Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Peacepink is censoring, hacking my devices & internet and having me attacked by stronger DEWs

Update on June 3, 2015:

Attacks 24/7  forced me to cease posting in peacepink. Though I have stopped posting, attacks continue to be very strong. Kidney pain, stomach cramp, legs burn, pins and needles in lips, legs and feet. Headache, inflammed head, swollen sinuses, swollen eyes, mentally dull, stiff neck, strong brain zapping at night and over sleeping. Pin point laser attacks on finger and toes while I am typing this. 

Attacks forced me to spend a week researching steel sheds, sea water faraday cage, steel helmets and iron helmets. .

I am waiting for the auction of a steel helmet to end.

When does DEW attacks on other members decrease after they cease posting? 

This is part four:

Part 1 is at:

Part 2 is at:

Part 3 is at:

Part five is at:

Please provide evidence by reporting hacking and strengthened DEW attacks in parts 6 - 8 at:

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Thank you Peacepink! Thank you ICAACT! Thank you FFCHS! Thank you EUCACH! Thank you Stopegg!

I'm sorry energy, I wasn't listening. Be a Luv and repeat it all another ten times please. There's a dear.

Hassan, Stopeg has one g.

Big Lebowski, sorry that my last comment was some how reposted several times. OPs do not have option to edit comments in their thread. I will Report an Issue to ask the duplicate comments be removed. 

see u at FFCHS Saturday Night podcast hypocrits

Hassan and Big Lebowski, please refrrain from threadjacking.

Big L, I saw u removed ur post and reposted it after mine...

Now Big L, I saw u removed again ur post but this time u didn't repost it, u removed it totally....

Hassan, over my objections, you continue to threadjack. I am reporting you.

Editing and pasting from a plain text file into the comment field are being hacked. Clicking on HTML icon does not enable pasting. This is the only forum that requires clicking on HTML to paste. I will report these problems.

Lebowski. I have come to believe your gs experiences. Shit gets strange, but if you smile right.....they smile back.

DavidOfTomorrow, do not threadjack. This is not chat. This is a forum.

energyweaponsatme, it s you who should be reported because you accuse and slander Peacepink site instead of accusing paid disinformant agents, hackers and trolls...I can report you but I would just ignore you...

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