Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

           It just pissed my of they were promoting the borax/baking soda lookoutcharlie video ....and the microwaves hitting tin foil nonsense but it was clearly added by their web admin ....

     again I be exposing this for a while unfortunately its took hold in the community ....why can't people see it discredits TI`s as lookoutcharlie is claiming TI`s are dosed up with "thrush" making us look unhygienic & dumb ....mistaking burning sensation when we pee as being microwaved his cure would be seen as self harm

        ...also anybody looking at tin foil noise would realise its not “microwaves” taping on it ….but due to expansion ...ether being stretched or from thermal expansion from heat ..body/room or possible via the technology used...

clearly these people are more about “comfort” than actual finding the truth ...they are only interested in preaching to the choir and if they don't check themselves with reality & science they will end up be more and more obscure and basically turn themself into a cult instead of a support group.

Also the idea of having “if every body say the same thing then people will have to believe them” which is what seems to be what the “TI unity” has turned into appeal to popularity fallacy and also going to bring things down to the lowest dominator its going to be quantity vs quality it will be easy for people to discredit

...instead of have strong cases with good evidence that will break this and get it recognised then get the proper help and support / protocols set up so TI`s get scanned and recognised ….. So I just don't think Shane Gibbs and his target UK actually understand the problem or has the skills really need to expose this … just seems to be about “believing” and “comfort” and creating some TI ranting mob that will probably drown out any legitimate activism again I just not going to take part in “targeting uk” you probably seen in my few post that I figured out that their form was not going to work for me and therefore not bother that I was going to get banned will just end up being a breading ground for misinformation/disinformation and reinforcing “programming” by the looks of it … I will probably start doing more of my own thing and possible start working more with others .

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Duckling- Are you angry?

You are talking to a victim of directed energy weapon torture, try to be a bit nicer and understanding.

ghstdtnee said:

Duckling- Are you angry?

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hassanmcv replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Thanks for your polite reply Javier."
13 hours ago
Javier replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Again, this person is using poor arguments supported by 2 wikipedia articles about "perception" and "delusion". Basically offering a subjective opinion based on anecdotal knowledge that has no weight and really no effort or…"
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hassanmcv replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Javier, this the second time you call deca a perp or a troll. As a moderator I cannot accept you call him names as he s not so please stop insulting him."
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deca replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"what you should be asking is does my perception accurately reflect "reality" ? Gangstalking is seen as a false belief by non TI`s so NO so why do victims claim this ? Well the same group of victims also claim to be attacked be mind…"
16 hours ago
deca replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"even if it happend like you say ..... it would still be your perception ... perception is not "imagining it" maybe you should research how the brain actually works and also social pschology ... before going around giving people attributes…"
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Javier replied to CLS's discussion MIND CONTROL TORTURE
"Remember Deca is a troll, perp or mentally ill trying to extrapolate his anecdotes as non victim. TIs (including myself) have experienced different degrees of harassment and stalking where we are directly attacked and some even documented these…"
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