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Targeted and tortured for 5 up hope

I have been a TI for 5 years now and my life, spirit, and well being are all destroyed as a result.  I've lost my art business, Haley J's Natural Art, which sustained me since 1992.  So much has occurred it seems insurmountable at this point.  I've lost my family, friends, home and reputation ruined.   I did a google search on Haley J's Natural art the other day and all of the images of my artwork that came up had many key tags, and one of them was 'insane person'.  This has devastated me beyond belief.  It's all such a long horrid story but I am most definitely a TI.  My life has been destroyed along with my health.  I can't even find a therapist because of the targeting.  I don't know how to end it and have fought long and hard for 5 years now.  I am 'stuck' at my ex-husbands house and it is so toxic I can't stand it anymore.  Sometimes I just want to give up because I can't get this crap to stop.  It has cost me everything, my once peaceful and productive life is gone. I can't fight anymore, I am so tired of it all. 18 computers, 8 cell phones, every penny spent on stopping this all to no avail.  I am single with no children and very alone.  An easy target for sure.

  An incident occurred 5 years ago which so violated my rights by 3 major institutions in Charlottesville Va. And that's when all of this started. To prevent me from sueing they took control of me and my life. Hanging on by a thread here.  Any advice?

I cannot even believe such a thing exists in the US, but there is no other explanation for what has and is being done to me through electronics and also to mu health. Strange shit that is hard to explain. I just don't know how I can go on living this way.


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Like ive said you can get rid of the voices.

Why me: it's experimentation, etc., you just happened to come up on the radar of someone or entity, part of the process is to blame you, don't buy it.

Directed Energy: Microwave attacks, sound attacks, pressure on your ears, stimulation of your central nervous system, among others.

SUE our situations  do sound similar!  

I am  out of ex's and staying  with a friend. I was able to find a decent studio with his help.

So trying to get back to my artwork,  but it's  hard. I feel that all I've been through has taken away an essential part of 

My creativity.  I'm not able to market myself on the I

Internet  due to the constant  hacking and they steal my images, it's a terrible situation. 

Hope things are better for you.

Sue said:

Haley l empathize with you fully. My life has been destroyed and lve also lost everyone and everything. Im forced to live with my mum as the perpetrators wont let me get my own rental. As a result l end up in tears daily as my mum harasses me. Its a horrible toxic living situation from someone l thoight wld never betray me in my life. Along with this lm living in complete fear ofthe things the perpetrators are doing to me and l just know its going to get worse. It gets systematically worse and worse over yrs. Its so hard to go on like this. Im harmed emotionally, mentally and physically. I feel like lm in a constant waking nightmare. It feels so dark and God forsaken.

Haley has yr living situation improved?  Are you still living with yr ex? Have you been able to make money? Can you sell yr art privately?  I hope something has improved for you.

I just wanted to write you as yr post resonated with me. I am having similar experiences and l dont know what to do anymore. These beings have attacked me wholely and are utterly ruining every aspect of my life. Despair is growing and my mum says the most awful things that make me feel this horror will never end. Im so weakened now l keep crying.

brian bovo said:

Like ive said you can get rid of the voices.

I don't  hear voices Brian.
Haley said:

brian bovo said:

Like ive said you can get rid of the voices.

I don't  know what exactly is being done to me, but my health is not good, the changes in my body are scary, i have to have a ct scan on my entire torso, and i somehow lost my obama care after trump was elected....?none of it makes sense. Its one crisis after another every single day. Thats why i sleep a lot. Lol........

I stay to myself and don't discuss all of this. Anymore, it just makes me sound crazy. 

I ignore any attempt to mess with me, i just shut every electronic device down. Listen to cds and read.

That is how i protect myself now. I will not oblige them, not anymore.   It's  a lonely way to live and sad because i really  do have so much to give.

Why me: it's experimentation, etc., you just happened to come up on the radar of someone or entity, part of the process is to blame you, don't buy it.

Directed Energy: Microwave attacks, sound attacks, pressure on your ears, stimulation of your central nervous system, among others.

I knkw what you mean about being blamed. That is the way they justify their saying we deserve it. Perps have said lm everyone from Eve to Judas....any excuse will do. My nephew is visiting and instead of it being nice family time he and my mum and using psych/emotional methods to make me feel shit....outcasting me. Its weird but with face to face perps they all use the same behaviours, patterns of relating to you (like their "source" is all the same).

Im so done with this shit. Uva research center. I have documented everything for 6 years now. It all points back to UVA.

They took control  of my life in every way possible,  because i could of sued them.

Ive tried to move on but they won't let me be. No privacy whatsoever. 

I am at the point where  I  generally just block it all out. No tv, no radio, went 10 months without a cell phone, i dont open my mail, i don't get on social media,  i raley check my email.  

This is how they have stolen my life, my soul and my spirit.

Well Haley, I'll say this if you're not under remote neural monitoring and don't have voice to skull consider yourself lucky I suppose

and I heard someone said you can get rid of the v2k how do you do that?

I'm a hardheaded Dane. . and I'm very much tired of trying to live with this constant bs.

I've been A TI for so long now that I have developed my own my own way of blocking them out completely..

they cannot do v2k on me anymore because I am now aware of there tactics.  I am an empath, and very intuitive.

NO ONE can control my thoughts, hard as they may try.

Every reply to my thread is being deleted before I can read them. This is bullshit, direct targeting.

I HAVE got to either find a way out of this mess or Ill never survive.

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