Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

They at once hack my post on facebook. Please forward it.

RCMP investigated the same case in Cuba. Mr.Prime Minister of Canada, on behalf of Canadian government, stated at UN. ICC states : ICC  can  only intervene where a state  is unable or unable to...

Please forward this message below ,thanks.

UN Human Rights
UN Human Rights Council
International Bar Association
Human Rights Watch
Amnesty International
Amnesty International Canada
International Human Rights Community
International Criminal Court
Canadian Governments

Prime Minister, Mr. Justin Trudeau says, in a New Year's statement released Sunday:

" ......Indigenous Peoples, and many Canadians, have faced prejudice and oppression and the country must continue to work to right those wrongs in the years ahead."

 Mr.Prime Minister of Canada, on behalf of Canadian government, stated at UN:

 UN  Secretary-General Urges End of Double Standards in Tackling Abuse ,Torture , Bias, Rising Intolerance Worldwide; Defend the Defenders.

And ,recently Canadian Government decided to  compensate and apologize to Canadians who were tortured."

 However, Toronto police, Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government ,living as my neighbours ;gathering around my workplace, keep torturing, terrorizing, attemptedly murdering me by every possible means and with all possible Non-Lethal Weapons, which are classified as weapons of mass destruction by UN.

With them, they madly keep attacking my head, my heart and my hearing. ( In my workplace, my hearing works like a switch on, off, off  and on.) RCMP investigated the same case in Cuba.

Meanwhile, they are hacking everything no matter who you are, UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court and me . This being hacked video by Toronto police, Canadian torturers backed by Ontario Government, contains one letter from Mr. Attorney General of Canada ( Mr. Ombudsman's letter is not in this video), my report to UN and their ongoing torture, threart,  terror, attempted murder,  crimes against humanity .

They , many times, stole the evidence regarding their torture, threats, terror, attempted murder,crimes against humanity,  whichI keep in my home.

 "After UN contacted me..."

UN Human Rights ,which promise to keep any evidence for victims,  have all evidence I have provided. UN advised me to  file complaint against them 4 years ago.

What can we do? UN, International Human Rights Community, International Criminal Court, Canadian government , they all can not stop them?

Canadian victim of torture

Robin Yan



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Hello Robin and other TIs. This is what they can do to your computer and phones.

This is all hacks they do with firmware security holes and then other methods.

- The computer won't start. You get an error. IT IS NOT BROKEN.

- Your network connection won't work. 

- Your usb ports wont work

- Your mouse wont work

- Your keyboard wont work

- You getting errors visiting websites

- They can change prices on any website. For example ebay and amazon they can change the price of products you buy.

- They can give you SSL errors on websites

- They can make it looks like a website won't load

- They can make it looks like your computer is completely broken. IT IS NOT. They can connect to it when it is turned off via Intel ME security hole.

- They can connect to your phone when you take out your sim card and turn off Wi-Fi. They do this via firmware hidden network on your phone. I am pretty sure your computer has this too, 100% TRUE, they did it to me.

- They can make your mouse cursor move around strangley but there is nothing wrong with it,


SO CLS  what can we do about the hacking? Changing your pass word won't help.

They've hacked everthing I got. Yesterday my tablet stopped working.

They read everthing on the websites I am on. You should hear them read everthing proudly and tell me what to choose on the websites. They play very childish games with me They tell me to touch my head, my nose. They say we are playing Simons says. They have mind controlled to do so. They are really not intelligent.

Well Bye bye for now,

Angeline Klas

This may sound like it wont work.  Smudge wax on cables or over back of tablet.  Put thick plastic/rubber over modem.  They use a field or beam.  You need to blind it.

Hello Angeline,

You can support computer companies that support the Libre movement like Purism. These computers still have problems but the Libre movement wants to remove firmware code that is not proprietary on all computers and make it open source. Basically all Intel cpus have proprietary code on the Bios which allows backdoors. There are other binary blobs in firmware also. Libre movement is to make all computer hardware free if this.  That is a start but people need to support this movement.

Software backdoors can be easily stopped with firewalls but hardware back doors are very hard to stop. That is why we need to support the Libre movement.


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