Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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I updated my website again. Please read from heading "Attacking your peace to drive you to severe depression, destroying your joy, etc". The documentation here is very important for victims to understand. Why are they attacking you so hard and what are they doing to you and why. There is a lot of confusion for a victim and this will help. They try to confuse you to hide the truth what they are doing to you.

Also after please read heading section "EEG Cloning" as this is how they attack you even harder.

The worthless moron behind needs to be found and brought to justice for all the innocent people they have destroyed.

What to do when getting tortured this bad:

1) Exersise is important

2) Eat as healthy as possible

3) Sleep

4) Put beautiful pictures, nice smelling candles, plants, around your home.

5) Go to the woods for walks as much as possible

6) Do stuff even when tortured. Play sports, guitar, skating, etc. DO NOT STOP DOING STUFF.

7) Do family stuff

8) See freinds

9) Join charitable organizations and do stuff that does good.

10) Reason with the attacker about 10 commandments, what they are doing is against the law, about they have to face God. This is a universal truth even a evil person will think about this because nothing can escape God.

Hello TIs,

It's embedded on your skull. It is hard to detect. The wires are extremely small. They had this technology in before the 70s and it's more advance than commercial products now. See the image below. IT IS DESIGNED TO LOOK LIKE HUMAN TISSUE.



On my website I mentioned years ago that they are using secret medical glue to hide cut marks for implanted victims. The glue they use is exactly like this but they had this even in the 1970s. They kept it a secret but now public sector technology is catching up. What victims need to know is to determine how to see the marks it leaves. For a person who doesn't know you will never think that you have been cut and glued because the mark is almost invisible or looks natural. But for example lots of implanted victims will have marks (line) on the back of their necks and straight down their stomachs. I know this for a fact. Actually this technology was not even invented by modern military, they got the secrets from the East.

Also look at David Larson report images of nano wire implants. The lie is that you dont need to be implanted for them to EEG clone or EEG hetrodyne to you. You do need to be implanted. They criminals don't want this out because they use it for secret military .



This image shows where typical mind control victims or people who are implanted have scares. Usually there is a faded line, discoloration, or dimple like mark in these areas, They implant devices by cutting these areas with lasers type cutting instruments then they medically glue the cut marks up. You don't need to be in a hospital to do this, they can walk into any home at night and do this while you sleep. That is how they are implanting people now. How do they walk into your house. They have technology that you won't believe if i told you. They hide the nano wire with material bonded to the skull.

They implanted my two kids when they were very little. I can see the scares on his face and my daughter lost all here baby hairy in a single day and caused a serious rash.  Like i said previously there are cut marks behind victims necks and down their stomach. Some victims might not have all the same implants


TIs!!!. please read this. This is how they caused Myron Mays and for example Rohinie to assault people. They are good at this and they use it to destroy TIs and drive them to suicide with their thoughts played back from a computer.

To make you do an act of violence, or to drive you into suicide with your own thoughts this is the technique they use. Understand it because they are doing it to many victims to destroy them.

1) They EEG clone you to another entity. That entity talks to you or AI via V2K. You can think of it as brain to brain cloning. When this entity talks and assaults your thought process, They are doing this on purpose. Why. It makes you think a certain way.

2) With EEG Hetrodyning, they capture your thoughts and style of thinking into a computer. They store that to be able to program your thoughts back to you to assault you later. For example if you look a certain way when you think, they capture that and try to program that to be used to assault you later.

3) Once they captured your thought process and style of thinking. They start to create a program. This program can give you thoughts of assaulting people, rage, even to commit suicide.

4) The EEG Cloned entity, can also make you move your body parts quickly. For example, they can make you push someone onto the train tracks at the subway station. They can make you hit someone quickly.  With EEG Hetrodyning and EEG Cloning they work together to assault you this way.


I am wondering if they did this to Oswald and Sirhan Sirhan ?



Please understand when you are being assaulted they start to clone your inner voice and your outer voice. When they do this, they can very quickly give you thoughts inner voice to make you do something you don't want. Please be careful.


Look at my x-ray. I highlighted the implants in red and connecting. This is the mark of the beast the bible tells us about. The loser behind this is the biggest failed not even human behind hitler. He is pure evil. However, he is not too smart actually. He is an idiot with technology.


TIs, also please beaware of this. They start cloning your thoughts, then if you catch them and change your thought process, it starts to assault that process. What happens is it attacks both sides.  Your first thought, then  your counter thought. He tries to be both thoughts. I AM SAYING THIS SO YOU PEOPLE KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING SO YOU WON'T BE ASSAULTED.



I updated my website. PLEASE READ the sections noted as follows. Please save a copy of this website and pass on this information to as many people as possible!!!!!!

Read these points, it may help you escape to a point what is happening to you. It may save your life.

EEG Cloning

They can implant words into your speech

They are using secret medical glue

They have laser weapons that can cut you

As indicated on the point above on youtube videos. They can while you are watching, change the words of a person talking on youtube and your TV in real time.

Voice Cloning

They have a database with peoples names and frequency numbers


Hello, the preps coward took some information out of my site. Pass this on to everyone possible:

They have laser weapons. These weapons are not comic book or movie type laser weapons. They are a concentrated microwave radio beam. It can cut through things very precisely. It is top secret. The beam can also be used for surgery. It is very precise and cuts better than a knife. When they use this tool and the glue I mentioned on my site, they can implant you without you ever noticing. It leaves a very slight mark only a trained eye can tell. I can tell because I know the areas they cut to do the implants. For example around the eyes and nose, behind the neck, under the neck, straight down your stomach . Sometimes the mark it leaves is like a dimple.


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