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I have been a victim of Electronic Harassment for close to 4 years and I am really interested in finding out if others out there have extreme symptoms of physical pain that cannot be diagnosed by doctors or specialists, that have evolved over time to become immobilizing for as long as 10 hours straight. I suffer these attacks frequently and I live in constant fear of being hit at any moment by the next one.  The emergency room staff treated me like I was drug seeking and basically made it known they did not believe my symptoms were real.  It was mortifying! I was isolated alone in an area away from all other patients, totally ignored by all nurses and doctors for about 8 hours, and occasionally looked after only to be admonished and told I was cruel for putting my family through such theatrics just because of drugs.  They even convinced my parents I was using drugs and now my parents have no sympathy when I am brutally attacked by whatever microwave energy weapons cause my discomfort, so now not only do I have to endure the pain for 10 hours, I have to leave my house and hide out in the mountains in my car alone someplace until it passes so I don't upset my mom by making her believe I am detoxing or high on meth. This is a perfect crime being perpetrated against me because there's no evidence of anything medical happening that doctor's will diagnose,  so you are seen as faking symptoms for attention or drugs, threatened to be sent for a psych evaluation in the mental ward, and if you're not careful, admitted against your will and over-medicated  until you are actually mentally ill. I live in perpetual terror of my next attack, and honestly am not certain I have what it takes to endure many more, I'm losing the battle and will to fight at this juncture.  I always consider the most reasonable way to end it all when I'm stuck for entire days thrashing and rocking and drooling and moaning and panicked because if it just never ends one of these episodes, I'll be institutionalized indefinitely because I simply can't function while experiencing the awful pain, it's impossible.  I'd have to be drugged with anesthetic type medication used during surgeries to put people to sleep in order to calm down enough for actually rest, otherwise I'd be stuck awake for weeks, unable to move around or eat or deink either.  If they permanently immobilize me, my entire life is over, done. They can do that anytime, so what's stopping them ? They cannot be arrested or even detected, and so it's not fear stopping them. Is it out of mercy or the kindness of their heart's? Lol, ya right! They love to see me suffer uncontrollably! It's literally only a matter of time now and on the day they decide not to reduce the pain once it's full blown, is the day I take a lethal dose of heroin.  It's my solution should I face a life spent under the attack of microwave weapons.  It's the only painless way to die I've realized and I'm actually preparing for it by purchasing what's needed and keeping it on hand in case.  But unless I'm permanently induced into an immobile state by their torture, I have no desire to die, don't worry.  I have too much to live for and death scares me a lot. But i can't express effectively enough how fucked it is to be in the pain of an attack, it's indescribable and enough for erase my lifelong fear of death no problem.  Death is a welcome option during every minute of each episode, so I'm not afraid  Thanks for listening and pray I have no more episodes by some saving grace, or if I do, they actually come to an end eventually and I can live to tell about yet one more survival tale.

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Hi Sandy. Sorry to hear you're suffering. We're all going through the same torture. Some less or more than others. I've been a target of 25yrs & counting. My targeting is lesser these days than in the past. I don't know why?? Maybe it's down to the different tactics I use?.

If your getting attacked really hard wiv DEW Directed Energy Weapons? Then your perps are really close to you. Like next door to you or above/below you if you live in a apartment block etc.
I've moved 4 or 5 times thinking the DEW will stop?! But it just follows wherever WE go. Wen you move a few times, you get to know wot the Perps can or can't do.

In the beginning of my targeting my perps we're above me. I didn't even know wot Electronic Harassment was?? Me electric appliances wud cut out or blow. That's down to perps tapping into the same electric that I was on. In a block of flats/apartments the electric is all on the same grid. They can connect a car battery to the electrics and send DC down to interfere wiv AC. I also placed a few layers of tin foil on top of my TV because the pic was all snowy & speckled. This was down to perps directing microwaves down at me TV and I cud hear the pitter patter hitting the tin foil. Mad I tell ya!.

My no1 defence today is Dave Case cd. It's a cd that has different sounds on it. Also it has ultrasonics on it to mess wiv the bio feedback that the perps need to rely on to attack you. U must use headphones that go up to 24/25khz. standard headphones wont work due to ultrasonics on the cd. Wen I 1st heard the cd I cudnt listen to it straight away because it's just noise. But trust me! After a wk or so of tryn. I got used to it. My attacks lessened & the high pitch sound (fake tinnitus) I cud hear 24/7 had gradually faded. I very rarely hear it today. But if I don't listen to cd for a day or so? The high pitch sound starts to creep in again slowly...

I think detox definitely helps! The less acidic my body is....the less attacks I get. I use 1 teaspoon of baking soda. Put into a half pint glass. Then fill glass up a quarter of the way wiv water. Then the rest of the way wiv orange or lemon cordial. This takes the taste away!..

I also wear a copper band. This soo helps wiv perps tryn to make me cough or choke wen I'm eating. Or playn wiv my heart & giving me palpitations. I just rub the copper up & down my chest until the pain stops! Easy wen u know wot to look out for ;)

The biggest problem to overcome this crap we put up wiv everyday! Is the mind games. So if u don't care wot they do to you. Then you're halfway there to get back a bit of control in your life. Fook um!!!

I use to cry my eyes out. Stay in all day. Get attacked wiv DEW. Banging and knocking on my neighbouring walls. Cars screeching past me in the street. I was a mess. I was playn the game without even realizing I was in a game.

To beat this shity game. And it is a game! You MUST change the way you think!. The more u care about them...the perps etc...the more youl get hurt. Perps want a reaction from you. They hate it wen you don't join in. All I can say to you is... IGNORE..IGNORE..IGNORE...

Get out down ya local pub & relax! Infact get shit faced! Av a few beers! Shoot some pool!. Laugh out loud! Let out a fart! Enjoy yaself! Also alcohol messes wiv the perps tech. Slows the reactions down.

Get away from all the mind games. Because in the end it's only wiv yourself. Your in charge of how you want to feel. Your in charge of how you react if someone slanders you etc.

Learn to have control of your feelings.

Don't let the outside beat wots on the inside 'You'.

Take cares! ;)

Hi Sandy

What you're going through sounds extreme and for the hospital to turn you away is just plain wrong. It must be so hard for you to cope with these painful episodes especially without the support of your family. It's easy for the perpetrators to control yr family into believing the drugs story. I'm sorry you are suffering like this. It's not fair that any of us is going through such pain. We have been so robbed of the pleasure of living. It's so cruel l hope and pray for an end to this attrocity. 

Sandy in my experience they usually change their method of attack so maybe they will do that with you. I hope they can give you a break from the physical pain. Just know that you're not alone. We Tls are seperated by time and distance but we all suffer together.

Keep strong! And keep us posted!

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