Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

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"believe it or not...", my friend and i watched a non-organic item i'd tweezered from my wrist (it surfaced by itself, over top of the arteries) move along the counter by itself      i didn't try to secure it very well*, and it was soon gone         we then (within months) watched 5 or so fibre-sized steel 'inchworms' slip easily inside my other hand            i have non-consensual mind-control brain implant surgery scars (head not shaved, family not informed, no hospital records 'etc'- see my photos) from the late 60's - the stuff that came out looked a lot more low tech than what entered afterwards (as replacements?)

*i didn't try very seriously to save the evidence because i assumed from my reading of whitney strieber and others (retrieved mind control brain implants associated with heightened telepathic phenomena - identical to targets) that they would not last long, and didn't really want to force a showdown at my friend's place     the ones conducting the milabs (we shared one, lights approaching in the forest night sky, missing time) have tech that is not being disclosed directly, and i am convinced it's the same program

someone i trust informed me that the little worm-like fibres (mine were ufo-steel/silver coloured) usually come in red, white and blue, are c.i.a., and gather and assemble once inside - like communist 'cells' then going viral, i guess  

I have it all ,microchips,implants and color fibers,black crystals an silica coming out of my body and I have black fungus looking fibers on my tongue and this grows down my throat and is chocking me.all this they have made me dysfunctional and very,very sick 24/7 .they attack every part of my body.MY sheriff did tell me to. Contact ACLU but I explained to him that these people that done this to me are Terrorists. THANKS AND GOD BLESS...

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Unknown neuro operatives are transmitting voices through my mouth.

I am a targeted individual of non-consensual wirelessly enabled neuro research.   I am linked by means of a bi-directional stream of energy from my brain and body to the computer network of the evil, unknown  neuro researchers against my will and without my permission.  They transmit coded digitalized information into my brain and central nervous system by means of this aforementioned bi-directional stream of energy.   My brain and body are now coded to receive the following experiences which I…See More
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