Worldwide Campaign to stop the Abuse and Torture of Mind Control/DEWs

To all those perpetrators out there, you do not place a signal a god’s given brain. There are consequences and one of them, mark my words, is you will be caught. Also, the disbenefits of this technology completely outweigh the benefits, no matter which angle you look at it from. So why place civilization on the brink of collapse. There is no denying that peoples trust in Governments will come to an end and the revealing of this technology will be catastrophic to society. So why risk it? It’s a no-brainer. Nonetheless, you guys don’t look like you’re going to stop so we won’t either, we’ll continue to bring this horrible technology to the attention of people through any means possible.

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Dont waste time to talk with bio-stalkers. They are crazy psychopaths.

They are worst than crazy psychopaths. They make me feel ashamed of the human race.  

They are animals, like pigs, they not belong to human race. They are fucking bio-stalkers, not waste your time to them, but dont ignore them of course

Harry said:

They are worst than crazy psychopaths. They make me feel ashamed of the human race.  

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"Stationary invisible autonomous space force crafts? Watch unacknowledged movie."
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"Too much oligarchy control. Keeping us down for 75 years."
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"Im going to make a prediction. US civil unrest becomes a civil war on top of crazy fires. It also affects Canada. All planned."
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DARPA Meets Diagnosis And The Authoritarian Isolation Nation!

"And I personally liked being in isolation. I consider myself an introvert, so this policy was perfect for me. My work does not require a lot of time in the office, so I asked for a remote option for myself. My hobby is playing games at slotty vegas…"
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"Yes I understand , but this isn't part of my story but yet it is in the "victims story" section. I see it as a tool for victims to find fellow victims in their area , so it is a resource and it should be in the resource section. If…"
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"EPÄÖLUULONI  on yhtä kuin varma tietoa. KYLLÄ,nimenne, henkilötietonne, e-häirintänne. kaikki menee vastapuolen tietoon, vaikka mitäs siitä, kyllähän tietävät kaiken jo…"
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"Martti. olet kovasti innokas diagnotisoimaan minun tietämättä, mikä on tilanteeni. Kirjoitin tuon epäluulolauseen syötiksi: joku varmaan vastaisi. Ja toisaalta siinä oli taviksille tietoa: olemme…"
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"Outi, jos olisit epäluuloistasi huolimatta  et olisi ajatellut  -"En tunne tutkijoita. Entä, jos tiedot menevätkin niille.jotka meita koe-eläiminä käyttävät" - vaan …"
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