Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Please read my website. I have document some of the symptoms that people have who are victims of mind control:

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I updated my site again. Please read from "They also setup individuals who are victims





In my opinion the person assaulting us has some kind of medical training and psychology training. He maybe a psychiatrist. I think we are getting assaulted to be driven to depression, suicide, or worst. I documented everything on my website. I say this because it's not that we have been experimented remotely by satellites, its because we are implanted and they want to keep this a secret. Yes with implants, they can get telemetry on your entire body's frequencies via satellite. If there were no implants, they wouldn't care for you and would leave you alone after the experiment. 

Because we are implanted they are attacking us. One thing, lets call him the ""genius"" CIA embarrassment "doctor" does is to use mindless idiots "AI and Animals" to assault victims to raise "Cortisol" levels in victims body. When raising cortisol levels it causes many problems. Here are a few.

1) Mind fog. Foggy memory or not very clear thinking

2) Breaks your body down and causes deceases and severe problems

3) Attacks your nervous system.


1) Sleep, more sleep the better it is for you. Sleep does many things for you.

2) Exercise. Again it does many good things.

3) Eat Bananas, they will improve the affects of Cortisol against your nervous system.

4) Eat healthy normally. This will give you many benefits

5) Faraday's cage will help to a point. If you can make a helmet "Faraday's cage type of design" and you can get it really tight against your head, then it will work even better.

6) Vitamin D if you don't get enough sunshine.


I know one for 100%certain. I got caught in a trap implanted in his video and he was in my head for two days. He had me believing he was coming to get me for "deprogramming" when in reality he has become a traitor to survivors and is cabal. Total sell out. I have been warned of lawsuit if I openly give his name. I will, however, privately find the loophole with any interest.

madminster2 said:

CLS, I know who for a fact and 100% sure.

"Not sure I totally agree about who our perps (program controllers) are. But no one does."


I updated my website again. Please read from "Aaron Alexis complained of Tinnitus" . Read that entire section. Also read "Scares of implanted Victims" .



I updated my website again. Please read


This garbage attacking us has access to the most advance technology in the world. You can imagine "AREA 51 Technology". Now here is the problem. USA made a brutal mistake after WW2. They got access to extremely advance science and they made a complete mess of it. Instead of having this technology auditted and tracked correctly, they totally did the opposite. They created secret society around this technology. They create this "CRIMINAL" organization around this and I cant even imagine who has obtained access to this technology. I know the people are "GARBAGE". For example they have technology that can see through women's clothing. Guess what they do, the rapist all days looks at women naked. Who is paying for this operation? TAX PAYERS. Also the garbage ruins peoples lives because they don't agree with his CRIMINAL LIFE. He has all the tech in the world to easily ruin peoples lives. He has access to USA Cyber-warfare technology. My website has details on what they can do. For 1, they can remotely clone your desktop to theirs. They can switch your desktop with theirs and then control it remotely. They can cut your laptop battery, turn of the screen, disable the keyboard, etc all remotely. They can do this to any computer made. MAC, WINDOWS, LINUX, RASPBERRY PI, ETC. Now the person who has access to this is a CRIMINAL. NOW YOU SEE HOW EASY THIS GARBAGE CAN RUIN PEOPLE.  Also I noticed that this person has a serious hate towards Jewish people. He doesn't like their facial features and always via EEG Head to Head communication point out  their features. So Is it "ALIEN" because they have access to AREA 51 tech (ALL THAT TECH YES). NO IT IS NOT. Its humans behind the scenes and they are BRUTAL PEOPLE.  My guess is the humans in this cult are somewhat possible racist. But then I found out that 70% of TIs are white. So are those white people Jewish? Also what is the percentage of women? This group of people are brutal rapists. He cannot talk to a women normally because his entire life has been looking at them as sexual objects not people. When you can see through their cloths, I guess you become a rapist. I would like to know why 70% of TIs are white, but my perp has a serious hate towards Jewish people.

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