Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

I;ve been under remote neural monitoring for about 2 and a half years after a surgery ( yeah thanks doc) and at first I was believing it was a brain implant kill the brain implant end the remote neural moitoring

although I've come to a realization that there maybe no implant , I'm thinking the doctor did my brain scan frequency finger print etc and gave it my former employer and the perps ( you work for a place for years your whole family supports the company and this is what I get) 

so my guess is pretty basic, how the hell did you get off remote neural monitoring?

any thoughts ideas suggestions etc

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I've noticed no one seems to reply to my threads

I use a myriad of techniques that minimize the effects

Such as?

brian bovo said:

I use a myriad of techniques that minimize the effects

Mind opposing using my neurology/biology to reduce internal connections

External blocking body and home.

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