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questions about the specks that push out trough the surface of the skin

Here are some questions about the specks, or particles that push out trough the surface of the skin. The specks are black - or grey - and very small, often much smaller than a millimeter. Mostly round, sometimes oblong. They can for example push out through the surface of the hands, or fingers when going to the toilet.

This video shows what the phenomenon looks like:

1. What are they? Has anyone sent them for an analyze?

2. Why are they pushing through the skin? Has anyone got an explanation from a doctor why this is happening? 

3. Are they related to a disease? If yes; which? 

4. What should one do to stop this? Any ideas?  

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  When there are volcanic electrical eruptions transiting electrical energy through the neighborhood can sheet out metals, of the transiting metals, through the skin after intersecting the body.  It happened to me once in Arizona visiting, small silverlike color metals heavily went out my forearms immediately after.  The only other thing I know of is metallics or metals can expell out the skin if certain food or drinks are taken.  I had aloe vera juice and parsely tea, and this happened once going out the toes in the shower, and fingers, and when I washed my hands.  

A nurse told me recently that they are dead skin cells but gave no further information whatsoever.

Maybe it's related to some kind of candida/fungus? There seem to be a strong reaction when natural antibiotics, or supplements against candida, is taken. 

There are many different doctors and different types. Hopefully some of them can give real answers (more than a counter cream...). There must be some explanation and something that works. 

cat cat said:

I have had this for at least 3 years now.  Not sure how I am getting exposed to this.  I think some is from the air, chem trails and some from nano dust in food you buy at the grocery store.  What really helps is supplements.  Colloidal Silver is the best.  I get raised spots on my forearms, legs, hand and feet.  When I take the silver the hard little spots will come to the surface of the skin and break open.  They are very small, like sand.  In fact if you do not know to look for a foreign object you would not even notice the small particle.

When I had them on my neck and chest they where little crystals that you could see and feel.   I think that was from some form of morgellons, which I think was given to me through RNM.

I would never go to the doc with this.  A friend did and he was told these are nothing just use an over the counter cream.  Doctors know about what is happening to all of us and probably them and their families.  Their hands are tied.  If they help us they will suffer.

No stopping it you just have to combat it the best you can.

See "impetigo photos" search.  I had luck with expelling ringworm ameoba, fish shape, within 2 days with aloe vera juice contracting from an RV Park infection when moving.

It's good to try different things. One can also try a high quality supplement of colostrum (with lactoferrin) to support the immune system. A functioning immune system is very important in most cases.  

Blogs from Iookoutfacharlie on the web are doing wonders for me. Dnt knock it or let anyone put u off by tryn his methods. U got nufn to lose!. Take cares! ;-)

Hi oskar

Google morgellons. Its now gloabl but in most ppl they keep it dormant (inactive). To Tls they are bringing it to life, so showing us signs of it. More and more ppl globally are finding they have it and docs/authorities are denying the existence of it, diagnosing ppl who complain about it as being delusional. Ive seen larvae, insects, black specs you mentioned, even fibres and bits of rubbish come out of my body. My mum has it and lve seen signs of it on others....but they either dont know it or are protecting it.

I have it, noticed first 12yrs ago but prob had it for many yrs before. Its bio-tech lve discovered so something man made no doubt.

Im pretty certain that it has something to do with the way they mind control us. It can cause disease, v2k...everything physical, emotional that happens to us. Its insidious. Mine is fully "alive" now so my body is literally a bunch of worms. I had to find a medication to stop the squirmy feeling. 

I dont know what sorts of experiments they have done on us.

The only thing that might work is near starvation...lonly drinking water and minimal of food only grown in yr store bought all has pesticides in it that feed this stuff. 

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