Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

1)By raising my trap muscles to the base of my skull I can disconnect the main laser which enters there. Also by tilting head to one side or the other disconnects lasers thru top of head. You will hear a slight popping noise. These methods have worked great for me during computer forced torture, anxiety and emotions. 

2)If you are nearsighted just remove glasses whenever possible, when the computer doesn't recognize it then it can't play with it. Perfect thought protection.

3)To stop most V2K and hippocampus timewarp symptoms just buy a $3 eye patch and three 3 in. dia. buttons. Wrap eyepatch with aluminum foil and electrical tape and this covers the nose. This helps prevent laser to hippocampus amnesia wall and timewarp effects. Place buttons on either side of patch and cover cheekbones and TMJ area to hamper V2K. Buttons can also be added for back of skull to hamper cerebellum entry and feedforwarding capabilities. This is great to sleep in and should be worn while veiwing computer monitors, tv and driving (if possible). Anytime the skull is in a fixed position this laser can send download. **Patch also hampers direct shots thru nose to thalamus** 

4) To hamper laser entry to the neocortex(three inches above corner of hairline especially) and cerebellum simply line a hat and brim with foil and add thick metal trading buttons and magnets. 

5)Copper bracelets and rings can be used to cover cerebellum entry during laser forced torture and feedforwarding.**The hand and wrist alone confuses laser entry. **

6)The electric current of a heating pad hampers download when slept on or placed on back of neck and handy when laser thru nose to hypothalamus has you ten degrees to cold.These satanists also hate Mylar because it is effective.

7)Not a tip but a promise to these Jezebel nsa satanists from our Lord Jesus Christ  Rev. 2:23 " I will also kill her followers, and then all the churches will know that I am he who knows men's thoughts and wishes." (TEV)



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"'And the Doctors write on the death certificate,' Osabandus neques neqour quipsa milus,' (Mollier) therefore....' Robert."
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"älä vaan puhu sen kanssa, saati sovi mitään   rahahuijari on"
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"onkos muille käynyt niin että tietokoneessa  on ollut vaikeuksia  ja  vähän  ajan  kuluttua on soittanut  englanninkielinen  muka  microsoftin  henkilö"
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"uteliaisuuttani kävin katsomassa naamakirjaa Suomen äänikuulevien---- 18 jäsentä, eipä montaa suomalaisia, ihan jotakin aasialaisia nimiä - pelkkiä outoja julkaisuja, monet eivät olleet…"
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"I might be wrong about Gadaffi. It appears some Arabic countries are involved in this ring of evil."
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"French Germans Muslims KKK Nazi harvesting humans for organs underground"
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"Harvesting humans for organs!!!$$"
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"Doing blood transfusions to victims in their homes to experiement . I know everything"
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