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So lve noticed that us Tls are not a very sexual l think it kinda goes out the window with everything else thats taken from us.

Last night l was chatting to a guy on a messenger app. All l wanted was a friend. I think he had other ideas. He started talking a bit sexually and l was like totally put off. I was not turned on at all but instead found it quite

I havent had sex in 10yrs....and l dont want to.

I think this targeting has totally killed my sex drive and also l think because my perps are sexual predators and deviates, it has completely put me off.

Ah well....just another thing a Tl loses.

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True catcat but you know these pervs are watching the whole world. I figure that famous ppl must have no privacy except thay dont know it like us.
For some of prob do want relationships with the opposite sex but the perps stop you. This used to be the case for me. I used to miss intimacy because they wouldnt let me meet anyone.

So true Sue, but it is unfair that we are blocked from having intimate relationships, it also blocks us from future financial security and a relationship with someone we love, and who loves us in return. Why should we have to settle for this?? From the most perverted, evil monsters that ever walked the earth? *&^% them!!

Catcat if you like this man and are interested in pursuing something with him dont let being a Tl stop you. I have noticed that many Tls who are in relationships, their partners arent targeted. Im more concerned they might try and hurt you thru the relationship. Haha youre funny.....youre not old and numbered!

True Gods grace....#$%÷ em! Lol

'I think this targeting has totally killed my sex drive and also l think because my perps are sexual predators and deviates, it has completely put me off.' : absolutely right! I think that goes for all of us....

'  I am so glad I am old': oh, yes, catcat, so am I.

Yes, the fact that they are deviants absolutely kills off all sexual desire....

Its weird how the mind works?. I mean b4 us TI's knew we we're targeted? Most of us we're in some sort of non/sexual relationship or pursued 1. We cud shut the door behind us & get on wiv any private intimacy that only comes natural between individuals or a couple... But soon as we receive the perps 'wake up call?' Our mind completely goes on the counter. We get undressed & someone watchn us? We jump in the shower as quickly as we got in & think...can someone see us? We go to a department store & try new clothes on in the changing rooms & again I being watched?. Now b4 we knew we were targets, when we we're already targets. Didn't we do wot comes natural? So why should we change? Isn't that wot the perps want us to do?. Change! Into someone who we are not & who we dnt recognise nomor?!.. Stuff that!!!. I will not give into these perps nomata wot. Infact I do a little merry dance in the shower. & a hop skip & a dance when I get out. I even bow & say out loud "That's all folks!" ;) . Don't ever stop being or doing sumat you enjoy. Because wot life is that? I'm in a relationship at the moment. 2yrs & going strong!. If not stronger!!!. But from the start. I was open & honest about wot I was going through & wot my girlfriend mite av2 put up wiv?. She had a choice. To walk away & think "This guys a Looney?!". Or to believe me & make a go of it!. I think she made the right choice?! Ha... I can honestly say that I don't think the way to go about getn involved in a relationship is to lie or avoid from the start about hiding the fact you are a ti. This will only come up the longer u are in a relationship. & will play on your mind from day to day knowing the fact you are not being honest. I do believe wots meant to be is meant to be. & if it wernt for me being a targeted individual? I would of never av gone out as much as I did to pubs/clubs & 2av found the girl who I'm so much in love wiv. ;) . We tell each other everything! We share everything! She knows she cud become a t'i too!. But love is way more stronger than 'Electronic Harassment'. To all ti's! Enjoy your lives as it is intended to be...HAPPY!!! ;)
Thanx Cat Cat . Everybody deserves to be happy! & free!!. ;)
Ha.Ha.. Cat Cat!. I only jus clicked! ;( "Keep on keeping on!" Cheeky! ;D

'free!!. ;)': right!

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