Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs


I created this website to find a solution for mind control. It is public and will have a forum for people to add their ideas.

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Hello everybody, 

Forgive me about my English, I'm Italian.

I'd like to submit to your kind attention the pics and videos I got from my out&indoor videosurveillance: I set it in Night Vision/infrared and I caught lots of strange signals, laser rays and other anomalous beams coming in my place from outside and targeting me, causing blue light spots vision and electrical pains. I show the connection because I give signals every time I see anomalous lights spots etc. I had to do that, probably bit ridicolous, because local police said me I was allucinating about those lights as well. I put close to me a RF detector also, and you see it, in the videos, going in alarm at the same time I do.

I think those can be strong visual prooves!  And you?

Sincerely, Rossella

How do you Sue without evidance?

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