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Hello everyone.

I am a victim of covert radiation because I am a patient advocate, a withe blower and a activist.

So much for our 1st amendment! ¨They¨ change bombarding my body from one part to another. Lately ¨they" are causing me pain on my right breast. I have a question. If anyone have the answer, please respond.

I fear ¨they¨ may cause me some kind a cancer. Is this possible. Does anyone know? Thank you Jupirena Stein

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I believe they can cause any physical that. I've certain problems with my intestines and understand they are moving them as opposed to my body.

Cancer seems difficult to provoke. Otherwise, it can act on your whole nervous system, brain so  any bodily function, or part of your body.

Brian, I too have part of my intestines damaged by their evil efforts. Not too long ago I had bleeding from my nose and rectum which took me to a hospital. My intestinal damage was found through a CTScan ..

Scary when you find out what is really happening.

 Professor G. Cope Schellhorn:

"Another death involving elements of high strangeness is that of Ann Livingston, who died in early 1994 of a fast-form of ovarian cancer. Livingston made her living as an accountant, but she was also a MUFON investigator and had in fact, published an article entitled “Electronic Harassment and Alien Abductions” in the November 1993 MUFON Journal. The article was highly critical of Julianne McKinney, directorof the Electronic Surveillance Project of the Association of National Security Alumni. McKinney discounts UFO phenomena, believing that what passes for such is most often one kind of governmental ploy or another, whether in the form of experimental machinery or experimental psychology.

(here's Ann's article 'Electronic Harassment and Alien Abductions', exposing JMK's gas-lighting and discrediting of her abduction by 5 MIB, published a year before her death:)

"Scary when you find out what is really happening."

Right, it's actually terrifying, which is not mentionned enough: a lot of people go nuts only because the reality of all this is too much to take for them at that point.

That links not coming up..yes many people suffer with being stigmatized with schizophrenia and blaimed that their minds are ill, when all along is the future technology..My great aunt was tortured as well with neighbors in our minds and voices accusing her of sexual things at 92...c'mon !!
She never left the house, everyone thought she was insane
..she would swear at them at night

They tortured this little old lady with arthritis that was not in any way bad
.She died with these monsters in her mind...its absurd this gets no attention by the Umoted NatioNs...they lock you away,no one believes

It is a fact this has been happening to people from way into the past..going to show this technology is future based.

thanks, brian   the page below might work   jupirena, your question about where the attacks are coming from (obviously not from satellites, since different members report decreased v2k activity once away from urban areas) is answered directly by julianne mckinney herself, who lists these weapons and specifies that they are available through mail-order:

ann b livingston:

"Editor Filip Coppens of VFANewsletter (Belgium)wrote and suggested that I contactJulianne McKinney, Director of the ElectronicSurveillance Project of the Association of NationalSecurity Alumni, in Silver Spring, MD. According toFilip, the events of December 29th were classic exam-ples of U.S. Government-sponsored electronic harass-ment conducted against involuntary, private citizens,which Mrs. McKinney asserts is taking place. McKinneydescribes herself as ex-Army Intelligence, who becamea victim of electronic harassment,along with her daugh-ter, when she actively rebelled against her superior of-ficers.On September 25, 1993, Mrs. McKinney replied tomy inquiry with a 4-page letter to me, a copy of herAugust 16th letter to Filip Coppens, and a booklet titledMicrowave Harassment & Mind-ControlExperimentation (December, 1992), which Filip saysis now dated. Nonetheless, McKinneys booklet doessummarize, to a certain extent, the types of weaponsused (characterized as "nonlethal"), the most frequentforms of overt and covert harassment activities,and theagencies or departments which are most heavily in-volved.I was disappointed, because I was looking for morespecific data, such as a chart or matrix indicating typesof weapons, names of manufacturers, physical, mentaland emotional side effects induced by each, and the re-spective agencies or departments in charge. Filip saidMcKinney sent him a catalog of these and similarweapons, all evidentlyavailable to individual mail ordercustomers.Some of the harassment activities listed inMcKinneys booklet closely resemble things that alsohappen to CE IV experiencers and UFO investigators,such as mail tampering, phone service disruptions, elec-tronic eavesdropping, menacing drivers and passengersin so-called "look alike" cars with modified licenseplates, nosebleeds, and hearing voices and/or highlyir-ritating sounds such as a hum, pinging or continuous-pitch noise."

Cancer is all ways a concern. On YouTube Berrie Trower has a few videos that he talks about being able to cause different types of cancer. I recommend watching his videos when you have a chance.

Thank you kindly. I will.

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