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Couple of days ago on Alex Jones Infowars had a presentation about potato powered microchip that can be eaten. On Same program was also a presentation on  (Google owned) Motorola’s mind reading tattoo. Extremetech story has a better explanation  and a picture for this  device. I believe it is good to take a little closer look for device. It gives some light how our minds are perhaps  read. Device also  help us to prove for other people, that mindreading -  synthetic telepathy - is reality and not a myth.

Article says “ It has been known for decades that when you speak to yourself in your inner voice, your brain still sends neural spike volleys to your vocal apparatus”.

 What is this “speaking to yourself with inner voice”. I would call it another name verbal thinking. It is something you plan to say your friend, your sister etc. Those who vocalize their reading  speak what they read with “inner voice”. The device is able for verbal mindreading.

This e-tattoo is outside of throat. but to listen somebody without his knowledge one has to put implant inside of his  neck. This kind of implant is easy to put person throat through his  mouth when he is unconscious.  Next morning the only feeling for new implant is perhaps sore throat.

James Walbert had implants on his neck. Perhaps these were this kind of listening implants. I have also  speculated that perhaps transmission to brain could be done similar but “other way around” as receiving persons “inner voice

So this  Motorola device makes two-way communication with TI and perps easier to explain, and prove possible.  The transmission of voice would be ordinary  v2k device. Receiving implant would have similar function  than this Motorola patented e-tattoo . Sleep deprivation would work on same principles, than LIDA-machine that was invented around 1950.  Still there are a lot of functions than perps have which are mystery for me, example burning sensation of specific point of body, that many has complained. 

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Something like this it must be. I am probably implanted... They can read every though and speak shit to me.

cat cat said:

Hi Martti,

"burning sensation of specific point of body"  I agree I can not figure it out either.  Does zapping (painful burning sensation) come from chips implanted in me 

I experience same as you - they can cause pain on fingers and toes , but also chest and legs. I suspect that they are inserted nanobots on my body. There are some hopes that nanobots can be separated from blood in future

There is also anew device coming public, which is able for verbal mindreading.

T believe this device is based on the same invention.

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