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by Chris kitchens

on Friday

As i have said before i am being stalked by people always claim to be the cia or some form of gang i don't know why they do this but they continuously try to tear my jaw and they do it by increasing swelling in my face they keep doing things to me so they can gain controll of my body in one form or another they use the equipment to alter my weight and the way my body takes in the Natural current of static electricity or they actually use the equipment to alter the gravity in my body due to them shrinking me down i think ans then they use the currents to pull me around sometimes almost pull me off my feet i dont understand what the hell i can do. The music teacher has helped me with the 30c pills earth magnates and even used a emf blanket for. Your window or electronic devices but im sure that all of this is being done by the 5 g network and anything involving radio frequencies. I don't see why we cant just tear all the towers down if the feds and cia can't stop it then someone is going to have to

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"Martti. olet kovasti innokas diagnotisoimaan minun tietämättä, mikä on tilanteeni. Kirjoitin tuon epäluulolauseen syötiksi: joku varmaan vastaisi. Ja toisaalta siinä oli taviksille tietoa: olemme…"
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"Outi, jos olisit epäluuloistasi huolimatta  et olisi ajatellut  -"En tunne tutkijoita. Entä, jos tiedot menevätkin niille.jotka meita koe-eläiminä käyttävät" - vaan …"
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"Covid, depopulation, oppression, benefit to who? Watch Aliend and Agenda 21 movie. Unvetted but lots of truth. Aliens no, Nazis!"
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Maria Harmath posted a status
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"If you post here, members would see it."
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