Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

SUBLIMINAL TORTURE STOPPING AUDIO (mixes with open air and nearby bodies of water, mainly river white noise)


I have been learning more about how my system works and the best way to overcome to attackers, which has ed me to the ability to control the attackers and the tempo of my torture transmission that has been on me since 2012.

I now focus on natural sounds and after finding the importance of groundwaves and having much luck with them I cleaned my living area and started to use my radio to flood my room with a deep bass that penetrates the more than a few layers of ground-waves that are like "plinko" and require the bass and high frequency to be separated in order to fall into the ground.

I could write more about it, but if you read more than a sentence you would have learned what takes probably a couple of years of trial and error to notice on a transmission involving the usual "only you can hear it" SCALAR waves that are a future technology that removes the need for headphones and will eventually remove the need for phones and displays will be projected near your vision like a HUD with certain degrees like a hologram and only you will see the wolverine on the holographic card and privacy will be mixed with risk.

This track is a Groundwave type with certain geology sounds that can easily penetrate and attach to white noise of radio, rives, and EMF of the ground. That means with alot of feedback or just enough , one ride in the car with it on a phone will boost its power and the  protection will last longer if you are lucky.

I work at this every single day non-stop and this is a big improvement to my last subliminal and I know it will prove to a vicitim that they need to invest their time in audio and buy Mindzom subliminal for themselves and start trying different things that deal with the radio and switching from FM to AM during one track or constantly during one track.

also some amazing programs some guy somehow made that work with the most advanced torture systems for sure, also one is the only RANDOM sound maker that is worth knowing about. visist his site for more very usefull programs

Here it is:

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"ei sitten"
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