA). He says the same thing. Please try not to discredit real people who are trying to get the truth out!

CLS, this is just a constructive discusion. I don't discredit anyone on a personal level. I work in IT field and know that computer can understand whatever humans program them with software. There is more power in today's smart phone than in the computer they used to send people on the moon some 50 years ago. I explained you the real World situation I'm at. There were times when I used to browse the Internet and youtube watching all those "TI" celebs videos trying to find some meaningfull info. I don't do that anymore. I got better things to do in life. What you can find in my posts and my web sites cannot be found anywhere on the Internet and this is the real deal. You are free to choose what will you believe. Anyways, it's strange that I can express my disagreement with Trump for example but when I express my disagreement with "TI" celebs here I raise many eyebrows and even get threats. I hope that this web site doesn't turn into North Korea like web site which only worships the great leader ;)

"Yes there is a super computer and yes it can understand all languages. Watch a youtube video from Magnus Olsson which he states this is true. He is informed from a NSA whistleblower who worked for the NSA for 30 years. Also read DR Robert Duncan's book (Ex CIA). He says the same thing. Please try not to discredit real people who are trying to get the truth out!"

Frankly, I think they are adding all scenarios for each specific set of human beings into a super-computer, that would be run according to NWO rules - that includes the moves of all our perps - they are also being fed into a super-computer, as well as their entire criminal network - they intend to rule over EVERY SINGLE ONE OF US, with puppeteers at the top, these puppeteers which are FULLY FLEDGED CRIMINALS, so the aim is to have this world and everyone in it run by a set of mafia families situated around the world, who will obviously at some time in the future fight each other for domination. This is a neat little package, which doesn't take into consideration who it is that runs the world and all universes...THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Still it is interesting to note that we have aliens on earth, and what they call walk-ins (most psychopaths), and clones, if we are to believe some stories, but there are also the sons and daughters of God Almighty, who can't be taken over by these 'beings' that parade as people. At the end of the day, AI cannot over-run the Great Creator of our World and Universe, there is no force more I guess one has to consciously choose where you want to place your trust into.

Just look at the magnificence of nature.....the answers are all there....not in an AI program or their minions.

Hi cat cat...thanks, hope you are doing more than okay my friend....and God Bless you for your loyalty!!

Agree whole-heartedly on the subject of Madminster2....and wish the same for him.

Cat Cat and others, you're absolutely right. More than 10 years ago I franticly searched the Internet in a per suit for answers. I found TI community and I watched videos and read web sites and pdf's. First, I thought to my self, so, some say they're hearing voices, some say they're being stalked, some say they're implanted... when there's a smoke there has to be a fire... I thought, maybe I can find some lost guy like myself and open his or even her eyes... all I got are unbelievable stories... a couple of years ago I stopped searching the Inernet and looking to TI videos and I guess I will never get what TI's are saying. If they're free people how come they're saying these things?

I'd like you to know that I concider you my virtual pals :) and I will be polite as possible cause TI community is the closest thing I could find, besides Metallica music... I want us to be kind and tolerant to each other as I'm with my real world buddies, maybe someone like me will eventually turned up, somebody who is bombarded with Hall, Duncan and other videos and doesn't get it. Peace and thanks for kind words.

Madminister, from reading your website some time ago, I think your case is different from most ti's here on PP.
I think you are not a targeted individual. I think you were created to be a complete test subject. From conception to whenever your programmers decide what your outcome will be. I hope you will be freed from your 24/7 walking imprisonment and can lead a normal life soon."


Please note and pass this on!!!!! They can cause cuts on your body via radio frequencies. How they do this is to use a surrogate and capture a frequency of someone getting cut and then replay it back to you. The frequencies of the surrogate getting cut causes your body to react the same. It causes your body to get cut even though nothing touched you. I am not 100% sure about this but please pass it on. If they capture the frequencies of a surrogate getting cut, they can store that on a computer then replay those frequencies over and over again to you. This is how they torture people with muscle pains, head pains, teeth pains, etc.



They are using radar and lasers to mind control you. They are using the same type of radar that the cops use (my opinion). I'm going to buy a radar and laser detector for cars and use it to check if they are using this on me. They are also using ELF with microwaves.


I updated my site again. Please read from "Note: I have been a victim" and "Listen to the lady at 1:24 hrs about the eye implant" I think what I say can help others. Also they are using radar (doppler effect), lasers, and ELF to brain control you. I built a steel faradays cage but I still don't get 100% relief because of the ELF waves. I am planning to add mylar and sound absorbing foam as they might have a impact. I will update you on my site.


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