Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Attention valued members, has already reached nearly 4000 members in 2017 and our community is growing.
I am very grateful to you for your tremendous efforts.

Peacepink is fortunate and very appreciative to have some wonderful contributing managers. These managers have helped to look after this website and make a clear and helpful environment for all members to connect online through Peacepink. 


But Victims are isolated from social communities. We need volunteers to unite and help victims and their supporters in their local area. If you want to be a volunteer, please reply to this discussion.


Volunteers are available in your area for support and networking





Cincinnati   Derrick Robinson   Email:  Tel: 513-344-4113

Lancaster   matt overton   Tel: 305-767-9220


Carson Wanda Dablin  Email:

San Francisco Christine Harris Email: Tel: 415-235-6466

Las Vegas  steve ahmann  Email:   Tel: 702-557-6847

Sacramento Daniel Morgan, who has been helping Ti victems over 20 years now. Tel: 916-933-9658 Email:

Palo Alto   Chris Burton


Edgewater  Neal Chevrier

Citizens Against Harmful Technology (CAHT) (a 501C3 non Profit), weekly conference call on every Sunday night at 8:30 Pm. (724) 444-7444, Call ID: 134999#.


the Minneapolis area  Robert C Thrane Jr 



Seattle, Big AL  Paul Philp 

Salt Lake City  John K Nelson




Amarillo  Shannon Smith

Madaline E. States

Pasadena  Ron. Price


VERMON  Lynn Clarise Bahrenburg

HAWAII, Wailuku cynthia  Email:

MASSACHUSETTS  Boston  Miss Sickofit

New Hampshire & MAINE Portsmouth, Emmanuel Pitsiladis Email:

NORTH CAROLINA Richard H. Lovelace Sr.  Email:   Tel: 704 691 4348


Toronto, Ontario  Galina Kurdina Email:

Nanaimo,BC Debbie Newhook  Email:   Tel: 250-591-5888

Scarborough,ON Robin Yan   

Ottawa  NavyNut



BELGIUM  Antwerpen  Monika Stoces  and Stefanie VdV  and bsimon 

HUNGARY  Budapest  Peter Fabik  Tel: +36 30 585 3274  Skype name: fabik.peter1


ITALIA  AtlantiTeo

UK John Allman1 Cotswold Court, Albert Street, Fleet, Hants. GU51 3XZ  Tel:+44 7930 519793

Watford  Catherine Sarah Hislop   

England south coast  oak_tree_maple  Email:

Sheffield Naman Asghar  Email:  or

SWEDEN  Stockholm  Magnus Olsson  Email:

IRELAND Annabella





Arab truth aicha


Soleilmavis  Email:

Hongkong and Singapore  (Dr) XU Yan.

Telephone numbers in Hong Kong are +852-98501119 (M) +852-27742824 (H)

Email address:



Bangalore,Karnataka vijay karthic Email:

Bangalore,Karnataka vincent george Email:

Mobile: 91-9844110637




Tokyo (or Kanto plain) chiocciola

Tokyo  Miwa Arai   Email address is 



Malaysia (East) LIM SC Email:

Frank Luetkebohmert  Email:




JOHN FINCH  5/8 Kemp St, Thornbury, Vic 3071, Australia, TEL: 0424009627


Gold Coast, Queensland, Paul Anthony Baird






South Africa  Johannesburg, Sipho

Mr. Fouad Zennari Email Address:



(By AtlantiTEO (Michael NightWolf) )


Attenzione cari e preziosi membri ha già raggiunto più di 800 membri e la nostra comunità è in crescita.

Sono molto grata a voi per i vostri enormi sforzi.


Peacepink è fortunato e molto riconoscente per avere alcuni dirigenti meravigliosi e diversi contributi. Questi manager hanno contribuito a curare questo sito e fare un ambiente chiaro e utile per tutti i membri per connetterti online attraverso Peacepink.


Ma le vittime sono isolate dalle comunità sociali. Abbiamo bisogno di volontari per riunire e aiutare le vittime ei loro sostenitori nel loro territorio. Se vuoi essere un volontario, ti preghiamo di rispondere in questa discussione.


I volontari sono disponibili nella vostra zona per il supporto e collegamento in rete.



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After a research on Peacepink members > "No results were found for 'Fouad Zennari'." 

This volunteer Mr. Fouad Zennari in Africa, Morocco is not a member of Peacepink anymore.


I am Dipti. I am in a very bad shape They are using mind control weapons with me since 2014 and they are claiming it was much earlier to falsify my life.

All this is done through telepathy.

vincent george said:

I would like to be a volunteer for india, karnataka, Bangalore and my mail-Id is and my mobile No. is +91-9844110637. Thank you

I would like to come to china . Help me

Great work

Please help oppose all this nazi rubbish -
the Orwellian terrorism, wars, torture programs and secret police states

I hope you’re ok.

Please publicise everything I send you everywhere you can

The provided email for Frank Luetkebohmert  Email: is not correct, my email is and the country is Thailand, not Malaysia, please rectify.

Anyone can contact me in North Carolina. I will inform them how to protect their self. And i will help them to protect their Health And Well Being. I have spent a lot of money to fight the dozen illegal Microchips RFID and wires and NANO BOTS and Particals that is in my body and Brain.I will try to upload the Harmonic Quad 5 machine that Purifies the Blood and Body and Two Supplements to use with this. I was diagnosed with Programmed Nano Bots by a doctor. But beware they can knock this Machine out like they did mine twice and i was written a prescription for this Machine.The Harmonic Quad 5 is nothing but a set of good Frequency's that Destroy Nano Bots and Particals and Bacterium and Bacteria and Fungus and Parosites and Worms and Bugs and Orgonisums. This Machine don't effects the digestive tract, you would have to Detox the Fungus that was Weoponized out of the digestive tract using Supplements like Candida Freedom from Macy Medicals. I paid 350.00 Dollors for this Machine. Electricity can Kill or Electricity can Heal. And I can't use mine because the Microwave Machine that they attack me with from close range can knock this Machine out I am trying other Means to stay Alive. Precision Herbs sales this Machine and another one I believe a Dr. Scott sells. These machines will work but Targeted Individual's they could knock this out. The best things about this Machine you can use it on your Family and Children and Grand Children and Animals like dog's. This Machine is a Home Doctor for most Diseases and Biofilm and Morgellons and NANO BOTS and Particals.It will even Destroy Prion's Disease and Weoponized Mycoplasma Bacterium's the Deadly Fungus that in population around the world. This is inside the Cells and Body Fluids in the body and 99.999 of people don't even know that they have this. My Children and Grand Children and Great Grand Children have this and i can't help them. This is what killed my wife, a year before my wife's Death the doctor in Atlanta Georgia told me to bring her down there and she would help her. But my wife was being Attacked with Microwaves and Directed Energy Weapons and had the killer Nano Bots and Particals also. I will try to post this Machine and two Supplements to use on my profile on this site. And try to explain how we the people can protect themselves from the most Dangerous Weapons in the world today. SELF Assembling Machines that is smaller than one cell in the body. The Global Brain Chips and the Infarred light to detect the Glass, Crystals in the Blood. This will show up as Black Spidery Vains in your right hand and Head. You only detect this using Infarred light Because believe me no doctor Hospital or University or Specialist will help you. The only one i know of is Magnus Olson in Sweden that got a blood Specialist to find this in his Blood and he is in Sweden. The doctor he found detected the Black Crystals in his Blood. My IHS Reports Explain Other things in the body and Brain and Blood. So I am going to try to help the people with these issues. MY killing Frequency's was Clearly Identified in my Reports and a dozen illegal Microchips RFID and wires and i can't even get these out in the USA what used to the LAND OF THE FREE. IF this is not stopped no one in this world will ever be Free again using Quantum Physics and Quantum Computer's and Lights via Photons. Yes I am saying even the LED smart street lights will make you sick and give you Cancer's Via Artificial Lights that put out strong killer Frequency's via bad Frequency's. They go right through your Eyes and Read DNA and MICRO Biology in the Cells in the body and collect Data using Directed Energy Weapons and Electromagnetic Frequency's. This is Electromagnetism like i told Derrick Robinson in 2011. What this means is your body turns into a Magnet for drawing all Bacteria, Parosites and Orgonisums in the body and on the body. Clifford Carmicom was right.. Frequency Induced Diseases and he just used a regular light on the BACTERIA

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"Hello, I updated my website. Please read from " How they discredit people so people don't believe you ". THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR TARGETED INDIVIDUALS TO KNOW. Please read save the website by right clicking and on the…"
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"Sam 6377, 6376, 6375,  are all forehead blackened by an electro-neuro beam.  I think it is true color of the beam, and does not come close to a shadow appearance."
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Recorded Thoughts

Is recording my thoughts and spreading it around covert or overt.I mean, people still have the nerve to play it out loud infront of me.Today it happend to me in the office where I work. The neighbour die the same to me.Can I report this to the police is this overt. The voice of the male Perp is on her sound system. The perps keep on telling everybody I meet about my thoughts about them. These people want to retaliate. The dare devils feel like they can play this without feeling ashamed or…See More
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"Hello Brian, I also have lump on the side of the back of my neck on the left side? Do you too? I got it checked out and it is not an lymph node."
brian bovo replied to William May's discussion I'm about to die guys
"You can overcome all of this. Its mind over sound and matter. I war all the time with these scum. I always get silence and rest in the end. Your rigged in the back of neck and brain. They quantum shift you and create points on appliances and walls.…"



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