Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

Christian, transhumanist, I don't care what religion this is, it's sick and born of satan and evil. People torturing other humans and animals is just plain sick and they need to be tortured in return. My dog who is also young is not fairing well either. You trolls need to get off this site, you're sick, purely sick individuals. There are so few real TIs, haven't you done enough by torturing and killing, can't you leave us alone....

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Karen, I am sorry to hear that they killed your bird. I hope your dog will do ok. you might think about giving it away. I know this sounds horrible, but if you give your dog to someone who isnt targeted, it might mean your dog will be left alone by the horrible perps. Then you know your dog will live a long, healthy life.

I really hope you are doing ok. Keep hope! Some times the perps will leave a TI alone almost completely. they only torture me now for a short time, very slightly. I now have a job and get along very well with others at work. I find that one of the best things to do, is a mind game with yourself. Just say, "I dont care if its real...IM GOING TO IGNORE IT!" Then they quit using the trick, about 98% of the time this will work. But, you gotta do it for a while. It is worth the effort! Many TIs say this works for them. Give it a try...It might work for you too!

Hi Karen, they killed my bird too and my turtle and all my other pets I had euthanised because I couldnt stand them being tortured. I ended up with two cats now which were strays, they get messed with only slightly so far so good. But they make all the animals around my house cry, screech and howl in pain. It is awful, I hate hearing them suffer. They are cruel souless individuals with no compassion or respect for life. Usually I accept thats how they are but some days I'm so angry I want them to suffer a billion times what they do to others. I say sorry God but I hate them and wish all vengence on them.

It is horrifying to hear that these animals died early deaths. I have had pets die, but not from the perps. I must ask Sue, why did you feel the need to have your pets put down rather than let them go to a non-tortured person? I mean, if the animals were just old, and were dying painfully, then that is one thing, but couldnt they have lived happily else where? And where did you get a vet to put them down for the reason that ther were being tortured  by  EH? It seems most vets would need a examinable reason to put an animal down.

I know everybody sees their pets differently. I was in a conversation with Richard Northern of Icaact here on pp, and he said hes tortured by a Verichip. He says he had a VErichip put put in his dog. I didnt ask him why he put one in his dog, when he says a Verichip the cause of his own torture. I guess he didnt want to go through torture alone. See here-

Dear Karen, yes, most of the people here must be trolls. They say that 80% of TIs are women, but that clearly conflicts with the demographics here. And most TIs have such serious computer problems (I certainly do) that perps can easily follow them here.

It is a terrible tragedy that innocent animals should suffer. What could they possibly be guilty of? I have no pets, but the pets in a house I stayed in were clearly unwell. So sad.

Marni, do you have a link to where you get that 80% of TIs are women? I would question those numbers. I would also question the idea that most pp members are trolls. There are bots who post commercials, and  mentally ill, but they are likely TIs as well as being mentally ill. There are a lot of different personalities and beliefs. I think these difference are often the motivation for calling others 'trolls; or 'perps'. There are differences a TI chooses to explain by calling others names, like , 'the Number of The Beast'. Its all out of fear, or hatred of differences people have. 

Endless pain, Thanks for looking over the link provided! I, too looked it over again. He did say that he knew it was a verichip. He called it that several times and says that the vet thought it was 'passive' when he put it in. SO, he knew that it was a veri chip. AND, he DID say he was hving it removed rom his dog(thank non-existing-god)He should have known it was active. And he says he picked it up from across the house. see here(or just read below) A verichip is only registered to transmit 3 feet max. He was picking up something else when he 'thought' he picked up his dog's chip. He doesnt know much about tech ,and this doesnt say much about ICAACT considering they have him as their tech expert.

excerpt from article on verichip parameters;

Q. What is the read range of a VeriChip?

The read range on a VeriChip implant is about three to 12 inches when a hand-held scanner is used. This means the scanner must be brought within 3" to 12" of the chipped body part in order to read the VeriChip and capture its information. When a larger antenna is used, such as a doorway portal application, the read range can be theoretically expanded to around three feet. Given the laws of physics, it is not feasible to read a VeriChip implant from a much greater distance.

SO they guy CANT have read his dog's verichip from across the house. He wasnt in a Faraday cage, so the signal came from else where. 

Many times, all My pet fishes inside the aquarium died in one night when that night the electronic pulse is intense and the scale is big. I bought new fishes many time. After a while I quit getting fish. The aquarium is empty now.
When my puppy feels the pulse, she wakes up, scratches her skin, barks at certain direction, then moves to a different spot to sleep. She likes sleep beside me. But I try to let her stay at different spot away from me. Because I move arround many times when Im zapped with electromagnetic radiation.

Sorry for your pets Just Me Karen

I already found my cat with a bruise on his stomach, he had probably caught a big kick by one of my neighbors, later he had a cut on the language area, I took him immediately the vet to sew

I agree with you Endless, we shouldnt keep pets, they attack everything we love. The only reason I have two cats now because they were strays I had to feed, strays gravitate toward me and I should take them to a shelter but I love them too much now. David of Tomorrow the reason is I couldnt find homes for them as they were fully grown and I couldnt find anyone. My only other option was a shelter where they would have been scared being away from me then most likely euthanised anyway. I couldnt think of them pining in a shelter. It was heartbreaking to lose them. I feel sorry for all of you who go through this with your pets. It is beyond cruel, they are innocent and defenceless. Goes to show how cowardice these perps are. Yes I have also read of a few TIs having their children tortured, must be soooo hard to deal with.

Yes Endless, such cowards, I always tell them if they were as big and mighty as they think they are they would attack someone who can defend themselves but typical bullies always attack those weaker than themselves.

On a lighter note that picture is adorable!!! :)
Endless Pain said:

@ Sue

I do understand the hard choice you had to make with your cats and it must have been terrible for you to be obliged to euthanised them... In addition, I think that in this case people feel guilty and think it's their fault if their pets are tortured, because they are so that the TI suffers seeing his/her pets being tortured and suffering... They attack everything you love to make you suffer and also to make you feel guilty.

And indeed, it must be terrible for TIs who have their children tortured... I have met one and what she told me was terrible. She was attacked even being pregnant and her children are also tortured since their birth and they are damaged in a serious way. Her Dog is also targeted and also in a horrible way... Once, one of her perps even entered into her home to cut her dog and she found her with a missing piece of flesh and the wound revealed the bone...

Her story sounded like a horror movie to my ears...

And as you said, it shows how perps are only cowardice and sadism...


Let think to a better thing just for a moment with these sooooooo cute ones



They did what?! Those ^&^*&^%$#@! I would be pissed off. How do you keep so calm?

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